Best & Worst of Lotus 2010 day #4 of 5

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Day #4. A daily posting for a work week of the best and worst of 2010 in the Lotus world from my eyes.

Best - Lotus Connections 3.0

As the reported leader in the enterprise space for a social networking software platform, Lotus Connections saw version 3 roll out the doors a short time ago.  Added features like forums, recommendations, better community management and notifications as some examples.
Via Radicati of all places:

The release of Lotus Connections 3.0 symbolizes IBM’s commitment to two things: making the social network viable for enterprises as an on-premise and hosted solution, and using analytics to further streamline business processes and tools.

While businesses that have not deployed or taken the investment have a hard time validating due to ROI theories, the ones that took the step and chance see the return as employees find valuable information faster and share more intellectual capital easier in a controlled environment.

Lotus cannot sit back now as companies see the success and begin to build their own solutions.  Lotus/IBM will need to evolve the product further adding even more advanced analytics, functions and integration into public networks.

 - IBM social silo's
I have blogged about this before in two ways.  
1.        How IBM has built numerous silo's of social interaction, causing everyone to have multiple profiles and no seamless linking of information in the article Here comes another silo, "My Developerworks".
2.        How the Lotusphere social site is built each year, content never brought along and then destroyed just a month after the event closes in the article Shouldn't Lotusphere be a growing and nurtured community? Not reborn every 12 months?.

I long for the day where I can bring together all of my content needed on IBM as well as share information across forums, Greenhouse, Developerworks, wiki's, Sametime communities and more.  Then hooking into public social networks with ease to share to larger groups.  Not everyone spends their time searching only on IBM.  That is why the custom blogger search engine has been used heavily, for example, through the web and the awesome Lotus Notes widget. (also on Greenhouse if you prefer to get it from that catalog).

I have seen postings on LinkedIn groups about a possible long term site being established and managed for Lotusphere. I can only wish it does not rely on yet another name/profile/login to integrate.  I hope they dig deep into existing systems and begin to fold them together.

IBM stands proud as a leader in the social software space for enterprises, but that does not mean fire up a new environment for every project, section or purpose.

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