LotusLive Notes cloud hybrid modeling

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While at Tri-State LUG, Kevin Cavanaugh took the stage for a session on LotusLive Notes and how it fits into everyone's infrastructure.  There were a lot of questions around architecture, certification, helpdesk and more.  Kevin did his best to answer them all but there is some comparitive issues that arose that I have some opinions.

Application hosting -
this is something that LotusLive Notes does not currently support.  Connectria Hosting does.  With the shared directory infrastructure there is issues with signing applications to run properly as agents and even script.  They cannot take the chance of your code affecting other users on these shared servers.  We at Connectria dedicate a Domino server to be part of your existing (or new if you never had Notes) environment with any security settings you need.

Custom mail templates -
LotusLive Notes will support a custom mail template if you pay Lotus to check it out first, according to Kevin.  We allow as many custom mail templates as you need at Connectria Hosting.  You can have every user running a custom template, or stick with out of the box design.  It is up to you.

Hybrid modeling -
This is something we have done at Connectria for over ten years.  We become an extension of your Lotus Domino environment.  Kevin was queried on performance and possible lag with having the servers in Virginia or the other IBM data center for LotusLive.  He didn't touch on managed replicas, new in 8.5.2, but we are all to familiar with the scenarios and possible performance issues.

Kevin went on further to state your mailfile hosted on LotusLive Notes are clustered across four physical servers, two at each data center.  This gives an idea of the current userload and scaling on LotusLive Notes.

Also, I made mention that everyone needs to understand in the LotusLive Notes hybrid model you are sharing server resources, network connectivity, firewall and data storage with an unknown number of other companies.  At Connectria Hosting we provide the dedicated hardware, firewall and network connection into your own VLAN.  We segregate your data storage as well as connectivity.

Pay by credit card -
This is something we do not touch.  LotusLive is provisioning anywhere from 1 to XX users and allows you to setup via credit card now.  I am sure this looks great for some SMB companies needing services for Notes in the cloud.  I do not see us offering this type of commodity buying since we are a cloud extension of your infrastructure, not just hybrid.

Lotus Traveler and BES -
LotusLive Notes offers Traveler for an additional cost to cover hardware needs.  We include this in your hosting if you desire.  We can also set up a dedicated machine to just handle Traveler against your mail servers to be that Internet facing presence.

BES is a catch-22.  While LotusLive Notes will not support the current BES, since it is not multi-tenant, they want to.  We dedicate a BES server to you for your access.  We have many companies utilizing this type of service as their mobile environments grow and they do not want the traffic or access on their network.  This is something we love to host for our customers at Connectria Hosting.

I could continue on but I think you should read my previous LotusLive Notes comparison chart, postings and comments including our merger and relaunch of expanded services.

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