Cross Canada Collaboration User Group is April 27 2017

You can register to attend virtually for the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group event. You can attend in person or virtually for this day of 8 sessions.
Cross Canada Collaboration User Group
Sessions will cover Watson, Alexa, Domino applications, case studies, the IBM Connect Hackathon and more.

Register for the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group event right here
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    On Monday, April 24th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Deploying IBM Blockchain on IBM Bluemix - IBM Connect 2017

At IBM Connect 2017 I presented the above session of Deploying IBM Blockchain on IBM Bluemix as a Customer. I was happy to see so many interested in this topic.  I also have a video that was complied walking through the steps coming.
Deploying Blockchain on IBM Bluemix as a customer
Explore the benefits of IBM Blockchain for decentralized and trusted controls. Decentralized and trusted processing of real-time transactions can speed up your business processes! Learn how to deploy both test and production Blockchain environments on IBM Bluemix. Walk through the business needs for the evolving Blockchain technology from the customer perspective. View validations in progress and the health of your peers in the chaincode

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    On Wednesday, March 1st, 2017   by Chris Miller        

Gurupalooza replay from IBM Connect 2017

I had the pleasure of participating again in Gurupalooza at IBM Connect 2017 . I managed to capture the entire thing on Facebook Live. Here is the replay.  You will find tons of Connect 2017 content on the IdoNotes Network page on Facebook.
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    On Monday, February 27th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM Business Partner sessions at Connect 2017

IBM Connect 2017 is a week away and while Business Partner Day is not there anymore, there is an agenda for IBM Business Partners still.
  • The general session for partners is Tuesday. Look for strategy and 2017 plans here
  • IBM Tools and Incentives - on Wednesday you can find out where to look and what incentives are new
  • Plan your 2017 strategy with IBM is also on Wednesday
  • Taking on Microsoft Office 365 with IBM solutions is tapped for Wednesday (against my session I see)
  • Making money in the Cloud is also Wednesday.
  • Enhanced Partnerworld is also on Wednesday
So if you want a non tech track and a lot of BP content then Wednesday is the day.  The IBM Event app has it all and I will have a video coming on that shortly
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    On Wednesday, February 15th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

For those missing Lotusphere or IBM Connect right now, years of pictures

Morning walk view
So many of us are used to heading to Orlando, FL for Lotusphere aka IBM Connect. As that has moved months and cities, here are years of pictures to look back on
Yes there will be the normal new group for 2017 for everyone to join and share photos.
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    On Thursday, January 19th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2017 - my session information

I was excited to see I am speaking at IBM Connect 2017 in San Francisco.  Catch me on Feb 22 at 10am PST on the second floor of Moscone West, room 2020 (this may change as we get closer).
Image:IBM Connect 2017 - my session information
This content overall will be a new and positive change for the IBM Connect event. Look for a track on your standard ICS technologies, with the added bonus of learning new skills and seeing new ideas to spark some interest in your future plans with IBM.
Deploying Blockchain on IBM Bluemix as a customer
Explore the benefits of IBM Blockchain for decentralized and trusted controls. Decentralized and trusted processing of real-time transactions can speed up your business processes! Learn how to deploy both test and production Blockchain environments on IBM Bluemix. Walk through the business needs for the evolving Blockchain technology from the customer perspective. View validations in progress and the health of your peers in the chaincode

This is totally out of the normal sphere of content but shows how far and fast we adopt and implement new technologies. I will not look too deep into how Bluemix provisions, but more on Blockchain technology deployment  and where it can take us in the future.
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    On Tuesday, January 10th, 2017   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2017 registration is open

IBM Connect 2017 registration has been opened up and this proves to be a whole new conference. The conference also moved to San Francisco and to the end of February (instead of late January).
IBM Connect 2017
Pricing has a slew of rates and levels which adds to the confusion of when and what you should register for.  I say this because I see they are trying to draw some people in for partial time and the EXPO without them having to buy a full conference pass.  There is also a middle level that tosses in the keynotes, Lightning Talks (on the EXPO floor I bet) and more. Then the full badge has pricing set with early bird and one day full passes.  Whew!

Discover Connect is the cheapest at $89, with Experience Connect at $995, One Day passes at $895 and full badges starting at $1695 without alumni discounts.

See the IBM Connect 2017 registration page for more details on packages and to get registered.

A special thing to note is that you must have an IBM Id to even register for the conference.
IBM Connect registration
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    On Monday, December 5th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Project Hawthorn Today & Tomrrow at ICON US 2016 replay!

Luis Guirigay of IBM to presented IBM Project Hawthorn: Today, Tomorrow, On Prem and Cloud at ICON US 2016. He covered the following in his ICON US 2016 session:
Since IBM introduced “Project Hawthorn” (aka IBM mail support for MS Outlook) many customers have been taking advantage of this new deployment option to provide Mail to users using their client of preference. Project Hawthorn provides the unique capability of “Bring Your Own Client (BYOC)” by allowing them to use MS Outlook without having to replace the IBM Domino platform. Use this in conjunction with the Notes Browser Plugin and XPages and provide a unique experience. Come to this session and walk away with a clear understanding of IBM’s strategy, Best Practices and tons of tips from the field.

This session was sponsored by Teamcentric Technologies

See all of the IdoNotes articles on IBM Project Hawthown and watch the replay above.
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    On Tuesday, May 17th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

ICON US 2016 keynote replay is available

ICON US 2016 completed last week and the keynote was from Rob Koplowitz of IBM. The replay is online and he did a fantastic job conveying:
..a vision for unleashing cognitive capabilities and advanced analytics to create a more intelligent collaboration environment that assists employees and proactively surfaces experts and insights. See IBM's vision on the role of AI based Personal Assistants and cognitive Expert sources that will drive breakthrough results and move your organization and those you serve into the Cognitive Era.

Look for replays and online recording of the sessions from all of the speakers shortly.
Teamstudio logo
ICON US wants to thank Teamstudio as the Premier sponsor for this keynote session.
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    On Monday, May 16th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

You are missing the ICON US 2016 keynote? People are still registering

ICON US 2016 went live at 8am CST this morning with Rob Koplowitz of IBM presenting on cognitive. Why not see the full agenda and still register and join in?
The keynote is covering:
The pace of work is accelerating and the volume of information is overwhelming. Join Rob Koplowitz as he conveys a vision for unleashing cognitive capabilities and advanced analytics to create a more intelligent collaboration environment that assists employees and proactively surfaces experts and insights. See IBM's vision on the role of AI based Personal Assistants and cognitive Expert sources that will drive breakthrough results and move your organization and those you serve into the Cognitive Era.

Seats are still open in registration for ICON US !!! Hurry though before it fills and closes
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    On Monday, May 9th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM to make special contest announcements at ICON US 2016 - register today!

IBM has noted that during ICON US 2016 online next week on May 9-10 they have slotted a special announcement for a contest open to the public.  This special announcement is sponsored by Panagenda (no affiliation to the contest)

We cannot give too much more away in advance, but you will have to attend ICON US 2016 online next week by registering below.
Image:IBM to make special contest announcements at ICON US 2016 - register today!

Seats are still open in registration for ICON US on May 9-10th 2016 online!!! Hurry though before it closes.
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    On Thursday, May 5th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities

Want to know about Integrate Bluemix with Your XPages Applications for a World of Possibilities? Then register for ICON US 2016 virtual event taking place May 9-10th 2016 and see John Jardin of Ukuvuma present this awesome session.
In this session John will take you through a gripping LIVE demonstration where he pieces together an "Integrated Circuit of Services", binding an on-premise XPages application with the IBM Bluemix cloud. Learn how to implement Web Sockets for real-time communication; use Watson services to improve user experience, and more.

Join this session and discover how your applications can easily leverage services on the Bluemix cloud to expand on what’s currently possible in XPages.

Seats are still open in registration for ICON US on May 9-10th 2016 online!!!
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    On Thursday, May 5th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Normalizing xPages Web Development

Want to know what Normalizing xPages Web Development is? Then register for ICON US 2016 virtual event taking place May 9-10th 2016 and see Shean McManus of PSC Group and Eric McCormick present this awesome session.
The XPages runtime is versatile and extends beyond just the components that come out of the box. While the core XPages/Domino platform has not changed materially since it’s initial release, the way this platform is being used certainly is evolving rapidly. Learn the best ways to optimize your application development by leveraging the latest and greatest frameworks, libraries, and tools that the web has to offer. Many modern tools can plug into your Domino and XPages applications in a consistent fashion with industry web development practices. Join us for some challenges to our preconceptions, options and alternatives, and a couple of fancy demos.

Seats are still open in registration for ICON US on May 9-10th 2016 online!!!
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    On Wednesday, May 4th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

Virtual, Faster, Better! - How to virtualize the Rich client and Notes Browser Plugin (NBP and ICAA)

At ICON US 2016 online in just a week you can catch Virtual, Faster, Better! - How to virtualize the Rich client and Browser Plugin by Daniel Reimann. But only if you register for ICON US 2016 while seats remain
Virtualizing the IBM Notes client or the IBM Client Application Access (formerly known as IBM Notes Browser Plug-in) is an effective way to standardize your client infrastructure, to reduce costs for workstation hardware and to give your users a consistent experience. Learn how to implement, configure and tune Notes on platforms like Citrix or Terminal Server and get the most out of it by dramatically reducing start-up times and more. Beside a live demo you'll also get some worst practices stories as Daniel Reimann shares his experiences from real-World client virtualization projects.

Seats are still open in registration for ICON US on May 9-10th online!!!
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    On Monday, May 2nd, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Project “Hawthorn" - Today. Tomorrow. OnPrem. Cloud - at ICON US

Register today for one of the virtual seats at ICON US to see Luis Guirigay of IBM present IBM Project “Hawthorn" - Today. Tomorrow. OnPrem. Cloud. This session will cover:
Since IBM introduced “Project Hawthorn” (aka IBM mail support for MS Outlook) many customers have been taking advantage of this new deployment option to provide Mail to users using their client of preference. Project Hawthorn provides the unique capability of “Bring Your Own Client (BYOC)” by allowing them to use MS Outlook without having to replace the IBM Domino platform. Use this in conjunction with the Notes Browser Plugin and XPages and provide a unique experience. Come to this session and walk away with a clear understanding of IBM’s strategy, Best Practices and tons of tips from the field.

Seats are still open in registration for ICON US on May 9-10th online!!!
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    On Wednesday, April 20th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

ICON US 2016 announces keynote speaker

ICON US 2016 announced that Rob Koplowitz of IBM will be the keynote speaker. Session announcements will start coming tomorrow. Registration for ICON US 2016 still has some space for this virtual event. They keynote will cover the following abstract:
The pace of work is accelerating and the volume of information is overwhelming. Join Rob Koplowitz as he conveys a vision for unleashing cognitive capabilities and advanced analytics to create a more intelligent collaboration environment that assists employees and proactively surfaces experts and insights. See IBM's vision on the role of AI based Personal Assistants and cognitive Expert sources that will drive breakthrough results and move your organization and those you serve into the Cognitive Era.

ICON US wants to thank Teamstudio as the Premier sponsor for this keynote session.
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    On Wednesday, April 6th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

ICON US 2016 lanches with a virtual event

I am happy to finally announce ICON US 2016 is officially launched with a twist.  This will be a one time virtual event on May 9-10, 2016. Registration is already open as well as call for abstracts and sponsor opportunities.
ICON US header Twitter
More information will be coming on the website, but space is still limited.  Even with a virtual event.  Head over to and get registered before it fills.

Also make sure to submit abstracts and get in touch to sponsor either here or via the site.

P.S. Had you been signed up on the IdoNotes newsletter you would have got early notice :-)
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    On Tuesday, March 8th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2016 - Logging Wars session slides

I had the pleasure of presenting Logging Wars: A Cross Product Tech Clash Between Experts with Ben Menesi, of Ytria, at IBM Connect 2016.  He did an amazing job making slides for us from all our conversations. Thanks to every that attended or has reached out looking for the slides.

Do not forget that all the slides are in the  IBM Connect sessions database  with over 200 since 2013 publicly available for your review and searching.
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    On Thursday, February 11th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

60+ in 60 - Admin Tips Power Hour session slides from IBM Connect 2016

Above is the content for my 60+ in 60 - Admin Tips Power Hour session from IBM Connect 2016.
With a guaranteed minimum of 60 administration tips in 60 minutes you will walk out with a list of items to immediately help you tune your collaboration environment. Covering IBM Domino, Sametime, Connections, Traveler and more will have you eager to get back and implement some of the ideas. We will take best practices from the my SocialBizUg Admin Tips newsletter, customer case stories and other best practices. Have no fear, we will move faster that you can write so everything will be available for you to download. This is an ode to the hundreds of tips brought to you by the letters M and G (Mooney and Gab) over the years.

Make sure you visit the IBM Connect sessions database  for content going back to 2013. Now about 200 entries large.
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    On Wednesday, February 10th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect sessions database for 2016

We have begun adding sessions and content to the annual IBM Connect sessions database here at IdoNotes.  With content going back to 2013 there is almost 200 total sessions, slides, demos and videos.
IBM ConnectED Sessions database

There is a tag cloud for easy sorting and on the right a breakdown by track for more sorting options. Full text searches are also available for digging into specific abstract content. So head over to the IBM Connect sessions database  to find the slides you were missing or want to see and thank the authors!

