IBM Connections Cloud Data Center Multi-Active Notice

In August 2016 the IBM Connections Cloud team will begin taking steps to introduce a multi-active architecture. Included are a bunch of things you need to know about these changes. IBM states there is many changes that should not interrupt your service but here is why the changes are coming first..
Why is IBM Connections Cloud adopting a multi-active Data Center approach?
  • This multi-active data center architecture will enable IBM to provide you with a higher performing and more resilient IBM Connections Cloud service.
  • With this architecture, your users will be served from any number of active data centers within a geographic region.  The intent is to eventually build a quadruple set of data centers in the same region.
  • Users will be served out of the data center most geographically co-located to them under normal conditions, and will automatically be routed to other available data centers in the event of service disruption or planned maintenance.
So to prepare for this here are the changes you need to make sure have in place for your network and users   Continue Reading here" IBM Connections Cloud Data Center Multi-Active Notice" »
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    On Friday, August 19th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Vinci Smarthearable Headset review - changing how you listen to music

Vinci Smarthearables has set a bar in designing not only a listening experience, but also perfect packaging.  The box announces that you are about to open something you have never experienced and follows through with the product.  The box is clean, adds a bit of mystery and showcases the headphones and accessories cleanly.

Of course I wanted to tear them out of the box and start using them, there is setup, a brief learning curve and the initial charging.  I went ahead and placed them on the micro USB port charger (thank goodness for no custom fit chargers) for a few hours anxious to run through the setup.

When you wear these out in public they certainly get noticed. As you see in the video and pictures I was sent the red pair. All the colors offered (I have seen five colors so far in pictures and demos) are vibrant and stand out. Plus the sizing of the earpieces and the screen draws attention. I am glad they have an array of colors to choose from.
Vinci Smarthearables headset red
Let us focus on the headset layout for a brief moment.  Continue Reading here" Vinci Smarthearable Headset review - changing how you listen to music" »

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    On Thursday, August 18th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM issues withdrawl statement about MaaS360 from On-Premises

In a shock to me, IBM has issued a withdrawl announcement for IBM MaaS360 On-Premises. This will end marketing as of Aug 12th 2016 and ends support on January 29 2018.
IBM MaaS360 architecture
A: This announcement covers both End of Marketing (August 12 2016) and end of Support (Jan 29 2018) of the IBM MaaS360 (MobileFirst Protect) on-premise product. The SaaS version of the product is not part of this announcement.

From the announcement, they are betting it all on the cloud and how organizations will want this cloud based and managed. On premises sales in 2016 only represented 6.2% of the overall earnings in key markets such as Europe according to the doc linked below.

Other very important items to note   Continue Reading here" IBM issues withdrawl statement about MaaS360 from On-Premises" »
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    On Monday, August 15th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Eone Bradley Timepiece review - an amazing watch for the visually impaired

The Eone Bradley Timepiece is not only a work of art, but is a timepiece (watch) made for the visually impaired.  We look at the magnetic minute and hour hands and the sleek design in this review. With a titanium case it stands out when worn.
The Bradley is named after Brad Snyder. An ex naval-officer, Brad lost his eyesight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011.

The packaging let;s you know right away what you are in store for. As I show in the video you get a watch box that includes braille and standard type on the outside and all over the inside materials.  It was an experience more than anything.
Eone Bradley Boyager timepiece
Telling time is the discreet and amazing factor.  Using your fingertips you feel the time. The pyramid on the face marks the 12 o'clock hour. The minutes are marked in increments of five.  The ball bearing on the watch face does the minutes while the outside one does the hours.  It took me a day to get the minutes and two to get feeling for the hour. Imagine being able to discreetly tell time without looking at your phone or other watch types. It is really cool.

The feedback I received when wearing the Eone Bradley Timepiece was amazing. The first response is the interest in the look of it. Once I explained who it is really designed for it was cool to see people immediately think of relatives and friends that were visually impaired.

The watch is a single titanium case giving it smooth and rounded edges.  As for water resistance, Continue Reading here" Eone Bradley Timepiece review - an amazing watch for the visually impaired" »
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    On Friday, August 12th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Lynktec Apex Fusion Stylus Pen review

The Lynctec Apex Fusion Stylus, a former Kickstarter, tries to be the best stylus for your tablet and phone. We put it to the test. The packaginge is simple with the stylus, instruction booklet and micro USB cable (no wall plug). You let it charge until the red indicator light goes out and it is ready to use.
Lynktec Apex Fusion Stylus
Turning the Apex Fusion on is simple with a small white button at the top where the clip is. A few seconds of holding it and a small LED near the tip turns blue. this lets you know it is active. No bluetooth sync is needed. It is conductive and that powers it. When i is off this is nothing at all. Not an ink pen, not a laser pointer. Just nothing.
Continue Reading here" Lynktec Apex Fusion Stylus Pen review" »
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    On Thursday, August 11th, 2016   by Chris Miller