IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - pricing and licenses

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My previous post on IBM Domino Applications on Cloud - Explained ended up generating more interest in emails and tweets. So here is the announced pricing and licensing.  See the previous posting for size limits and architecture

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud license
Above is the current availability for the free trail or Bring Your Own License Edition (BYOL) for Domino Applications on Cloud. Note that the free trial has some restrictions to get you interested.  From the    30 day limits to the 10GB of storage it is meant to let you test. it out.  If you have your own licenses then they just provide a hosting service.

Soon though, it seems IBM will be making the below available for IBM Domino Applications on Cloud.
IBM Domino Applications on Cloud license
The Entry Edition will offer the ability to cluster (presumed with the 2 instances) but limited in number of applications and disk needed to start and a maximum before you need Standard Edition.   In reverse the Standard Edition has a larger minimum requirement for number of databases but stops the size of each database.

This is a strange conflict with Domino 10 allowing databases to finally exceed 64GB in size.  Also the management of such IBM Domino Applications on Cloud escapes me in details they have provided.  I am going to presume this is a hosting layer only.

Luckily, we here at Connectria, can manage those instances just like any remote management we provide.  I will keep posting as I learn more about capabilities and dates.