All content is owned by the authors and is only embedded and not served directly from IdoNotes.  It is only a portal to find the publicly shared content.

For sponsors, if you wish to advertise in the database please get in touch as it will get considerable traffic as new content is added.
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    On Tuesday, February 9th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2016 slides are starting to appear online

Session slides from IBM Connect 2016 are beginning to appear in the IBM Event Connect site and on public blogs / SlideShare.
IBM Connect 2016 logo
Each year I bring all of the publicly shared slides that can be embedded or linked into the IBM Connect Sessions Database. They are sorted by track/topic and it is full texted indexed for quick searching to find just what you need.

As you can see this is what the uploads look like in the IBM Event Connect portal for IBM Connect 2016.  
IBM Connect 2016 slide downloads
Note that they use the hidden session ID that no one really shared this year. Previously we would use BP101 (for example) and it showed the track.  Now they are a giant glob of numbers that presenters didn't really tag their content with on titles or online. So once these are made available fully for download we will have to find a way to match and sort them

There is plenty more information to come on IBM Connect 2016. Make sure you subscribe to the blog, the newsletter (see the sidebar), iTunes and the YouTube channel to keep up. Heck even Twitter, the Facebook network and Instagram.
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    On Thursday, February 4th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2016 OGS and day 1 review - IdoNotes Episode 145

IBM kicked off IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando, FL. I summarize the Opening General Session and more for you.
IBM Connect 2016 logo
The IBM Connect 2016 episode covers the following:  Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2016 OGS and day 1 review - IdoNotes Episode 145" »
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    On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Go now has IBM Connect 2016 available

IBM GO, the digital conference extension, now has IBM Connect 2016 listed. I like to think I had something to do with that from my IBM Connect 2016 preview post and video.
IBM Go for IBM Connect 2016
Sign up is free to access whatever content they will stream and allow you to replay. You will have to fill out a sign up form which then sends a verification email message.  Hilariously the welcome message has links to upcoming content...  from October 2015.  Sigh...
Continue Reading here" IBM Go now has IBM Connect 2016 available" »
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    On Friday, January 22nd, 2016   by Chris Miller        

CES 2016: Keezel wins my best of Day 1 award

At CES 2016 this week we got a closer look at Keezel, which is your own portable VPN network connection device. You connect everything to Keezel and let it connect to public (or any) network to protect your data.
Image:CES 2016: Keezel wins my best of Day 1 award
Keezel has reached agreements with numerous global VPN providers to allow this device to work pretty much anywhere you can get online. Setup was amazingly simple. Turn on the Keezel, connect all your devices to it and then have Keezel log into whatever wireless network you desire.  Be it at the coffee shop, airport, friend's house or even your own home.

The idea of Keezel is to use VPN to protect your data.  While you sit in the coffee shop, you really do expose a lot of data. (Read a great recent article right here on how easy it is). So with the Keezel, you are not only protecting where you surf , but also your private data like account numbers, login names, and yes even passwords.

Bonus number one is that Keezel will allow you to switch which country you appear from (switch location). This opens up the ability to watch or stream shows and visit sites that are normally restricted unless you are in that country.  Think Netflix and iTunes as examples.

Bonus number two is that Keezel has a large enough battery inside that you can also charge your phone. This reduces the time the Keezel can run, but it already has a long battery life according to their statements at CES (we hope to really test it shortly).

Keezel also has big plans to allow you to hook two of them together to allow access to your files at home. Basically the two devices would tunnel a private connection for you just like you were on your own network.

I should have my hands on a device soon after CES for testing and a full video review. They have a ton of packages for annual and even lifetime subscriptions.  There is even a limited bandwwidth free version.  Keezel is still on Indiegogo but their website is live as well.
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    On Thursday, January 7th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2016 OGS is 2 1/2 hours long

For those headed to IBM Connect 2016 prepare yourself for the Opening General Session that shows up as 2 1/2 hours long with a 45 minute break in the middle.
IBM Connect 2016 OGS schedule
The normal time runs much like the first session listed above at an hour and half.  But this extra hour with no sessions and a break seems rather confusing. I am guessing we all leave the main conference hall for 45 minutes and then file back in for another large session.  Here is what is supposed to be included in each session slot.   Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2016 OGS is 2 1/2 hours long" »
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    On Wednesday, January 6th, 2016   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2016 Technical Labs

IBM has provided some information on the IBM Connect 2016 Technical Labs. These labs have varied over the years and there is three this year.
IBM Connect 2016 logo
You can view the full details right here at the conference site but here is a summary of each:
Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2016 Technical Labs" »
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    On Monday, November 30th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2016 preview video - Lotusphere Podcasts

IBM has tons of scattered information on IBM Connect 2016 in Orlando, FL. I try and summarize a lot of it in one place for you.
IBM Connect 2016 logo
Here is a rundown of the show notes
  • First of all we have a new location for IBM Connect 2016 at the Hilton Orlando.  We are no longer at the Dolphin & Swan area (video link)
  • Things to do and eat around the new conference center location    (video link)
    Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2016 preview video - Lotusphere Podcasts" »
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      On Thursday, November 12th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM launches IBMGO - social hub for conferences

IBM has launched IBMGO as a central source for all things around their global conferences.
The new social hub and free interactive digital experience for all IBM Global Conferences, available at any time, anywhere. Live and on-demand broadcasts of general sessions, keynotes and interviews as well as CrowdChats and exclusive access to Social VIPs.

The sad news is that IBM Connect, their global conference for IBM Collaboration Solutions, doesn't really seem to be listed or considered a global event on this new initiative.  IBM Insight, IBM InterConnect and IBM Vision are the only ones listed.

Sign up for the IBM GO site was simple and a confirmation email was to be sent (still waiting).
Update: I received an email about two hours later saying to reset my password.  Strangely I thought I was registering but I went ahead with the reset. I then got an immediate email with a reset password link.
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    On Monday, October 26th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

You can now watch TED@IBM replays

I missed the live TED@IBM event through streaming (totally missed it in person) and am happy that the replays are online with free registration.

Make sure you sign up now or if you have already and have the password then go replay TED@IBM now.
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    On Monday, October 19th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

You can stream TED@IBM live next week Oct 15 2015

For those not going to TED@IBM in San Francisco, CA on Oct 15, 2015 they have made it possible to register and stream the event.
TED@IBM style=

While the cost to attend live is up to $10k (they report) it is only a half day event with two sessions covering 16 speakers, a lunch and a cocktail reception.  I really thought it was more intense than that so I am glad they are offering this free live streaming!
TED@IBM agenda

You can register for the live streaming right here.
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    On Monday, October 12th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016 Moves to Orlando from Las Vegas

IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference has had a history of being located in Las Vegas. For Feb 15-18, 2016 it will move to Orlando, FL and be held at the Hilton Bonnet Creek.
IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016

Join us and learn how to grow and transform your business in today's highest value opportunity areas – Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Commerce, Security, Watson, the Internet of Things and more. Explore new ways to work and new ways to succeed.

You can get more information and wait for registration to open in October right here
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    On Monday, September 28th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Engage 2015 Conference in Review

I had the opportunity to attend and present at Engage 2015 (formerly BLUG) in Ghent, Belgium. I wanted to provide a quick summary of the event in my monthly articles on SocialBizUG
Engage 2015 had an excellent keynote (that was recorded and will be available soon) with Kramer Reeves and other IBM speakers.  They really did not cover much new outside of some more new on IBM Verse as it prepared to become generally available right when the conference was going on. He shared much of the IBM vision and strategy and even a timeline on the future of the Lotus Notes client and server.  Everyone will be happy to know there is a definite timeline for the next eight years at least for what we know as IBM Lotus Notes.

Read my entire story over on SocialBizUG and subscribe to the monthly Sys Admin Tips.

Also make sure to watch the replay of the Engage 2015 keynote and my Flickr pics.
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    On Wednesday, April 15th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Engage 2015 Keynote replay is available

If you missed the Engage 2015 keynote address in Ghent, Belgium then you will be happy to know the replay is online and available for streaming.

Do not forget to catch up on my Flickr photo album from Engage 2015 also.  Please subscribe to all the IdoNotes videos on YouTube to keep up with things like the conference keynote playlist
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    On Wednesday, April 8th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

Engage 2015 user group photos on Flickr
IdoNotes'Engage 2015 photoset IdoNotes' Engage (BLUG) 2015 photoset

I was happy to attend and present at Engage 2015 for my third or fourth formerly BLUG event. This year Theo took us to Ghent, Belgium to an amazing venue and city.  Here are my travel photos.

You can read more about my Engage 2015 experience in my Sys Admin tips newletter on SocialBizUG shortly (I will link it here later)
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    On Friday, April 3rd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 Business Partner session replays online

IBM has released audio and presentation files from Business Partner day at IBM ConnectED 2015. They are available via PartnerWorld with login only.
This year at IBM ConnectED 2015, we hosted a track of sessions exclusively for our IBM Business Partners. We shared the vision and strategy for 2015. This track included a special Business Partner kickoff featuring Channelcorp’s Bruce Stuart as the keynote speaker. Bruce provided executive education on how Business Partners can successfully transition their businesses to a recurring revenue model in the cloud.

In addition to the kickoff session, we hosted five additional sessions covering everything from how to make money selling cloud, marketing best practices, incentives and lead passing, as well as two standing room only sessions: BP105: Successfully Selling Against the Competition and BP106: IBM Verse Business Partner Enablement.

You can log in with your IBM PartnerWorld credentials to get the content right here

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    On Monday, February 23rd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 slides now available to the public

IBM has made the IBM ConnectED 2015 slides available to the public via SocialBIzUG (free registration required). These are the slides found from the IBM ConnectED site. You can still see all the speaker shared ones in the IBM Connect/Lotusphere/IBM ConnectED database.
SocialBIzUG for the IBM ConnectED slides
We’re happy to announce that members can now download presentations from ConnectED 2015! Visit our ConnectED 2015 community and click the Download presentations link next to the track names to start downloading your session files today.

Make sure you thank all the awesome speakers for their hard work.
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    On Friday, February 13th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED and Lotusphere slides database updated for 2015

I am happy to announce for IBM ConnectED 2015 (aka Lotusphere) the sessions database now has over 30 slidesets from presenters for 2015.  All are sorted by time and/or track. Searching is also available on the upper right.
IBM ConnectED Sessions database

Continue Reading here" IBM ConnectED and Lotusphere slides database updated for 2015" »
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    On Wednesday, February 11th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 overall conference and session evaluation forms online

IBM has not communicated well that IBM ConnectED 2015 overall conference evaluation and individual session evaluation forms are online to be filled out.
IBM ConnectED 2015 Event Conenct survey
The homepage of IBM ConnectED 2015 now has a link on the right (note the arrows) to take the overall conference survey. You will need to have an IBM Event Connect account for IBM ConnectED to submit the survey.  There are numerous sliders, questions and freeform text boxes looking for your input. PLease go and fill that out.  there is no free t-shirt or other giveaway as in past years, but they want to hear your thoughts.

Next up is the individual session surveys and these mean a lot to the presenters. Continue Reading here" IBM ConnectED 2015 overall conference and session evaluation forms online" »
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    On Monday, February 9th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM announced a cloud file sharing service at IBM ConnectED 2015

IBM, via Jeff Schick, announced at IBM ConnectED 2015, a cloud file sharing service to compete with services like Dropbox, Box and Copy. While exact dates were not offered this is an interesting market for IBM to enter now.
IBM Connections Files Cloud

This cloud based file sharing will be based on IBM Cloud Connections and is likely an entry point into upselling users on a full IBM Connections deployment. While an exact date for this offering was not made, the infrastructure beginnings are already in place.

What I found interesting was the late arrival of this offering when many organizations a deeply entrenched with services like Dropbox already. Most everyone you share with personally even asks what your Dropbox email address is. It seems certain services have become ubiquitous with the term file sharing and starting up usage on another service just for that offering would not be a draw.
Continue Reading here" IBM announced a cloud file sharing service at IBM ConnectED 2015" »
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    On Monday, February 9th, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 OGS and week in review video - Lotusphere Podcasts

A whirlwind IBM ConnectED 2015 tour in under ten minutes. From the Opening General Session and onward. More of a peek instead of a full summary that needs to be written.
  • IBM Verse was everywhere
  • IBM Verse has a freemium model
  • Digital Experience is a new way to work if you know what it is
  • IBM Lotus Domino barely made a dent of a mention in the OGS
  • The OGS went by quick
  • Non-IBM speakers are delivering some high quality sessions (I have only seen two IBM sessions)
  • The welcome party was not as it was
  • The vendor floor was not as it was
  • IBM Verse was everywhere again

See the video for more. Also catch up on the live blogging replay of the OGS on LotusphereLive from Carl and myself.

