The IBM SmartCloud Notes URL is interesting

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While showing a customer the benefits of hosting with Connectria the topic of IBM SmartCloud Notes came up. While searching for the site that has the product information for IBM SmartCloud Notes I discovered a very strange URL

IBM SmartCloud Notes

I know this isn't breaking news about their recent eighth enhancement, but that is just a rather strange URL path to help easily find and promote the product.  I started the hunt looking for

Which did not end well.  That URL redirects to

This then brings up a page with no easy links to find SmartCloud Notes.  I went to Featured Solutions and found nothing. I went to Products and Services and found nothing. I eventually found SmartCloud for Social Business but that was not Notes.  It was meetings, BlueWorks and Connections.

I just cannot be easily found unless you know to go to Google and search to get that weird URL