IBM Connect 2016 OGS and day 1 review - IdoNotes Episode 145

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IBM kicked off IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando, FL. I summarize the Opening General Session and more for you.
IBM Connect 2016 logo
The IBM Connect 2016 episode covers the following:  

  • As usual I give you an idea of what the IBM Connect bag looks like this year
  • We talk about the conference guide a/k/a large newspaper you have to use
  • I mention the Event Connect app
  • Project Toscana was announced at the OGS
  • The new blended interface for IBM Connections and Verse using tiles (think Notes workspace on the web that is dynamic content instead)
  • There is no OGS online for replay as of the time I created this
  • You are not allowed to record sessions or take pictures. Oh here is an IBM selfie stick
  • Where are the IBM Connect 2016 presentations?
  • Do not forget I run the IBM Connect Sessions Database each year
  • Notes client roadmaps
  • IBM Client Application Access (ICAA)
  • IBM Verse and more Verse
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