As for the week itself..
- a look at the annual backpack
- the Lotusphere cookie and #pretzelcookiegate
- IBM Verse again
- IBM Connections 5 sneak peek
- the vendor floor changes
- and tons more

The IBM Connect / Lotusphere sessions database is already filling with content. Make sure you visit that regularly as content gets added

See the video for the whole story and make sure you subscribe to the IdoNotes podcasts and Spiked Studio channels on YouTube
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    On Monday, February 2nd, 2015   by Chris Miller        

IBM ConnectED 2015 - my sessions and the agenda announced

I am happy to be back presenting at Lotusphere aka IBM Connect aka IBM ConnecED 2015, This time I am honored to partner with Wes Morgan for Sametime Deployment Do's & Don'ts and my own Considerations for the Cloud..
IBM ConnectED 2015

In each of these sessions I hope to bring you a unique perspective on decisions you will make while deploying your solutions and how to avoid the common mistakes.  Also we look at mistakes that come to haunt you after you have begun roll-outs. I sit in a unique position at Connectria in seeing so many varied deployments both in the cloud and on your own site.

Take a look at the agenda via the Session Preview Tool to get one of the remaining seats for IBM ConnecED 2015. You can get the current pricing at the registration page.
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    On Tuesday, December 16th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

Accell UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix review - CES 2014

The Accell UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix and Distribution Amplifier is now part of home media setup. With 4 HDMI inputs that can be split into 2 outputs across monitors or even multiple inputs on the same device.
Accell UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix and Distribution Amplifier

The UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix and Distribution Amplifier accepts signals from up to 4 HDMI enabled audio/video sources and distributes the signals to up to 2 HDMI enabled displays. The matrix can be configured to send any input to any utput,supporting all HDMI displays, monitors, projectors and TV's. Control the UltraAV Matrix using the included remote control or with the manual push-buttons.
Continue Reading here" Accell UltraAV 4x2 HDMI Matrix review - CES 2014" »
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    On Tuesday, April 1st, 2014   by Chris Miller        

Tampa General Hospital calls Notes "Stone Age" at Lync event

The Lync Conference 2014 was held in February 2014 and they had some case studies on stage. Tampa General Hospital sounds like they had bad admins
The second Lync deployment story session I attended was delivered by representatives of Tampa General Hospital. They opened by saying as recently as three years ago, the hospital was in the "IT Stone Age." This was defined as being dependent on a mainframe and using Lotus Notes, Sametime, WebEx and BlackBerrys. Three years ago, the hospital replaced Sametime with Microsoft OCS for IM and presence and moved to iPhones and iPads. Two years ago, they moved to Lync for not just IM and presence, but audio and video conferencing as well, decommissioning WebEx.

I mean they did have 3000 pagers still in use. I am not sure what Notes, Sametime and BlackBerry had to do with that Stone Age portion of their infrastructure.

Read more on the story here
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    On Monday, March 17th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2014 slides and videos database now over 60 sessions inside

With IBM Connect 2014 slides not posted on the official sites yet we are ahead of the curve offering over 55 slidedecks and videos embedded for your viewing in the slides database. Search, explore by track or browse by tag.
IBM Connect & Lotusphere slides database

Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2014 slides and videos database now over 60 sessions inside" »
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    On Wednesday, February 12th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2014 and AllianceTech for evaluations

Once again IBM chose AllianceTech for the evaluation system of IBM Connect 2014. They have been using AllianceTech for years for all the collection of attendee evaluations and RFID data.

IBM Connect 2014 and AllianceTech

As my post earlier alluded to, I have been having issues again. So today an email came reminding me to fill out evaluations. I saw they included an email address which I proceeded to email with all my information. Here it went wrong again  Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2014 and AllianceTech for evaluations" »
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    On Wednesday, February 5th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2014 I just want to give feedback and you won’t let me

Once again the annual IBM Connect evaluation (and speaker reports) is broken. For IBM Connect 2014 it seems you cannot add sessions it didn't see you enter nor see reports as co-speakers.

IBM Connect 2014 session evaluation

I won't go into previous year issues, but this year once again used RFID. Unfortunately it does not always catch you entering a room. So how do I add sessions? Not even my own are showing as me entering. No link exists to look up sessions and add evals.

Another problem I really have here..  Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2014 I just want to give feedback and you won't let me" »
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    On Wednesday, February 5th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2014 slides for BP303 Empowering ICS Communities for SocialBizUG with IBM Connections

I had the pleasure of presenting at IBM Connect 2014 with Celia Hamilton (SocialBizUG), Mike Smith (Turtle Partnership), and Mark Myers (LDC) on Empowering ICS Communities for SocialBizUG with IBM Connections. session BP303
Continue Reading here" IBM Connect 2014 slides for BP303 Empowering ICS Communities for SocialBizUG with IBM Connections" »
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    On Tuesday, February 4th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect 2014 OGS and day 1 recap - Lotusphere Podcasts

I recap IBM Connect 2014 day one activities and the Opening General Session (OGS) in this Lotusphere Podcast video. We dig into the backpack, the badge attendees wear and how the opening party went. From there it is all about the OGS:
  • IBM Mail
  • Sametime getting renamed
  • lack of demos
  • tons of customer stories with no demos
  • Snuch in announcements
  • Alcatraz the product

You can also catch the replay of our OGS commentary on LotusphereLive, just select 2014 from the archives.

See the video for the whole story and make sure you subscribe to the IdoNotes podcasts and Spiked Studio channels on YouTube,
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    On Monday, January 27th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

CES 2014 - Interview with Geonaute 360 Degree Camera

CES 2014 allowed my to test the Geonaute 360 Camera and talk to product manager, Justin Schneller. We talk about the Geonaute 360 capabilities including the three 8 megapixel cameras, their custom software and how they fit mounts from GoPro cameras.
Geonaute 360 Camera

The Geonaute 360 Camera compact design has a micro-Sd card slot, video resolution 2048x1024 at 25 fps. The camera can do 360 degree shots in video, photo, burst and timelapse, helmet mounts, tripod mounts and more are available. The entire size is 1.65" by 2.83" and is light enough for even helmet mounts.

The GEONAUTE is designed to be subjected to extreme conditions. It is robust and IPX7 rated, can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Dongle included you can use the device, even in the most extreme conditions

Continue Reading here" CES 2014 - Interview with Geonaute 360 Degree Camera" »
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    On Thursday, January 16th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

CES 2014 - Neptune Pine Smartwatch CEO interview

While at CES 2014 I had the chance to interview Simon Tian, the CEO of Neptune Computers, and get hands-on time with the Neptune Pine Smartwatch. I have previously written about this and did a technical interview with their CTO. Above is the video interview from CES 2014.
Neptune Pine Smartwatch

You can read more on Spiked Studio.  Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel or playlist as tons of video are coming out the next couple weeks. Subscribe, subscribe is all I can say to keep up.
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    On Tuesday, January 14th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

CES 2014 - watch me live today on

I will be live from CES 2014 this afternoon with the TechPodcastsNetwrk on from 1-3pm PST. But you can watch the live stream, interviews and more all day.
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    On Tuesday, January 7th, 2014   by Chris Miller        

CES 2014 - where to find me broadcasting live

CES 2014 is days away and I will be part of two teams live (TPN and aNewDomain) broadcasting as well as doing my own reviews for Spiked Studio. Here is where to find me:  They have a great presence at CES including a booth where live interviews are done in 10 minute rotations. Then in the evenings there is uploaded floor reviews and replays.  We will be on and embedded everywhere plus a live blog, including my IdoNotes live page.

I will be on Tuesday afternoon from 1-3pm PST live and again Wednedday morning from 9-12pm PST
  • aNewDomain will have a giant team there this year.  Look for us to broadcast live and cover ShowStoppers on Tuesday night with about 15 people.

    I will update the schedule shortly for the live broadcasts

The hashtag #CESlive will be in use by both the TPN team and GeekBeat (Cali Lewis and crew) so look for that across networks too.

If there is anything you want covered (think category and not an individual item) leave it in the comments below and I will see who is covering it

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    On Thursday, January 2nd, 2014   by Chris Miller        

ICON UK 2013 photos up on Flickr
IdoNotes' UKLUG 2013 photoset IdoNotes' UKLUG 2013 photoset

ICON UK 2013 (formerly ULKLUG) photos from IdoNotes are up.  As usual I try and upload my photos to Flickr where I sort by conference and location.  Here is most of the pictures.  I think I have a few strays yet to upload.

Make sure to check out all the IdoNotes sets and collections.
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    On Thursday, October 10th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

SxSW 2014 – my proposed Social Identity session needs your votes!

I have submitted my Social Identity – Public, Personal and Private for a session at SxSW 2014. Of course I need your votes to make this happen!!
Social Identity in the world

Here is the excerpt on the session:
As you use more social networking sites, your social identity becomes a blend of publicly shared and personal information.
Based on the upcoming book, see firsthand how innocuous things you share can be used to gain access to your private data and learn tricks to block those attempts.
We will explore the different levels of information and how to segregate the data. Learn techniques to isolate your private banking, credit card and health information, while still feeling comfortable sharing on public and personal sites.
By splitting how you participate in the online world of social networks, communities and even online finance you build a virtual wall.
We will also discuss the creation of a private and also a fake persona to help strengthen the barrier of your private identity and prevent identity theft.

I just presented a version of this last week at MWLUG and a smaller version in Australia.  The book is coming along nicely to coincide with the session and is on track to be ready by year end.

 What I ask of you is to go vote at SxSW (registration required to stop the spammers) and share this to your followers if you think it would be of interest to them too.
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    On Monday, August 26th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

MWLUG 2013 still has registration open

In just one week MWLUG 2013 will take place in Indianapolis. If you missed out on other events this year, this will be your last chance in North America to catch a user group event this size for 2013.
MWLUG 2013 provides you as an IBM professional many benefits including:
  • Over 40 technical sessions and workshops
  • Breakfast and lunch for two days
  • Networking with other Midwest IBM Professionals
  • Wednesday evening reception
  • Thursday networking and fun event
  • Access to experts of IBM solutions
  • Free workshops
The agenda is available and I am happy to share I will present two sessions at MWLUG this year.

Social Identity - Public, Personal and Private on Thursday morning.  This session is new and hits on something that will likely scare quite a few of you as the test run did in AusLUG for a handful of people.  Just ask Paul Calhoun.

Connections Mail - As Simple as Rubik's Cube on Friday morning.  This session walks through the complexity, twists and proper turns to get IBM Connections mail running.

There is tons of beer, tours, IBM Champions and just plain old networking with others that do what you do.  So grab one of the last remaining seats!

Register here for MWLUG 2013
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    On Thursday, August 15th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Finding sanity, ViewAdmin2013 and Boston

I landed on Monday afternoon into Boston for ViewAdmin 2013 in a very rushed, fast and hard landing on American Airlines. We all looked expectantly at each other in my row asking the WTF question.  That was soon answered as we sat on the taxi way and everyone, I do mean almost everyone's, cellphones began ringing, vibrating and receiving text messages.  You know the rest of this part of the story.

With magic, WIS pulled off the ViewAdmin2013 conference with jumpstarts and three days of session including Friday while we were in total lockdown.  Do I think they could have pulled the plug at any point and people would have understood? Yes. Did we stop? No. It felt better to keep going, ignore the news since everyone was safe and there was nothing we could do at that moment and spend time making a new bunch of friends.  Inside of that group thrown together is people I call family. Not just other speakers but attendees that I have seen for many years at numerous events.

Susan and Andy already blogged some good summaries of their own and we all have the same general feeling.  Celia, Susie and the WIS team held it all together, the presenters gave it everything they had (even with one of us being sick one night) and put on a heck of a good content driven show.

Everyone made it to their next destinations without any incident that would even matter after the week. I grabbed some pics while there to show the isolation and emergency alerts (find me on Instagram) that Susan already tracked down. I even included a big ass chair pic that became our work area most of the day when we weren't presenting.

Let me also thank the Hotel Marlowe for added security, finding anything you may possibly want and even going extra steps with small things like late checkouts for anyone and finding food when deliveries could not be made at the end of the week due to the lockdowns

Strangely I landed so late even the airport was a zombie city which just carried the feeling all the way home
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    On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013   by Chris Miller        

BLUG 2013 keynote with Scott Souder and Louis Richardson of IBM

BLUG logo

Join Scott Souder and Louis Richardson of IBM as they keynote BLUG (Benelux Lotus User Group) 2013 in Leuven, Belgium.

Scott Souder covers IBM Notes and Domino Social Edition, Lotus Traveler and more.
Louis Richardson discusses creativity crisis

This is an outstanding keynote worth paying close attention to all the details

View the list of all the IamLUG 2013 sessions and then make sure you register now while there are still seats. You can also register for this TackItOn session from the IamLUG website

note: sorry for the angle as the full  tripod did not make it in time.
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    On Friday, March 29th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Is Email Dead - notes from the panel I moderated at BLUG 2013

Email icon

At BLUG 2013 I was asked to moderate the To email or not to email with panelists Stuart McIntyre, Luis Suarez and Louis Richardson. As we negotiated using collaboration platforms, streams and sharing over email there was terrific conversations from all three (and they stuck to their 1 minute per answer time limit).  The audience was engaged and asked great questions and provided some excellent feedback.

