Tri-State Lotus User Group live keynote with Alistair Rennie

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Tri-State LUG kicked off in NYC with over 100 attendees from all over the tri state area and a few stragglers, like myself.  Mitch Cohen did a fine job opening the event with excellent organization compatriot Kathleen McGivney.

Alistair took the stage to cover the following:

  • Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day (yes he started there)
  • Major shifts in collaboration

Alistair took the approach of where collaboration is headed.  Lotus began with Smarter Planet in 2008 with the theme of making people smarter to be a Smarter Planet. IBM Software has divisions to offer a portfolio aligned to meet any customer need.

Social is a fundamental process optimization opportunity.  Business went from mainframe --> departmental --> PC --> Internet --> Social.

Reinventing Relationships, what we saw here with Project Vulcan and here, is the key message he is pushing through now about integration to create an Exceptional Customer Experience (Northstar).  He then lead into the recent customer announcemnts and case studies based on these.

Mobile had a slide all of it's own with the lead as Traveler as the fastest growing deployed solution.  Mobile is becoming the primary access point for collaborative solutions.
Editor: I have mentioned this before that any new product always has huge growth after launch with a starting point of zero.  I would love to see market penetration numbers of overall deployed as a solution as a selling point, coupled with the dynamic growth.

Cloud deployments became the next slide focus highlighting cost, flexibility, extranet collaboration and ending in hybrid. Alistair highlighted the multi-tenant capability of LotusLive Notes (see my editor secion below)
Editor: I think Lotus realizes that not every application can move to the cloud for some time to come and started promoting the hybrid model.  I do not recall seeing it in the very early launch stages.  The pish was a total cloud solution.

Alistair mentioned the multi-tenant capability, but no one outside of Lotus is able to access this code, even though it is based on the 8.5.2 codestream.

A great quote was captured by Victor Toal that Alistair made about Lotus now running services on Domino:
#tristatelug IbM having to drink their own coolaid (Lotus Live) makes them take customer requirements more serious and implement them

LotusKnows and market presence was a push by Lotus to answer the request from the dedicated userbase to have more promotion of the platform.

He then opened the floor to any questions which is a great user group move to keep it informal.