IBM Connect 2016 slides are starting to appear online

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Session slides from IBM Connect 2016 are beginning to appear in the IBM Event Connect site and on public blogs / SlideShare.
IBM Connect 2016 logo
Each year I bring all of the publicly shared slides that can be embedded or linked into the IBM Connect Sessions Database. They are sorted by track/topic and it is full texted indexed for quick searching to find just what you need.

As you can see this is what the uploads look like in the IBM Event Connect portal for IBM Connect 2016.  
IBM Connect 2016 slide downloads
Note that they use the hidden session ID that no one really shared this year. Previously we would use BP101 (for example) and it showed the track.  Now they are a giant glob of numbers that presenters didn't really tag their content with on titles or online. So once these are made available fully for download we will have to find a way to match and sort them

There is plenty more information to come on IBM Connect 2016. Make sure you subscribe to the blog, the newsletter (see the sidebar), iTunes and the YouTube channel to keep up. Heck even Twitter, the Facebook network and Instagram.