I had printed quite a few infographics for reference points just in case we needed starting points. However, I hardly had time to reference them during the session we had so much to cover.  Here are the links for some of the infographics I was referencing.

A Google search will give you plenty more images and information to participate in the conversation.  Look for the hastag #lawwe to following conversations.
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    On Friday, March 22nd, 2013   by Chris Miller        

AusLUG 2013 photostream

Brisbane skyline
IdoNotes' AUSLUG 2013 photoset IdoNotes' AUSLUG 2013 photoset

Outside of presenting sessions and the security TackOn with Paul Mooney at AusLug 2013 I did find some time to take a few pictures.  Here is the AusLUG 2013 set.
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    On Tuesday, March 19th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

AusLUG 2013 Keynote with Chris Crummey

AusLUG 2013 banner

AusLUG 2013 is completed and Chris Crummey of IBM provided the keynote address.  Spiked Studio was asked to record it for everyone to see the kickoff of IBM Notes and Domino 9 gold code.

Make sure you subscribe to the entire keynote playlist as we record BLUG 2013 this week.
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    On Monday, March 18th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Lotusphere Podcasts - issues with the session eval system

IBM Connect 2013 Get Social Do Business

I am trying to fill out evaluations at IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013 and I am having these issues with the system that runs it. Early warning and I hope they issue a fix quick.

P.S. my session numbers if they fix this is BP102 or 1050 for the four digit code.
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    On Thursday, January 31st, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Lotusphere Podcasts - Day 2 and 3 IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013 video review

IBM Connect 2013 Get Social Do Business

This is a packed 5 minute overview of the IBM Connect 2013 Opening General Session highlights including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, HitRecord, ForeSee, Kenexa, and analytics. I also need to get an interview at this Greenwell company too.
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    On Wednesday, January 30th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 - BP102 Build Your Free Admin Toolkit

They are free, what guarantees?

Welcome to the BP102 presentation material for Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 in Orlando, FL.  This is the complete list (and always changing) of the tools presented.  Come back to visit often as I plan on updating it as we go along.
Continue Reading here" Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 - BP102 Build Your Free Admin Toolkit" »
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    On Monday, January 28th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Live streaming info from IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013

Each year we add more video content from Lotusphere and IBM Connect and this year is no different.  We are stepping it up once again as Spiked Studio / IdoNotes will be doing short live broadcasts including the OGS with Carl Tyler on IBM Connect Live for Monday morning.

Using a combination of Google Hangouts the goal is to have some scheduled and some impromptu streams coming to you daily. Here is how you keep up. But I would subscribe on YouTube for sure.
  • IdoNotes Live has been around since 2008 at   From there we broadcast and replay many videos that were recorded before and will have the Google Hangout available live.
  • Circle me on Google Plus to know when we are going live and join in with questions!.
  •  I will schedule some of the hangouts and then it will stream live on the IdoNotes YouTube channel. So you definitely need to subscribe there as well.  Other times we may just go live at a moments notice.

There you have it.  Live broadcasting on the channel from just about anywhere we desire.

P.S. do not forget about the new Notes client widget I made for the Lotusphere Podcasts!!
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    On Thursday, January 24th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Congrats to the first round of IBM Collaboration Solutions Awards for 2013

IBM Connect 2013 Get Social Do Business

IBM has announced the majority of the IBM Collaboration Solutions Awards for 2013 advance of IBM Connect. Here is a list of the winners announced.  More will be presented live at IBM Connect 2013.

Social Business Solutions in the Cloud
  • Intelecom UK ltd - winner
  • ASI Informatique
  • SBS Seidor

Create a Smarter Workforce
  • Gemini Systems - winner
  • Base22
  • Social Smart Software

Create and Exceptional Customer Experience
  • TECLA.IT - winner
  • Prolifics
  • Ascendant Technology

Innovation in Social Business Application Development
  • ISW Development Pty Ltd - winner
  • INTRANET Software & COnsulting GmbH
  • GEDYS IntraWare GmbH
Extending Social Collaboration to Mobile Devices
  • Teamstudio - winner
  • e-Jan Networkjs
  • iEnterprises

They also announced the finalists for the geographic awards.  Look for this list and winners at IBM Connect 2013 Business Partner Development Day.
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    On Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013   by Chris Miller        

iPad tip for being productive at IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013

Last year we witnessed and recorded an awesome tip on better using the iPad while at Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013. It was worth sharing the video again.

I am not yet sure where the pdf files will sit for you to access as they have not sent the annual online system email to give access. But once they do this saved me so much effort last year. I could then save the marked up PDF and send them to dropbox.
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    On Friday, January 18th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Lotusphere Podcasts - The unofficial IBM Connect 2013 session database has launched

In previous Lotusphere years we had the unofficial Lotusphere database from Ben of Genii Software and this year for IBM Connect 2013 and Lotusphere a new version from Mat Newman of ISW launches.  What makes this database different than the Session Preview Tool from IBM we looked at last week? Watch the video above to find out.

Right before this published Mat also announced a mobile version!!
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    On Tuesday, January 15th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

IdoCheckin is here for Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2013

IdoCheckin logo

IdoCheckin is back for the fifth year at Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2013 due to your continued requests over the years. It really helps simplify finding people ad seeing where crowds might be.

The growth in 2012 was heavily attributed to Ben Langhingrich and his amazing FREE Lotusphere sessions database he spent countless hours developing. It was then hosted by  The Turtle Partnership who brought the application to mobile devices.

IBM talks constantly about location and mobile, so why not continue to showcase and grow it during Lotusphere 2013 and IBM Connect 2013 in two weeks?  Here is a refresher for you.

New locations?
Every meeting room, public congregating area and more at Lotusphere has already been mapped.  You will be able to check in everywhere you go!  There is a main check in for Lotusphere 2013 and also for IBM Connect 2013 to let us know you arrive on site.  From there, pick anyplace and share.

Is there prizes again this year?
Mayors at the end of the week for some randomly selected locations will have Bags 'O Schwag shipped to them (courtesy of Consultant In Your Pocket and Spiked Studio Productions).

How many locations will there really be and what about duplicates?
Have no fear.  Duplicates will be merged together daily.  The goal is to have pretty much each room and main area (like the Dolphin Fountain) available.  Being able to find friends and make swarms is the goal here.  I would love to see everyone get a larger super duper or epic swarm badge.  If you do not find a site, create it yourself or let us know and I will make sure it gets created shortly.

Ok, so I am in and want to participate. Where do I get the client, find friends and get started?
This is the easy part.  You can get a client for most types of phones, and even use the web interface.  iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android, Blackberry (Appworld link), Ovi and even more on the Foursquare site.

You can make sure to add myself and the Lotusphere relay account.  From there make sure you let it search against your Twitter, Facebook or other friends to get started.  On site just find people checking into places like you and add them in!

Look for more news coming shortly.  I created additional pages last year to show links and iwdgets for more of the locations to keep you up to date.
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    On Monday, January 14th, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Lotusphere Podcasts update and new Notes client widget

With the name changes at Lotusphere blending into IBM Connect, I decided to move Lotusphere Podcasts into IdoNotes podcasts and to launch an IBM Notes client widget.  The website/iTunes and RSS will redirect by this weekend.

Lotusphere Podcasts launched in 2008 and was built to:
Lotusphere Podcasts has brought interviews with the exhibitors, speakers, attendees and more from Lotusphere. We will also have times we are live!

The focus is to bring more video content from Lotsphere to your desk. Not everyone can make the journey to Lotusphere. So we now bring as much as we can to you

You can now find Lotusphere Podcasts as a playlist on YouTube and you can subscribe to that right here.

I also built a widget for your Lotus Notes client (as shown in the image above) that allows you to keep up right in your Notes client!  You can download the widget or drag it right into your Lotus Notes client widget area below.

Pay attention to the Arrows on each side and thumbnails on the bottom that allows you to navigate through the videos.  This will update on the fly as we add them down at Lotusphere/IBM Connect.


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    On Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013   by Chris Miller        

Last chance to vote for your preferred Lotusphere / Connect sessions

Time is almost up.  You have till Dec 31st to vote for your preferred Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 sessions and Birds of a Feather.

Why is this important? It helps them gear up the room sizes and planning on repeats. Head  (don't ask me why that URL)

I forgot, yes mine is out there. But pick what you want to see is the most important thing.
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    On Friday, December 28th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

IBM announces the 2013 IBM Champions for Collaboration Solutions

IBM Champions for 2013
On the monthly community call the 2013 selections for IBM Champion for Collaboration Solutions was announced.  Congrats to all the winners for 2013.
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    On Tuesday, December 11th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Complimentary Exams at IBM Connect / Lotusphere for Partners and Clients

In what has become an annual announcement of discounted exams while at Lotusphere, the Collaborate for Success blog announces free and discounted exams again for IBM Connect 2013.
One of the biggest draws at this event has always been the certification testing and prep labs, and IBM Collaboration Solutions is pleased to announce that COMPLIMENTARY EXAMS ARE BACK FOR IBM Connect 2013. For the first time in years, we have approval to offer a spectacular pricing structure to both IBM Business Partners and our IBM clients and prospect, but conference attendees will have to act fast to ensure they receive their complimentary test(s). Here is how it works: 
  • The first 500 IBM Business Partners who test at conference are eligible for two complimentary exams.
  • The first 500 clients* who test at conference are eligible for one complimentary exam.
  • Subsequent exams will be available for $75 each, a significant discount off the developed market price of $200 US (or equivalent).

So if you have been debating taking an updated or new exam, Lotusphere is always the best time to get the free or discounted pricing.

Read more on the original Collaborate for Success blog posting.
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    On Monday, December 10th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas brings you Bill Buchan from UKLUG 2012

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At UKLUG 2012 in Cardiff, Wales another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.  Last up was the always hilarious Bill Buchan.  He discusses his dive into weight loss.

: I was told of an audio loss after about 7:30 and I am looking into it.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube or subscribe to keep up.

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Lotus conference keynotes
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    On Thursday, September 20th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas brings you Steve McDonagh from UKLUG 2012

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At UKLUG 2012 in Cardiff, Wales another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.  Second up was Steve McDonagh.  Many of you know him from his presentation at the ILUG event.  Now see his personal story of sharing time.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube or subscribe to keep up.

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    On Wednesday, September 19th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Idea brings you Theo Heselmans from UKLUG 2012

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At UKLUG 2012 in Cardiff, Wales another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.  First up was Theo Heselmans.  Many of you know him as the coordinator of the BLUG event.  Now see some of his personal stories.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube or subscribe to keep up.

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    On Tuesday, September 18th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

UKLUG 2012 Keynote is available for replay

The UKLUG 2012 keynote address took place September 3, 2012 in Cardiff Wales.  Warren Elsmore opens the event with Uffe Sorensen providing the history of Lotus Notes and Domino.

Catch more information about UKLUG 2012 on the website.

You can also watch the Spark Ideas by the Nerd Girls recorded at UKLUG and all the events on the Spiked Studio YouTube channel and the Spark Ideas playlist

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    On Monday, September 17th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

UKLUG 2012 Keynote streaming live! Watch now

Live video for mobile from Ustream
I am broadcasting live for the UKLUG keynote at come and check it out!
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    On Monday, September 3rd, 2012   by Chris Miller        

IBM Connect promises early call for abstracts!

In pouring over the site updates for IBM Connect (formerly Lotusphere) there was a small section on abstracts this year:
Mark your calendars! This year's Call for Abstracts will come earlier than ever. Put on your thinking caps, sharpen your pencils -- and check back shortly. As you know, sometimes the best seat in the house is the seat ON STAGE!

Prepare those social abstracts on how to help IBM maintain the leadership in the social business arena.
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    On Tuesday, August 28th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Creepification: Identity management Is Not A Game (Votes needed for SxSW 2013)

I once again have the opportunity to present at SxSW for 2013 and need my readers help in giving it a thumbs up vote.  I love this event and I am building this session around a lot of the content in my new book in progress that I haven't blogged yet.

Creepification: Identity Management Is Not A Game
Online identity should be split into three well defined areas of public, personal and private. This session will provide the reasoning, tools, tips and best practices in creating virtual levels to your online identity. Intermingling the public and personal levels of identity is possible without sacrificing security. Isolating the private level through logins, restricted email accounts and passwords helps protect your social identity from creepfication. By splitting how you participate in the online world of social networks, communities and even online finance you build a virtual wall. We will also discuss the creation of a private persona to help strengthen the barrier of your private identity and prevent creepification.

The process is competitive, so every vote helps.
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    On Tuesday, August 14th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Idea brings you Declan Lynch from AusLUG 2012

Spark Ideas launched at AusLUG 2012 from the Nerd Girls.  One of the speakers was Declan Lynch explaining his adult fascination with all things Disney.

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At AusLUG 2012 in Melbourne, Australia another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Tuesday, April 24th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas bring you Tony Holder at AusLUG 2012

Spark Ideas launched at AusLUG 2012 from the Nerd Girls.  One of the speakers was Tony Holder explaining how running has changed the person he is today.

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At AusLUG 2012 in Melbourne, Australia another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Tuesday, April 17th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas brings your Gabriella Davis at AusLUG 2012

Spark Ideas launched at AusLUG 2012 from the Nerd Girls.  Leading the charge was Gabriella Davis with her excellent talk on being a world traveler and an introvert at the same time.

