Best & Worst of Lotus 2010 day #2 of 5

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Day #2. A daily posting for a work week of the best and worst of 2010 in the Lotus world from my eyes.

Best - XPages

The announcements and growth around XPages has been amazing.  Webcasts, podcasts, tutorials and even seminars to fully packed rooms.  The idea that you can deploy some advanced web features without redesigning the base application makes perfect sense.  For enterprises looking to extend user base or remove the Notes client it makes sense.  For companies looking to implement Domino as a back end solution it makes sense.  For the look and feel of modern applications users want it makes sense.  For Lotus to succeed in keeping and gaining companies that will use Domino as an application server it makes sense.  For Lotus to offer an easy way to make One UI for all of your collaboration infrastructure it makes sense.

Worst - XPages

Many are understanding the effort and complexity needed to bring a new interface to all of your applications.   I hesitate to say "up to date" since you are wrapping a web interface on apps that already run great in your Notes client and that doesn't do justice to all the work developers have put in for fifteen years.  The ease of moving tens, hundreds and thousands of applications is based on developers learning new skills and banging away at code that is relatively new.

Partners are developing products to hopefully streamline and add automation to this new UI layer.  But how many companies are ready to move existing applications to a web interface and deployment model?  Sure, tons want it.  They dream of it.  But getting off the rich client is always a struggle.  You could upgrade all of the clients to support running XPages locally inside of the client, but why then make it web and not leave it native Notes access?  A catch-22 at some companies I talk to.

: Pre launch of the new XPages search engine is ready (with help from David Leedy)

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