LotusLive Hosted Notes - the comparison chart

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Ed has blogged about all of the exciting news on hosted LotusLive Notes .  The bloggers had some great things to say as well.  I took a lot of notes and began to chart it out the differences between our hosting at Connectria the last ten years and LotusLive Notes.  It was good enough to share:

Connectria Hosting
LotusLive Notes
On-site backups included No, separate agreement with Sonian that moves your data again
Retention default included No retention default native to LotusLive Notes
Restores included No statement on restores
Mail template customization allowed No mail template customization
IMAP/POP support No IMAP/POP support
Traveler included (per your licensing) No Traveler support (as of Aug 2010)
Unlimited mail storage (based on server you spec) 25GB per user storage
Application support !!! (based on your license) No application support
Control your own servers No control
See your administration controls No capability
Dedicated hardware No, shared hardware and actual Domino server
Ability to change Domino tasks and intervals No, shared Domino server
Dedicated connectivity to your server No, every tenant is sharing a network connection to the server
Dedicated firewall for your Domino server No, every tenant is sharing a firewall to the server

The list is not complete yet, and we do share some things in common.  But, I needed to organize my thoughts as we are getting calls to explain the difference and how we stand out.  I think this is a great beginning.

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