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At AusLUG 2012 in Melbourne, Australia another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Monday, April 16th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Idea brings you Eileen Fitzgerald at BLUG 2012

Finally up for Spark Ideas at BLUG 2012 was Eileen Fitzgerald with How Hiking Changed Her Life.  With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At BLUG 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Thursday, April 12th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas brings you Steve McDonagh at BLUG 2012

Third up for Spark Ideas at BLUG 2012 was Steve McDonagh with Art: Re-Discover Your Inner DiVinci.  With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At BLUG 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas Brings you Jess Stratton at BLUG 2012

 Second up for Spark Ideas at BLUG 2012 was Jess Stratton with No More Excuses.  With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At BLUG 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Tuesday, April 10th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Spark Ideas brings you Kathy Brown at BLUG 2012

With the huge success of Spark Ideas from Lotusphere, the Nerd Girls have continued on at the various user group events.  At BLUG 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium another round was done and Spiked Studio captured them all.  First up was Kathy Brown with How a New House Made Me a New Woman.

You can watch the entire Spark Ideas playlist on YouTube.
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    On Monday, April 9th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

AusLUG 2012 photo set is up and finally complete
IdoNotes' AUSLUG 2012 photoset IdoNotes' AUSLUG 2012 photoset

I took a few more photos than usual and this is mainly due to the excellent time I had in Melbourne and at AusLUG 2012.  The weekend after gave me some sightseeing and relaxation time with friends as well.

I will post my thoughts later.  Do not forget to watch the keynote from Ed Brill at AusLUG 2012.  The Spark Ideas are coming online as well and I will post them individually.
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    On Friday, April 6th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

AusLUG 2012 Domino Admin to Websphere Admin presentation

I had the pleasure to present Domino Admin to Websphere Admin at AUSLUG 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. You can also expand these into full screen and vote on individual slides.

Feel free to browse all my presentations
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    On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

AusLUG 2012 Keynote replay with Ed Brill of IBM

AusLUG 2012 kicked off in Melbourne, Australia with Mat Newman introducing Ed Brill as the keynote speaker in this video replay.  Ed covered strategy and futures before handing it over to Stuart for live demos and Ted Stanton with more insight.  This keynote runs just at an hour and thirty minutes.

Visit AusLUG to get more information on sessions and register for their Lotus Connections community.

Also make sure to watch the keynote from Chris Crummey at BLUG 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium from the week before,  Spiked Studio is happy to have produced both videos for replay.  Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the videos as they get released.
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    On Wednesday, April 4th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

BLUG 2012 review and pictures
IdoNotes' BLUG 2012 photoset IdoNotes' BLUG 2012 photoset

I was happy to once again get accepted to speak at the well run event BLUG in Antwerp, Belgium.  Theo does excellent organization work for attendees, presenters and sponsors.  As you can see from the pictures above, it was an exciting two days.  I was able to record and publish the keynote from Chris Crummey of IBM.  He did a great job showing how he uses tools in his job each day.

Theo then invited me to moderate a social panel with Luis Suarez, Paul Mooney and Femke Goedhart.  I was able to record and publish this panel as well. This turned into interesting conversation between the panelists and even audience engagement.  The topics were varied and none of them had any idea of the questions I had prepared in advance.  A fast moving hour that begged many to want more time.  I heard one attendee said they could have sat in that session throughout the day!

Speed sponsoring was hosted by Paul Mooney as he shortened the time as the rounds went on.  The sponsors had good feedback on the interaction with attendees and format.

The hotel did have it's wifi problems as expected, but nothing that was not easily worked around or dealt with.  Congrats to Theo and his entire team (special thanks to Sesil who suffered through being my room monitor).  You will find my slides for the session at the link on the right.
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    On Monday, April 2nd, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Social panel replay with Paul Mooney, Luis Suarez and Femke Goedhart at BLUG 2012

An incredible social panel at the Belux Lotus User Group for the second year of BLUG 2012.  I moderate an excellent conversation with Luis Suarez, Paul Mooney and Femke Goedhart around such questions as the first item checked daily, is email social, is there social sharing bullying, social acronyms in business environments and plenty direct from the audience.
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    On Tuesday, March 27th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

BLUG 2012 keynote replay with Chris Crummey of IBM

Watch Chris Crummey of IBM at the Belux Lotus User Group (BLUG 2012) in Antwerpen as he covers the strategy, futures and enhancements to the IBM Lotus suite of software. He walks us through live demonstrations of his daily life using the technology and case studies on other businesses embracing the new IBM direction.
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    On Saturday, March 24th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Mix water and geeks at BLUG 2012 and get synchronized swimming

Yes, you are really witnessing three geeks in the pool during the BLUG 2012 welcome reception performing a synchronized swimming routine.
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    On Friday, March 23rd, 2012   by Chris Miller        

BLUG 2012 keynote with Chris Crummey streamed live here and recorded

See new post for the recorded playback of the BLUG 2012 keynote
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    On Thursday, March 22nd, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Ambient location services get creepy at SxSW 2012 with TheSocialGeeks

I gathered the crew at SxSW 2012 for a live video taping of TheSocialGeeks.  We had quite a few laughs and also some serious discussions around privacy, the new ambient and passive location based apps that launched, like and Highlight and talked top news from SxSW 2012.

We also vote on the hottest app from SxSW, the launch of and the sale of Yobongo in just one year.
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    On Monday, March 19th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

IBM Partnerworld Leadership Conference 2012

Watch live streaming video from ibmpartnerworld at
From February 27-Mar 1 2012 the IBM Partnerworld Leadership Conference will be taking place in New Orleans, LA.  IBM has decided to stream a select few sessions via the above channel.

If you are a partner you may find some value.  If you are a customer you can see some senior IBM people talking to attendees.  This includes Ginny Rometti, President and CEO of IBM.

I did hear the words "net net" used three times already.

Related Posts:
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    On Wednesday, February 29th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

IBM Pulse 2012 - set to stream keynotes for first time

The IBM Pulse conference has been around a while and it seems IBM Collaboration Services (ICS) will be there in a large amount this year talking mobility.  To aid in getting information out to the masses, and after they saw how Lotusphere works apparently, IBM Pulse 2012 will stream the keynote from Kevin Cavanaugh.
Continue Reading here" IBM Pulse 2012 - set to stream keynotes for first time" »
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    On Tuesday, February 7th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

What was IBM Connect 2012?

I have now had the question "What was IBM Connect?" asked of me four times this week.  Each time I give the same answer and then thought, I really don't know what went on behind those closed doors.  I went online to hunt down some answers outside of IBM sites.  Unfortunately if you search for "IBM Connect" you are left with few choices to glean any real information.

Network World had a quick two page article:
Alongside Lotusphere, IBM launched its Connect conference this year to instill a line-of-business voice into the traditionally IT-focused Lotusphere conference, specifically with the aim of pushing its next-generation social business products and services.

The article states this is the inaugural year for the event.  I am unsure of the actual attendance since it was blended in and registration for just the Connect conference was held in a different location that registration for Lotusphere (even though Lotusphere attendees could go to Connect).

IBM Connect 2012 was aimed at the business executive with a bunch of case studies, hoping the C-level would bring along IT for Lotusphere and vice versa.  This would give IBM both sides of the puzzle in pushing the social business theme to both at once.  Previous IBM employee and now research analyst Alan Lepofsky was quoted giving a good summary:
"IBM Connect is going to be more about higher-level - more managers or CXO-level people who are learning about why they should be doing this...I think Connections is what they're doing a lot more work on now. I don't think you're going to see a huge increase in adoption of Lotus Notes. I think people are moving towards more agile, web-based, lighter-weight collaboration tools"

IBM (formerly Lotus) Connections was launched in 2007 and is about to hit version 4 as shown at Lotusphere.  It has been a fast growing software for IBM and they will be driving this home for years to come as it evolves into sentiment and analytics.

I would look for the dual conference approach to be back for 2013 with more growth for Connect.
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    On Friday, January 27th, 2012   by Chris Miller        

Moving to Sametime 8.5.x

Back at NLLUG 2010 I had the pleasure of presenting to the large group about the idea and planning stages moving to Sametime 8.5.x.  I went ahead and edited the video and got it online for everyone to see.

You may also watch the video in HD on YouTube.

Brought to you by Connectria, you leader in IBM software and hardware hosting.
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    On Tuesday, December 13th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

NerdGirls video replay from @AusLUG 2011 featuring @runningkathy @notesgoddess and @marybethraven

I had the pleasure of providing the technical assistance to make this happen.  The NerdGirls held another session at AusLUG 2011 by including a local panel of 4 people, then video conferencing in Mary Beth Raven, Kathy Brown and Susan Bulloch (her voice but as shown in the videos as Spankford Blogmonkey).

So headed over to Spiked Studio to see the session and check out all the other shows that are available to subscribe or stream including:
  • IdoNotes
  • NotesIn9 by David Leedy
  • TheSocialNetworker
  • BlackBerry Today
  • TheSocialGeeks
  • ConsultantInYourPocket

While you are there go ahead and click the magic Facebook Like button too :-)
Image:NerdGirls video replay from @AusLUG 2011 featuring @runningkathy @notesgoddess and @marybethraven
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    On Wednesday, September 7th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

AusLUG 2011 keynote replay featuring @EdBrill is online

Spiked Studio Productions was happy to be able to provide some technical help while in Sydney at the kick-off year for AusLUG 2011.  Not only was the keynote address with Ed Brill recorded and streamable in HD, the NerdGirl panel will be online shortly as well.

So headed over to Spiked Studio to see the keynote address from Ed Brill and check out all the other shows that are available to subscribe or stream including:
  • IdoNotes
  • NotesIn9 by David Leedy
  • TheSocialNetworker
  • BlackBerry Today
  • TheSocialGeeks
  • ConsultantInYourPocket

While you are there go ahead and click the magic Facebook Like button too :-)
Image:AusLUG 2011 keynote replay featuring @EdBrill is online
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    On Tuesday, September 6th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Micro-communities: Consume Better Content Faster! at #sxsw (voting time)

I am happy to be back on the panel picker again this year for SXSW.  This time it is for a session titled Micro-communities: Consume Better Content Faster,    I first wrote about this back in late 2008 and have expanded more over the years, and maybe I was ahead of the curve saying this would be the way to consume information.  Here is the abstract: for SXSW 2012 that I need your vote on:
Content is being created at incredible rates across multiple networks. You have the drive and need to be part of all of them, but it begins to erode your productivity. How do you filter the content down into consumable pieces? Micro-communities! We are constantly adding new RSS feeds, streams and sources for our own consumption. Soon we file virtual bankruptcy and start over, leaving behind the sources we trusted. What we do not learn is the value that drew those sources to us in the first place. Learn how to use smarter filtering, tools and resources to streamline, remove duplication and find the most important information across the networks. Understand how to begin the process of building your own micro-communities through minimal steps. We will look at various social networks, like Google Plus, Twitter, advanced RSS readers and where to start in curating groups, lists, etc. "Mark all as read" is not a successful filter, micro-communities solve this.

SXSW also requires you make a list and answer some specific questions.  I thought hard to make the five general enough to encompass the whole idea and planning, but just direct enough to give you the tips you need:

1.        What is a micro-community?
2.        Can I build one in any social network?
3.        How much content can I consume when using micro-communities?
4.        Is a group or list the same as a micro-community?
5.        How can I build my micro-communities to avoid overlap?

So what I need from you is a vote to help get this one considered.  You can vote on the Panel Picker site.  Even if you are not going, I will be making this available so please add a vote!
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    On Thursday, August 18th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoNotes Episode 109 - Community calls take a change

When I went to pull up the call information on the monthly Lotus community call for IBM Collaboration Solutions (formerly the Lotus technical and Education calls) there was a change to the process.  It went from totally anonymous to registered only.  Did this have anything to do with the results from last month?

I blogged "How Lotus fits into the IBM social strategy - finally explained" back on June 28th.
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    On Tuesday, July 19th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Live blogging Admin2011 keynote

The View once again live streamed the keynote address that contained Kevin Cavanaugh, Ed Brill and Chris Crummey for Las Vegas, NV.

After years of it being said that attendees wanted the printed material, WIS announced it went green and would not print materials.

Debbie Lynd announced the Three Musketeers to the stage, Ed and Chris are up first.

Ed started covering:
  • all the product releases, versions and some features
  • three updates to LotusLive since Lotusphere
  • Lotus Protector 2.8 about to ship (or is it IBM Protector now?)
  • Traveler companion for iOS now caches the password
  • Ed wants to talk about XPages Application Server licensing model

Chris Crummey stepped in for live demos:
  • a Notes demo and social demo were on tap
  • Live text was a huge showing of the initial part of the demo

From here I got lost in the flow and point of the demo.  He stated he wanted to do a demo where social and Notes were so blurred that you didn't know which was being covered.  But, then he switched over to the Connections experience which showed the defining line.  Social integration and analytics.

Ed stepped back in and highlighted LotusLive Notes.  They are using an optional FTP approach to send data into the staging servers.  I am still unsure what happened to good old replication that we here at Connectria provide.

