IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for October 2015

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IBM has released what's new for IBM Connections Cloud for October 2015. Here is some of the updates:


Send Encrypted Mail (available now)
Now you can send signed and/or encrypted mail from within the Verse client experience.

Upload, tear off and view files in separate windows (available now)

Now you have more options at your fingertips when viewing a file in Verse. You can upload the file to Connections Cloud and you can’ tear off’ the file enabling you to view it in a separate window

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for October 2015

New email and calendar features for Verse mobile (available on or after Sep 30 )

New features include support for iOS9, Contacts sync on iOS, Calendar ghosting and more.


Make a private community discoverable (available on or after Oct 10)

Now you can make a restricted community appear in search results if you're looking to have key people find your community and request to join. Previously, if a community was set to be restricted (private), it was hidden from everyone except members of the community. The benefit of making a hidden community discoverable is that you can increase awareness of communities or initiatives across your organization but carefully manage sensitive content to make sure you're engaging the right people.

Adding people from outside your organization to an Activity (available on or after Oct 10)

You can now manage projects or to-dos via an Activity with members from outside your organization by creating an Activity within a Restricted Community which allows external collaboration.

Add events to your calendar in one step (available on or after Oct 10)

You can now use reminders in your personal calendar to take part in important events. Just click on the new Export to Calendar (.ics) button. The events app generates an industry-standard calendar file that you can include in your calendar. When you click on the export button, use your mail client to import the calendar entry into your calendar.

Share the right version of a file from the Mac Finder (available on or after Oct 10)

On the Mac, you can now share the right version of a file more easily, right from the Finder. Share a link to a synced file with your colleagues, directly from the operating system without having to open a browser. You can either create an email with a link to a file, or copy the link to the clipboard so you can paste it into a message or chat.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for October 2015

New IBM Connections Editor on mobile (available on or after Sep 30)

Create, edit, and share Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheet files on your iOS or Android device. You can take a file from Connections, make updates and save your changes back to Connections. Viewing and sharing of PDF files is also supported.

Image:IBM Connections Cloud enhancements for October 2015


Edits made to Connections Docs are automatically published (available on or after Oct 10)

Collaborate faster with your colleagues on documents. For all editors in Docs there's a new design for managing file versions that eliminates the confusion over saving a draft and publishing a version. The new auto-publishing function ensures that your readers always see the latest updates. No more waiting until edits are manually published. Auto-publish can be enabled or disabled by the File > Publish Automatically menu item. During a group editing session, the new version is published after the last co-editor closes the document.

Other enhancement to Connections Docs (available on or after Oct 10)

In addition to the new auto-publishing feature, check out the updates for all editors to make it easier than ever to get your work done with Connections Docs.

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