IBM Arch Room Live - a new DevOps whiteboarding IBM product

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Not much can be found online about IBM Arch Room Live right now. It seems IBM and HCL are putting together another whiteboarding tool for DevOps.

Software designs start with many whiteboard sessions to sketch an idea, get insight from peers and ultimately, total buy-in from the team.  How this is accomplished by different teams can be laborious, time-consuming and often frustrating.  Relief is now available with a new design solution that is as simple as a whiteboard and enabled for real-time, multi-user, cross-site collaboration.  Oh yes, come to this webinar to hear and see the demo sharing how you can have real-time web-based collaboration using simplified UML to sketch, build use cases, visualize with a collection of diagrams and integrate with your DevOps pipeline tools. Introducing IBM Arch Room Live! – available now! 

There is a webcast coming up very soon where I hope to get some public information to post. If it is truly simplified in approach then it may work for quick team collaboration.  However, there is so much competition in the space I want to see all differences first.