HCL Sametime Meetings monitoring for Kubernetes

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For years, with IBM Sametime, we had to use some older administration monitoring screens for Sametime Meetings or get creative with tools.  HCL Sametime Meetings has a new whitepaper on Kubernetes monitoring using open source tools.

HCL Sametime Meetings Active Clients

The authors of the HCL Sametime Meetings monitoring whitepaper have been around since the early days of Sametime, giving valuable insight into what you should begin with and step by step how to set it up using open-source Grafana and Kibana (which sound like twins).  You will need servers to run these tools but they can be expanded for service across many of your enterprise systems and networks.  Not just for this case.

At 30 pages long, the whitepaper goes into great step by step details about installing, configuring and creating dashboards for many areas of HCL Sametime Meetings.  The Kubernetes pod infrastructure running HCL Sametime Meetings will require you to grow to learn what each pod does and and how they interact.  For example, a pod for recorder is different than one for recordings.  One is the agent that sits in meetings and becomes the recorder, while the other manages the actual finished recordings.  Persistent meetings rooms are available, so a catalog pod must keep track of those.

The amazing part of where we are now in HCL Sametime compared to even five years ago, it the simplistic ability to scale as needed using Kubernetes.  The monitoring in this case study information allows you to see and learn from the trends and behaviors of your usage of the meeting services.  Over time, as firing up and joining meetings stays in our daily routine, the growth of meetings services needs to mature.  Not only in capabilities from the vendors, but in scope from of usage and planning by your organization.

I would take a read of this before even going down the Kubernetes path.  Or if you started already, make sure you are watching the right pieces up front and expand your monitoring from there.  You can download the full PDF of the HCL Sametime Meetings on Kubernetes whitepaper or visit HCL knowledgebase for KB0088100