"Social Mail" is their idea of next generation messaging.  Back to Chris for the demo.

Chris brings up iNotes as the demo client with Sametime, calendar and the OneUI look and feel.  Makes me think "Social Mail" will head towards my posting of Saying Goodbye to the Notes Client I did back around the #ibmexperience announcements.

Kevin Cavanaugh takes the stage and talkes of Sametime 8.5.2 launch in May.  You can watch a great webcast on "What's New in Sametime 8.5.2"

Chris launched a demo of the new web based IBM Connections client from the Mobile betas.  He shows the IdeaJam Ideation blog from the mobile device as well to vote on topics.  
Funny I would think working with files would be more important immediately than working with uploading photos.  I can see some companies wanting to do this, but more work with files would be higher on my personal listing.

He then went into the native Sametime client on the iPhone, including groups.

Kevin went back into more Sametime 8.5.2 tools like NAT and Bandwidth Manager.  (See above webcast for more info on those.)  Presence and IM on the Android devices including a SUT Dialer for calls and preferred numbers. As well as Sametime Meeting clients for BlackBerry.

Kevin announces that the Connections mobile client is awesome and ahead of schedule. It will be in all the major app stores.  I have heard rumblings from iWildfire not knowing about this coming.

From Kevin:
"Activity Stream services for IBM Connections 4 will also have an installable app to take things offline as well as pivot on those activities and launch into a full embedded experience using the Open Social 2 standard to launch actions from your mobile device."

With Open Social they can make items in the stream actionable.  Meaning click to do something.

After a brief Symphony demo showing off color coded web editing for Lotus Symphony by Chris, we moved to his iPad.  He mentioned iWildfire which I wonder how this fits with the new Connections mobile client.

He then shows the new dashboard, Morning Report, to show everything for the day on his iPad.  It sees the messages, calendar, tasks and more.  Basically back to the old dashboard of the Notes client. You can adjust some settings around showing unread and others. He uses the word analytics and the social business toolkit.  I think widgets.

Kevin talks about the openness being brought into the product line with Open Social standards and 2.0.  The work being shown was being run on an Open Social public sandbox site. We went to some demos of the work IBM has done and Kevin wants Open Social widgets to be brought to the next Lotusphere SocialSphere.

An interface was shown in a browser on the iPad, including file preview from the stream. Basically widgets hooking together social sites.

Ed then announced the IBM Champions, congrats to all the winners!
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    On Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Just got word: IamLUG 2011 announces the agenda!

I got wind that IamLUG published their 2011 agenda this morning and what a line up it has.  Plus a few surprises.  I would suggest registering for IamLUG if you have not.

The speaker list is amazing and the sessions they are providing even more so at IamLUG.

Plus the TackItOn day is back by demand with full day (small fee) seminars on XPages for beginners, XPages 201 for advanced and Lotus Traveler implementaiton.  That is 3 days of content.

Oh and look for a few more surprises I overheard.
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    On Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IBM retires the Lotus (and other) Brand - official from #UKLUG

During the keynote today from Ted Stanton (his bio from UKLUG):
Ted Stanton is a World Wide Executive Consultant for IBM's Software Solutions Group. Ted is committed to maintaining high customer satisfaction while helping customers align software solutions with their strategic business goals. Ted’s strong technical background includes over twenty IBM product certifications allowing him to proactively work across technical teams and line of business to build solutions and articulate the business value, ROI, and transformation required for success

He confirmed that over the next two years that IBM will be retiring many of it's brand names by the end of 2012.  Products (think Sametime, Connections and more) will not be going away at all. Brands like Lotus, Websphere, Tivoli and DB2 will be folded in.

We have already seen this with IBM Connections and now IBM Sametime just last week.  Many were questioning and looking for a statement from IBM.  I think we have some answers they were looking for.  This is an overhaul of direction and branding to make IBM seen more as a single package, instead of multiple requirements.  For example installing Lotus Sametime was including Websphere Application Server, DB2 Enterprise and possible Tivoli Directory Integrator.  With the change you will install IBM Sametime that includes an IBM Application Server, IBM Data Enterprise server and IBM Directory Integrator.

Earlier this year I wrote and article for another online publication which I will post in later today in a follow up article.
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    On Monday, May 23rd, 2011   by Chris Miller        

What’s New in Sametime 8.5.2 - Webcast tomorrow!

Get ready to talk with a panel of experts including business partners and IBM as we talk about "What's New in Sametime 8.5.2" tomorrow at 10am CST.  You can still register to learn all about the new items, enhancements and fixes.

You can register for the May 18th 2011 at 10am CST webcast right here.  If you want early notice make sure you subscribe to the Consultant In Your Pocket portion of the newsletter in the upper right of the blog.

Also visit our sponsor for the event, GSX for the best in Sametime monitoring tools.
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    On Tuesday, May 17th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

DDM & DCT: What a Team! webcast is tomorrow

Just a reminder that the Consultant In Your Pocket webcast series is in full swing with DDM & DCT: What a Team! tomorrow at 10am CST.
Have you fully dipped into Domino Domain Monitoring with modular documents, collection hierarchies, event workflow and reducing the noise through filtering?  Have you completed a run of the Domino Configuration Tuner ?  Explore all the DDM options, choices and variables to get the most out of your Domino environment.  Use DCT to find out what areas to improve and what to monitor closely with DDM.  Use some of the new automation in DDM to correct problems before you even know they existed.

Join this FREE webcast to learn all about these underutilized features that come free with Lotus Domino.

Then on May 18th come and learn all about What's New in Sametime 8.5.2 with a panel of experts.

Both webcasts are brought to you by GSX, solutions for diverse messaging environments.
Image:DDM & DCT: What a Team! webcast is tomorrow

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    On Tuesday, May 10th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Social Business & the Online UX Lab with Mary Beth Raven/Velda Bartek webcast May 3rd (FREE)

Social Business and the Online UX Lab

Join Velda Bartek and Mary Beth Raven, senior members of the Lotus User Experience team, in a conversation on doing business by getting social in the new Online UX Lab. They will share with you how you can take part in this new approach to discussing your ideas and thoughts on the Lotus portfolio.

You can register for this Consultant In Your Pocket event  right now!!
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    On Monday, April 25th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IamLUG launched registration last week with new TackItOn events

IamLUG 2011 opened registration and already has a slew of people registering.  I would suggest if you want to attend the third year of the North American Lotus User Group gathering, register soon for the vent taking place August 1-2, 2011.  Then stay for the bonus day.

The team there has put on an awesome event each year, always seeming to add surprises and new features.  I am told there is some new things again this year.

TackItOn is also back after huge success last year.  On August 3rd, the day after, you can attend a full day training event for only $495,  With some more coming, this year you can attend:
  • XPages Jumpstart - by TLCC
  • XPages 201 - by Matt White
  • Lotus Traveler installation and administration - by Paul Mooney and Teamstudio

Imagine two days of FREE sessions, networking and learning.  Then followed by a technical training day on some of the newest technology by the best in those areas for only $495.

Head over to IamLUG and get registered for 2011.  The team there can't wait to see you come for the first time or be a repeat attendee!
Image:IamLUG launched registration last week with new TackItOn events

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    On Monday, April 25th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

April 2011 Sys Admin Tips is out on

In this April 2011 edition I talk about Exceptional Web Experience and the following:

*From the Editor: Chris' 0.50000 XWE
*From the IdoNotes Mailbox : Is Macintosh Taking Over the Conference Speakers
*Renames and Domino
* Quick Tip: Enabling Network Compression and Encryption on Servers
*From the IdoNotes Mailbox: Port Compression and Encryption

Make sure you also:

* Register for IamLUG 2011!  The doors are open for attendees, speakers and sponsors.  The event will be FREE for all attendees and is being help Aug 1-2, 2011.

* Register for TackItOn again right after IamLUG.  This full day (paid) event brings Matt White for XPages 201 and Paul Mooney for Lotus Traveler

* Sign up for both the Consultant In Your Pocket and IdoNotes newsletters in the upper right corner of the blog.  Get early notices before the public, webcast information and commentary not found on the blog.  Did I mention the two free whitepapers on DCC and Search in Lotus Notes just for signing up?
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    On Thursday, April 21st, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoNotes Episode 108 - Paul Mooney on UKLUG, IamLUG, Lotus Traveler and more

Paul Mooney takes time out of his schedule to talk about:

You can also watch this video in HD on the IdoNotes YouTube and keep up with all of the Spiked Studio shows.

Catch the newly launched BlackBerry Today!
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    On Thursday, April 21st, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Exceptionally confused by the Exceptional Web Experience Conference 2011

IBM is holding the Exceptional Web Experience Conference in just under a month.  This was formerly known as the Portal Excellence Conference in past years.  It will be May 16-19 back in Florida to be exact.

The event sounds great so far, but I went in and saw the public agendas as they were being updated.  Strangely there are sessions being decided before the speakers were even selected for the event.  I know organizers like to see certain topical areas covered, but making a whole abstract and not having the skilled person on tap to produce it is very strange.  See the example here:

Image:Exceptionally confused by the Exceptional Web Experience Conference 2011

So how does one gauge whether or not to attend if you do not know the content will be presented in a relevant format?  The above image was a sample from multiple pages.  I asked this question long before I knew if I was speaking or not at the event.
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    On Wednesday, April 20th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Shh, I think IamLUG is getting ready to open it’s doors for 2011

I just noticed the blog post from IamLUG.  Seems the North American Lotus User Group is back for year #3 and you might want to get in and register early this year.

IdoNotes Episode 107 - Lotus Connections 3.0.1
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    On Monday, April 11th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

BLUG 2011 - my perspective and photos
IdoNotes' BLUG 2011 photoset IdoNotes' BLUG 2011 photoset

I had the pleasure of presenting at BLUG in Antwerp, Belgium last week run by Theo Heselmans.  I wanted to give my impressions, takeaways and photos from the event.
  • I arrived just in time for the keynote session.  I was impressed with the immediate sense of organization I felt
  • The keynote was a bit dry for some reason and Kevin had some slides with very tiny font.  You can read the entire live blogging of the keynote from myself and others right here.
  • The session varied in length from 45 minutes to two hours.  A pleasant surprise
  • The abundance of sponsored drinks was awesome
  • Lunch was very European as expected
  • The variance of sessions was nicely selected across the tracks
  • The way speakers and sponsors were treated was amazing and greatly appreciated
  • Sponsors once again learned it is hard to do Speed anything
  • The organized night out with a tour guide was great and gave a quick overview of the city history.  Followed by a great cozy dinner (if you call all of us laughing loudly in a cellar cozy)
  • The bags were cool, similar to the ones at NLLUG last year
  • The wifi seemed to work 99% of the time all around the hotel
  • I wish some of the lighting over the screens was not there as it made it hard to read from the room (I found out seeing other presentations)
  • It is always great to see people from other events and to hang out with friends you only see a few times a year in person
  • The giveaways at the end were very impressive and giving from the sponsors

I know I missed a bunch of things I will add in later.
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    On Tuesday, April 5th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Paul Mooney even presents in motorbike pants and boots #BLUG

Scroll below for my comments as well

Well @pmooneymet can present in motorbike pantsI was not shocked nor is it April Fools. See the entire BLUG set (so far) right here on Flickr.
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    On Friday, April 1st, 2011   by Chris Miller        

BLUG 2011 - Seeing Shapes in the Clouds

I am happy to share my slides from BLUG 2011 titled Seeing Shapes in the Clouds. This session walks through numerous architecture designs for moving to the cloud and questions to ask your cloud provider.

Do not forget to watch the numerous replays from the conference on YouTube

Browse all of my shared presentations
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    On Thursday, March 31st, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Live blog at #BLUG with Kevin Cavanaugh

Scroll below for my comments as well

BLUG kicked off with a keynote from Kevin Cavanaugh. Keep up with my comments and the CoveritLive event.
  • I found it interesting how they segmented parts of the symposium at Lotusphere around social business.  While each area does (definitely) have different needs, it seems many businesses are missing from the core focus. I know the larger monetary content is in those categories they covered.
  • Kevin had a slide showing mainframe era days, into departmental the introduction of the PC, Internet based and now social.  Interestingly, it isn't the introduction of social now.  It is learning how to better share, digest and filter the data.
  • Kevin still faces companies not wanting to talk about social business.  Is it the package that IBM is selling in general or the idea of social business is what came to my mind first.
  • Kevin brought up the point that making social business an IT project is destined to fail.  He makes a good statement since the back end architecture has nothing to do with getting buy in and participation from everyone in the company.  Without that, the data is never shared, organized and promoted.
  • Kevin then launched into a very tiny slide on the IBM Social Business Framework
  • Social connectors tie together social services and analytics.  Layers of software to bring social networks together to give a better rounded view of social data.
  • The Social Business Tolkit is an interesting piece with gadgets, iWidgets, open AJAX ad iCal for example.  I hope these are to bring more corporate data to the social front and not just always pull external data in for consumption.
  • Kevin moved into a live demo of Project Vulcan.  I might be off here (verifying) but he specifically said they went to a browser approach to move away from the heavy client
  • Interesting as Kevin flips between Vulcan, LotusLive and then the rich notes client with integration via Plugins to LotusLive and cloud type architectures.  Which is the right path?

