IBM (Lotus) Greenhouse is being retired?!?

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I was looking for some IBM Partnerworld content that linked to IBM Greenhouse when I found it. On the page was the following words:

The IBM Greenhouse is scheduled to be retired in late 2015 or early 2016

I believe I sat stunned for a few moments. The IBM (Lotus) Greenhouse has been an outstanding place for companies and individuals to test a plain install of IBM Connections, iNotes, IBM Sametime and even more.

It is stated that content was being moved to IBM Developerworks. That leaves out a ton of other content such as Activities, Communities and the Solutions Catalog. Even I personally have listings in the Solutions Catalog for some awesome Lotus Blogger and Technical Search widgets (in cooperation with Julian Robichaux) that managed to get over 400 downloads to date.  Other solutions have over 20k downloads.

As Gabriella points out, I totally overlooked the discussions and other data that is searchable and so beneficial.

The IBM Greenhouse shows it has over 140k members with 1500 new members this month. Are those users being migrated over? Do we need to recreate all of our connections we have made on Greenhouse?  I know this site remained free, but the benefit it gave to the community was priceless.  We wish you farewell IBM (Lotus Greenhouse)

Update: Go and read even more summation from David Hablewitz on DeveloperWorks Premium that is coming