Lynktec Apex Fusion Stylus Pen review

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The Lynctec Apex Fusion Stylus, a former Kickstarter, tries to be the best stylus for your tablet and phone. We put it to the test. The packaginge is simple with the stylus, instruction booklet and micro USB cable (no wall plug). You let it charge until the red indicator light goes out and it is ready to use.
Lynktec Apex Fusion Stylus
Turning the Apex Fusion on is simple with a small white button at the top where the clip is. A few seconds of holding it and a small LED near the tip turns blue. this lets you know it is active. No bluetooth sync is needed. It is conductive and that powers it. When i is off this is nothing at all. Not an ink pen, not a laser pointer. Just nothing.

Writing with the Lynktec was hit and miss on finer point settings as we show live in the video. For the thicker lines it seemed to work great. We then bring in our favorite and go to stylus for a head to head test. Well the results speak for themselves. This did not do as well as the Adonit Jot Pro did. We did the same sized font comparisons on the same app and screen.

We do like that the Lynktec Apex Fusion Stylus is is a stylish look and quite light. We did not like the misses if often gave. We did like that the tip is replaceable. We did not like the skipping.

Make sure you get yours here at on Amazon. And even if not buying mark our review as helpful if ti was.

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