IBM Connect 2014 opens registrations - lets think back 15 years

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IBM has announced that IBM Connect 2014 has opened registration and includes Kenexa World and Lotusphere as part of the event.

IBM Connect registration

Join us at IBM Connect 2014 to gain insights into how game-changing technology and strategies in social, mobile, cloud, smarter workforce, cognitive systems, smarter commerce and business analytics are propelling companies to competitive heights. Alongside IBM Connect and the Lotusphere Technical Program, this year we are excited to include the Kenexa World Conference which will help you empower human resources, your workforce, and your business to ultimately drive real business results.

Kenexa World was previously held in October of each year down at Walt Disney World, the last being 2012. So with the acquisition they are skipping 2013 and merging it straight into IBM Connect 2014.  Strangely the website lists Kenexa World as only January 28-29 2014

The cheapest pricing right now is
  • Academic at $1295 with no expiration
  • a new discount for business partners of $1695 until November 4th then to $1995
  • clients are  $1895 until Nov 4th then to $2195
  • group bundles are available anytime as well

IBM opened registration silently last week. Now let us go back 15 years.  Years ago we would be anxiously waiting at our keyboards, fax machines and phones (at the same time) attempting to register for one of the slots to attend. We would redial, retry faxes and click refresh over and over on the web.  There was well over 12 hotels, multiple shuttles and long lines.

Dining tents were packed and you walked forever. Sessions were so full they double overflowed and you may never see them in person. Parties were rampant and money was no object.  Giveaway prizes were TVs, a car and tons more high end prizes.

How many of you were surprised registration opened already? I know I anticipated Kenexa joining in in some way and at some point after sitting with Rudy Karsan, Kenexa CEO,  last year at the IBM Champion event,

So let's start getting ready.  Maybe abstracts will open sooner than previous years too!