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    On Thursday, March 31st, 2011   by Chris Miller        

SXSW - taking the new IBM "Get Social" to new heights

I am headed back to SXSW Interactive for the next four days to be part of one of the largest social media events that takes place.  This is where some top sessions on being social are presented and new products are launched to change the immediate social landscape again.

The entire TheSocialGeeks podcast team (ok minus JeffIsAGeek) will be there in full force.  If you are trying to be social and do business, you should be listening to that podcast already.  If not , subscribe on iTunes.

I will be posting tons of video, audio and comentary over at TheSocialNetworker blog and podcast on iTunes.  This will be quiet for the most part until mid next week.

I will be on Twitter and checking in via a myriad of location services (Foursquare, Gowalla, Tri-out, Whrrl, Latitude) during the week.  Remember, IdoNotes on everything.

I am already knee deep in new products (Yobongo, HeyTell, Beluga and some launching there shhhh).  Plus a bunch of other requests that you will see as shows or podcasts.

So Get Social and plan on Doing Business.
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    On Thursday, March 10th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoSphere - all videos online and replay registration open

If you missed out on IdoSphere two weeks ago, you should be happy to know that over 17 hours of replays are now online. Some of the best speakers gave new presentations with some updates of others sprinkled in. Topics included Domino Security, XPages, VMWare, Users and certifiers, Sametime 8.5.1 and more. Here is a quick sample video:

You can register for replays with either Paypal or Google Checkout and access is granted within ~24 hours. Did I mention all 17 hours are only $45 USD?

Some of the speakers included:
  • Carl Tyler
  • Kathy Brown
  • John Head
  • William Malchisky Jr
  • Luis Guirigay
  • Bob Balaban
  • see the site for all of the speakers...
Fair warning, as more content is added the pricing will go up. So getting in now guarantees future access to all content, as much as you want to replay, at no additional cost.
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    On Monday, February 28th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoSphere Announcements : site launch, videos online and access granted

Thanks to everyone that either spoke, attended or just signed up to get recording access.  I am happy to say that the new IdoSphere site launched with more enhancements:
  • Over 17 hours of videos are now online
  • The main site was redone using the user group template format
  • The recordings are secured for members
  • The recordings are formatted additionally and available with mobile devices (if you can log into the site with the mobile device)
  • Slides are being attached to session entries as they are sent in
  • Speaker profiles are built with contact information
  • Videos speakers sent were slipped right into the recordings, no need to additionally launch or watch.  Editing took care of it

If you missed out on the chance to register or attend, I would still sign up now before new content is added and pricing increases.  It is currently only $45 USD for unlimited access.  Above is a sample of what you missed

Image:IdoSphere Announcements : site launch, videos online and access granted

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    On Monday, February 21st, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoSphere agenda V2 is published and Ben’s IdoSphere database launched!

You can also watch this video in HD on YouTube

IdoSphere is just days away and the agenda is up with a minor time slot change.  The speaker bios are in place and each track will have nine sessions over the two days.  Did I mention it is only $35 for nine technical sessions, live speaker Q&A and then unlimited access to the recordings!
Genii Software has published an amazing sessions database as shown in the video above.  You can see not just the normal info, but tweet the session, find books on the topic, webcasts and tons more.  This is the start of something big for all events!  watch the video to see how to get connected live! Or download it from the links on Ben's blog.

Here is Version 2 of the IdoSphere agenda

Rumor has it that certain speakers have even blogged links to a discounted registration.  Shhhh.

Image:IdoSphere agenda V2 is published and Ben’s IdoSphere database launched!
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    On Friday, February 11th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoSphere 2011 agenda (v1) is published!

What an amazing line up of speakers and topics for IdoSphere.  All presented live to the comfort of your desk or home office.  The online event takes place February 15-16 2011 and is all live!  Most of these sessions have never been seen at any other event.

Your registration of $35 gets you full access to all sessions, live Q&A with the presenters and access to all of the recordings of the event.  Head over to take a look at the agenda for the event and get registered.

Rumor has it that certain speakers have even blogged links to a discounted registration.  Shhhh.

Image:IdoSphere 2011 agenda (v1) is published!
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    On Wednesday, February 9th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Foodspotting at Lotusphere #ls11

Foodspotting is a social network combining finding the best food dishes with Foursquare check-ins, Facebook Places and Twitter.  I had the pleasure of talking to their community manager and thought bringing this tool to Lotusphere made perfect sense.

The idea is not rating of restaurants, but you showing off your favorite foods you find with a picture and a Foursquare checkin.  The application then shows the best dishes to be found around you.  There are plenty of times people are looking for good food around Lotusphere.  This shows it off, let's you become an expert in food categories and share the location.

As a foodseeker, you can…

    * Explore your city or neighborhood to see the nearest, latest and best foods around you.
    * Look up a restaurant and see what’s good there.
    * Find a particular dish that you’re craving.
    * Bookmark foods you want to try by clicking (“Want it!”)
    * Vote up foods you’ve tried and loved (“Nom it!”).
    * Access guides from experts like the Travel Channel to see the nearest recommendations to you.
    * Follow people and guides that you trust, and places and foods that you love.

As a foodspotter, you can...

    * Share where to find a food you love by uploading a photo (“spotting it”), emailing it to (you’ll need to add details from the website), or adding it to a guide.
    * Complete guides, scavenger hunts and challenges to earn badges and recognition.
    * Become a dish expert by spotting five or more foods of the same type.
    * Earn virtual tips for making quality contributions to the Foodspotting community.

Make friends with Lotusphere and myself on Foodspotting to get started!

Foodspotting integrates heavily with Foursquare, Facebook Places and Twitter (sorry Gowalla users for now).  It is available in the App Store for iPhone/iPod Touch and if you track me down I know about the Android beta and where to go.

Image:Foodspotting at Lotusphere #ls11

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    On Thursday, January 27th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Idocheckin location services for Lotusphere 2011 update #ls11

It has been a few weeks and everyone needed an update on the location services for year three of IdoCheckin.  Foursquare is in full swing with pretty much every venue created and ready to go.  From presentation rooms, to labs and more.  It is there.  Let everyone know where you are while at Lotusphere.  Prizes are being shipped down as well.

I have personally added Foodspotting to my arsenal to check in and say where the great food dishes are.

I am hoping we can get at least 500 people to check into the OGS room to get the Super Swarm badge.

  • Genii Software (Ben) has embedded the check in ability into the Lotusphere sessions database for each room.
  • Turtle Partnership (Gab & Tim) are finishing touches on embedding it into the Blackberry and iPhone and iPad apps as well
  • All of the Boardwalk restaurants are on Foursquare

Everyone needs to remember:
  • there are prizes!!
  • it is voluntary
  • Fun
  • Include pictures
  • Find friends easily
  • See swarms of people

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    On Thursday, January 20th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

Best & Worst of Lotus 2010 day #5 of 5

Day #5. A daily posting for a work week of the best and worst of 2010 in the Lotus world from my eyes.

- Growth of large scale LUG's
There was an amazing insurgence of country wide Lotus User Groups globally.  It is amazing to see really.  From 80-300 people gathering for 1-3 day events all over the world.  Incredible highly technical sessions, all given for free.  Speakers paying their own ways to share information.  Sponsors understanding the value of reaching those you do not find at other venues.  Then include the time the organizers put into making it happen (I speak from experience).  I am scared to list any of the growing groups because I know I will miss some there is so many.

The downfall is the drive for people to get to paid events.  Why pay for a two day event when I can get much of the same content free.  Lotusphere Comes to You seems to be more marketing, while the LUG events seems to be technical.  Webcasts (yes that is my link) are growing incredibly fast, giving everyone a chance to get involved and learn.  Without leaving their desk.

I hope this trend continues.  Many of the user group leaders work together.  Many use the same template developed by Matt White.  We share ideas, trends and stories.  We share pains, concerns and the very drive to bring it back each and every time.  All we ask for is you to come each time.

 -  Little spats across the Lotus universe
They popped up like teenage acne. Little disagreements here and there.  It seems they come in waves with Lotusphere being a downtime each year.  Our world of Lotus software is quite small to begin with.  We have a limited number of bloggers and evangelists in the grand scheme of the number of users globally.  

Humorously, I wrote on this very same topic back in July 2009 when I said we all need to migrate to the Mauveverse.

Fighting between what constitutes industry leaders is something I have not encountered in other areas we deal.  Normally it is a strong stance and wall of support for everything that goes on.  Sure, they may work together to complain against the software or hardware producer for features or functions, but they stand together.  Maybe I am just being naive, even after sixteen years and running one of the longest Notes related blogs, completing 8 years in a few weeks.

I am not sure where to take this one.  Does anyone know?

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    On Friday, January 7th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoNotes Episode 90 - #NerdGirls at #ls11

The NerdGirls band together to talk about Lotusphere 2011, community growth, hashtags, buttons, online communities, community feedback, having daughters get involved and more.

If you want to track them down while at Lotusphere, their Twitter id's are below, you can also follow the LS11 speaker list or use IdoCheckin - location services for Lotusphere!

For those interested in participating more in their communities:
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    On Thursday, January 6th, 2011   by Chris Miller        

IdoSphere - agenda and speakers being finalized and registration discount ending

IdoSphere is growing fast and the agenda is being finalized to be published.  I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the amazing list of speakers and topics coming.  There are more in the next days to be added to cap off the full event.

Most importantly I did not want you to miss out on the discount pricing by registering by December 25th 2010.  For only $25 USD you get live access to all of the presentations, including live Q&A with the presenters .  This price comes with full access to all of the recordings after the event concludes.

The full abstract of each session will be posted on the main IdoSphere site shortly.  The titles lone speak volumes!
Image:IdoSphere - agenda and speakers being finalized and registration discount ending

  • Bob Balaban (Looseleaf Sofware)
Debugging Notes Java Agents with Eclipse
  • Carl Tyler (Epilio)
  • VMware 201 - Getting Past 1st Base
    • Jess Stratton (Solace Consulting)
    Painlessly Moving Users to a New Certifier
  • Joe Litton (w\ Bill Malchisky)
  • Linux Desktop: From OS Install through Running the Applications
    • John James
    Securing Lotus Domino for the Web
  • Dennis Heinle
  • Android 101: Introduction to Android in the Enterprise
  • William Malchisky Jr (Effective Software Solutions)
  • Lotus on Linux Report - Technical Edition
  • Mitch Cohen
  • Controlling Your Population - Going Beyond The Wizards
  • John Head
  • The Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage
  • Luis Guirigay
  • Got Problems? Let's Do a Health Check
  • Alex Kassabov (w/John Head)
  • Super Feats of Integration:  XPages w/Symphony, Sharepoint & Office
  • Jonathan Distad (Perficient)
  • Sametime 8.5.1 - Do's Don'ts and Other Considerations
  • Lance Spellman (Workflow Studios)
  • (TBA)
  • Kathy Brown
  • (TBA)
  • Sean Burgess
  • (TBA)
  • John Head
  • (TBA)
  • Those SNAPPS guys
  • (TBA x2)

    If you have any questions, please send us a note found at the contact pages on Consultant In Your Pocket.  If there are firewall, network or other concerns please send them along.
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      On Monday, December 20th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere 2011 Slideshare and Flickr groups formed - join in early #ls11

    Each year we attempt to pull together as many of the publicly posted sessions as possible.  I know most like people to come to their blogs, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But hopefully we can get the content posted, tagged and still linked back to postings and additional files on the blogs as needed.

    Remember, you can post to the event or tag your presentations properly.  It was chosen #ls11 as the proper tag, but beware there are other images and postings out ont he web already using that tag as well.

    Either way, join in the the Lotusphere 2011 event on Slideshare.
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      On Thursday, December 9th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    IdoSphere - the online event Feb 15-16 2011

    With the massive amounts events going on and content being produced, not everyone can be everywhere all the time.  Spiked Studio Productions, through Consultant In Your Pocket, decided to bring the events to you.

    The list of speakers already confirmed is amazing and all the presentations will be live for questions & answers.  Recordings will be made available soon after in case you miss a single session.  Here is a brief list of confirmed speakers:
    • Bob Balaban (Looseleaf Sofware)
    • Carl Tyler of (Epilio)
    • Jess Stratton (Solace Consulting)
    • Lance Spellman (Workflow Studios)
    • William Malchisky Jr (Effective Software Solutions)
    • Joe Litton
    • Some of the SNAPPS crew
    Image:IdoSphere - the online event Feb 15-16 2011

    Can’t make it to the big Lotus conferences?  Want to see great sessions, but can’t get the boss to send you to Orlando?  Going to the big conference, but want to see some different sessions not found there?   Join us February 15-16, 2011 for IdoSphere.  Two days of sessions, all from the comfort of your chair via live webcasting!

    Ever go to a conference and miss good sessions because two or more were happening at once?  Each session at IdoSphere will be recorded, so you can catch all the sessions you missed, for no extra charge.

    These are sessions that are NOT being presented at upcoming conferences.

    There is an amazing cast assembled with more to come and all that is needed is you.

