Best & Worst of Lotus 2010 day #5 of 5

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Day #5. A daily posting for a work week of the best and worst of 2010 in the Lotus world from my eyes.

- Growth of large scale LUG's
There was an amazing insurgence of country wide Lotus User Groups globally.  It is amazing to see really.  From 80-300 people gathering for 1-3 day events all over the world.  Incredible highly technical sessions, all given for free.  Speakers paying their own ways to share information.  Sponsors understanding the value of reaching those you do not find at other venues.  Then include the time the organizers put into making it happen (I speak from experience).  I am scared to list any of the growing groups because I know I will miss some there is so many.

The downfall is the drive for people to get to paid events.  Why pay for a two day event when I can get much of the same content free.  Lotusphere Comes to You seems to be more marketing, while the LUG events seems to be technical.  Webcasts (yes that is my link) are growing incredibly fast, giving everyone a chance to get involved and learn.  Without leaving their desk.

I hope this trend continues.  Many of the user group leaders work together.  Many use the same template developed by Matt White.  We share ideas, trends and stories.  We share pains, concerns and the very drive to bring it back each and every time.  All we ask for is you to come each time.

 -  Little spats across the Lotus universe
They popped up like teenage acne. Little disagreements here and there.  It seems they come in waves with Lotusphere being a downtime each year.  Our world of Lotus software is quite small to begin with.  We have a limited number of bloggers and evangelists in the grand scheme of the number of users globally.  

Humorously, I wrote on this very same topic back in July 2009 when I said we all need to migrate to the Mauveverse.

Fighting between what constitutes industry leaders is something I have not encountered in other areas we deal.  Normally it is a strong stance and wall of support for everything that goes on.  Sure, they may work together to complain against the software or hardware producer for features or functions, but they stand together.  Maybe I am just being naive, even after sixteen years and running one of the longest Notes related blogs, completing 8 years in a few weeks.

I am not sure where to take this one.  Does anyone know?

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