    For full information on the event and to register, head over to the Consultant In Your Pocket page for IdoSphere.
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      On Wednesday, December 8th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Live blogging: Instant Messaging Market from Radicati

    Radicati Group had a webinar this morning on Instant Messaging Market: An Evolving Landscape that piqued my interest.   The panel that was put together included:
    • Jan-Joost (JJ) Rueb - CEO of eBuddy, an awesome aggregator of IM services
    • Eric Young - Sr Director of Field Services at Facetime
    • Dave Kong - Product Manger at Microsoft Lync Server 2010

    Sara showed the numerous reports they just released on eDiscovery, email platform for service providers, this one and wireless email market.  She then entered the panel discussion before open Q&A.  Her question in italics and my summary following.

    Why is IM still a competitive market?
     Microsoft gave the best answer saying IM is part of the broader solution and framework.  Clearly it has value that communication may start with IM and escalate or be solved with the capabilities such as web conferencing.

    With more and more solutions forming federation agreements, how is this changing the IM landscape and what you all are doing?
     All aggregate or federate a connection in some form,  Outside of Facetime that provides a service around the evolution and merging of enterprise and public networks.  Security is something you want multiple layers.  Some is built into the platforms, the rest is needed to be applied.

    Security continues to be a concern for business and consumer users.  How well do you think the current IM security technology is keeping up with IM threats?
     People are not advertising the fact they are being hit by malware over IM channels.  Some enterprises cannot tell if it came from the web, IM or even brought in from home technology devices.  In general IM has had more security with things such as presence control.

    All speakers agreed secure authentication procedures should be used.  From encrypted wifi networks to SSL.

    Will IM move to a bit more mobile technology?
    It is a personal way of communication so it makes sense to use your phone.  But the need for advanced capabilities, it is a messaging system and some features will need a computer.

    Will IM move to be a simple feature of social networking?
    Speakers had some opinions and didn't commit either way.  Each is a unique piece of a social network, so needing a social network to just have IM and presence will not make sense.

    Does eBuddy connect with or work with SMS networks?
    He can see it happening, but not short term.

    Is Microsoft planning support for iOS and Android for Instant Messaging?
    Microsoft is looking into different devices right now, but no timeframe .

    My summary

    She really didn't dig into anything hard or not presented in their slides.  Quite disappointing with the group she brought together.  I hoped for more content and deeper questions about market and movement.  I wish Lotus Sametime had been part of this as well as it fit right into the conversation numerous times.  I left slightly empty.

    Sara Radicati did the brief introduction at the very beginning and let each vendor take about five minutes to talk about their product.  Read on that summary below
    Continue Reading here" Live blogging: Instant Messaging Market from Radicati" »
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      On Thursday, December 2nd, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    My summary for #ILUG10 and photos
    IdoNotes' ILUG 2010 photoset IdoNotes' ILUG 2010 photoset

    I wanted to log my own thoughts if not for myself, but everyone to read about ILUG 2010.  This not being my first time at ILUG, I have pre conceived notions of what to expect and I am never disappointed by the program that Paul, Eileen, Warren, Kitty, Matt, Coatise, Kerr, Julian, Mike, Steve (and more names I know I am missing), put on each time.

    The organization of the event rivals none (ok maybe IamLUG but I am very partial to that one for my own selfish reasons,LOL.  That is a joke people).  The session layout, sponsor room and layout and wide array of content is incredible.  The relaxed atmosphere makes everyone want to connect.  This is not a suit and tie function.  it is the ability to be comfortable and get deeply technical or have fun while learning.

    I sat through sessions on User Experience design and tools (listen to me interview Mary Beth Raven on IdoNotes Episode 85) and then went to an amazing session on LEGO from Warren. It gave technical insight as well as showed a personal touch.  Not like we didn't know Warren loved LEGO.

    Then you get to the social aspect.  Yes there is long night of dinners and then at the hotel bar.  But, that is where the social communication takes place.  I made more business connectivity in those scenarios than sitting in a session.  I presented my topic on DDM and DCT and welcomed anyone that came up to ask questions or just say hi.  Every speaker, sponsor and attendee made themselves available and hopefully appeared open to any conversation.  There is always the bubble effect where many of us crowd together that only get to see each other in person a few times a year.

    I did notice something new.  People tended to walk off and just join into other groups or individual conversations on a constant basis.  There was no giant magnet or static place someone stayed.  Sit here, eat, move to table.  Sit here, drink, move to other person/group.  It was a social moving circle and meeting new faces at the same time.  I had a few attendees come over together in sets of two or three to make the approach easier and have an anchor of familiarity when they wanted to talk.  This works very well and is something that should be noted and taken forward for other events.

    I could go on about each session I attended, but many are showing online from the speakers.  You can scroll through and judge for yourself how much hard work and effort goes into an event where speakers do this for the community.  Sure you can gain a few Twitter followers, or Facebook network connections, news sharing from RSS, or location friends.  But that is the goal.  Share, connect.  Wait, that was my speedgeeking session too.  Filter, Share, Connect.
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      On Monday, November 15th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Irish history (semi) from Steve McDonagh parts 1 and 2 #ilug10

    Last week I had a snip of his talk, now we have the entire talk up to the snippet I posted.  Both available for your streaming pleasure on YouTube.  Much thanks to Jennifer Stevenson of RIM (her Twitter and blog accounts) for capturing this much and getting me the files as she left ILUG.

    Enjoy this amazing presentation by Steve.
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      On Monday, November 15th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Ireland history from SteveMcDonagh at #ILUG2010

    We had the incredible pleasure to have Steve McDonagh throw together a hilarious session on the history of Ireland.  While some was not safe for work, this clip is.  The whole session went on to end with a standing ovation that was so well deserved.  People were crying in laughter at many points.  Cheers to Steve for putting this together.
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      On Friday, November 12th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    LIVE: ILUG2010 Keynote and blogging with Kevin Cavanaugh in ONE hour

    NOTE: Due to the high number of geeks, the bandwidth went dry like a midwestern summer drought.  We recorded locally to be edited and uploaded for replay instead.

    Live from Belfast, we will stream (and record) the keynote of ILUG 2010 with Kevin Cavanaugh at 9am GMT (4am EST in the USA) using uStream.

    You can watch now or see the recording posted later.
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      On Wednesday, November 10th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Tri-State Lotus User Group live keynote with Alistair Rennie

    Tri-State LUG kicked off in NYC with over 100 attendees from all over the tri state area and a few stragglers, like myself.  Mitch Cohen did a fine job opening the event with excellent organization compatriot Kathleen McGivney.

    Alistair took the stage to cover the following:
    • Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day (yes he started there)
    • Major shifts in collaboration

    Alistair took the approach of where collaboration is headed.  Lotus began with Smarter Planet in 2008 with the theme of making people smarter to be a Smarter Planet. IBM Software has divisions to offer a portfolio aligned to meet any customer need.

    Social is a fundamental process optimization opportunity.  Business went from mainframe --> departmental --> PC --> Internet --> Social.

    Reinventing Relationships, what we saw here with Project Vulcan and here, is the key message he is pushing through now about integration to create an Exceptional Customer Experience (Northstar).  He then lead into the recent customer announcemnts and case studies based on these.

    Mobile had a slide all of it's own with the lead as Traveler as the fastest growing deployed solution.  Mobile is becoming the primary access point for collaborative solutions.
    Editor: I have mentioned this before that any new product always has huge growth after launch with a starting point of zero.  I would love to see market penetration numbers of overall deployed as a solution as a selling point, coupled with the dynamic growth.

    Cloud deployments became the next slide focus highlighting cost, flexibility, extranet collaboration and ending in hybrid. Alistair highlighted the multi-tenant capability of LotusLive Notes (see my editor secion below)
    Editor: I think Lotus realizes that not every application can move to the cloud for some time to come and started promoting the hybrid model.  I do not recall seeing it in the very early launch stages.  The pish was a total cloud solution.

    Alistair mentioned the multi-tenant capability, but no one outside of Lotus is able to access this code, even though it is based on the 8.5.2 codestream.

    A great quote was captured by Victor Toal that Alistair made about Lotus now running services on Domino:
    #tristatelug IbM having to drink their own coolaid (Lotus Live) makes them take customer requirements more serious and implement them

    LotusKnows and market presence was a push by Lotus to answer the request from the dedicated userbase to have more promotion of the platform.

    He then opened the floor to any questions which is a great user group move to keep it informal.
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      On Monday, October 11th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University 2010 summary, pictures and thoughts #collabu
    IdoNotes' Collaboration University 2010 photoset IdoNotes' Collaboration University 2010 photoset
    We closed out another year for Collaboration University, this time in reverse with Chicago being the last city.  With year number five under our belts, it moved along smooth and it is great to see students attend for all five years!  As you can see in the limited pictures I have posted, there was so much going on we forgot to take tons of them during the events as we have in past years (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006).

    This was a big year of learning for attendees as both Quickr and Sametime received major updates since last years graduation.  While you should have been there in person we at least recorded the opening sessions for you.  You can replay all the opening sessions right here on the Collaboration University channel on uStream.

    I had the pleasure of presenting the "glue" sessions this year.  LDAP, LTPA and plugin deployment were the starting set.  However, what session drew the attention of myself and attendees was governance, security and ui considerations for social media.  Some attendees have taken to the idea and even blogged about the governance already.

    While we can't post all of the content here from the sessions, look for more on the governance on TheSocialNetworker blog.
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      On Friday, October 1st, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Replay of the Collaboration University 2010 keynote #collabu

    For your viewing pleasure we present the replay above of the Collaboration University 2010 keynote address.  It starts with Gabriella Davis of Turtle Partnership covering Sametime 8.5.1.  Next is Troy Reimer of SNAPPS providing Quickr 8.5 and then then a great thinking keynote from Louis Richardson, WW Sales Executive of Lotus Software.

    For those that must see Rob Novak provide the brief intro you can see that video here from the Collaboration University 2010 uStream channel.
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      On Tuesday, September 28th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Quickr 8.5, Sametime 8.5.1 live stream from Collaboration University now! #collabu

    If you missed the announcement last night, we will be streaming the next three hours.  View it all in the posting right here!
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      On Monday, September 27th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Quickr 8.5, Sametime 8.5.1 & Keynote : Collaboration University streaming live 9am-12:15pm CST

    Collaboration University returns for it's fifth year with the best technical training for Sametime, Quickr and Lotus Connections in one event.  Join us in the live stream as we deliver to you the following sessions all in Central Standard Time (-6:00):
    • 09:00-9:15              Introduction and Welcome
    • 09:15-10:15            What's New in Sametime 8.5.1 with Gabriella Davis (Turtle Partnership)
    • 10:15-11:15            What's New in Quickr 8.5 with Troy Reimer (SNAPPS)
    • 11:15-12:15            Keynote Address with Louis Richardson, WW Sales Executive for Lotus Social Software

    Feel free to share this across your blogs and social networks using the hastag #collabu.  You can watch the stream embedded in this posting or click here to watch the stream live native on uStream.
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      On Sunday, September 26th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Ed Brill presents Vulcan streaming live today (and XPAges with Nathan Freeman/Tim Tripcony)

    IamLUG is happy to have Ed Brill presenting his strategy update session with a touch of Project Vulcan thrown in (according to the keynote from Doug Cox yesterday.  Watch the full IamLUG 2010 keynote replay here.  We apologize early for the first few minutes of missing audio.

    The presentation will be 11:15am CST / 17:15 UTC.  You can watch on the IamLUG channel or here.  You have choices to view.

    Nathan Freeman and Tim Tripcony will also be streaming The XPages Revolution: Scalabilite, Maintainabilite, Usabilite at 9:45am CST on the same channel.  You can RSVP to watch as well right here at 9:45am CST / 15:45 UTC
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      On Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    IamLUG keynote streaming live at 9:00 CST/ 14:00 UTC

    Live TV : Ustream

    Please join IamLUG attendees in watching Doug Cox, Vice President of Development and Support, as he brings you the keynote address from IamLUG.  You will be able to watch it in the following ways:
    Please be sure to spread the news to tune in for the keynote and other session streamed through the event.  You can also interact during the streams though Twitter and built in chat.  Please send a note in email or the chat if you find audio problems or other parts with the stream.

    The 2009 IamLUG keynote from Keving Cavanaugh is online for replay on uStream as well.
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      On Monday, August 2nd, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Free iPad, free Kindle, free Android phone, free VOIP headsets, free AMEX gift card

    What the heck does it take to fill the very last slots at IamLUG after a couple recent cancellations?  How about free stuff from the awesome sponsors this year?

    What you see in the title is correct.  giveaways are building daily and these are the recent announcements:
    So there is one heck of a list already folks.  Last slots, then waitlisting.  You must be present to win.  You must have registered.  You must not work for the sponsor.  We are debating if working for IamLUG counts or not, these are looking too sweet.
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      On Wednesday, July 28th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    A FREE day of XPages training ? Yes I say!

    Looking at the IamLUG 2010 agenda, I just came to realize there is an entire free day of XPages training.  A bootcamp, of sorts, to jumpstart your coding goodness.  Have you seen the list and finally convinced yourself to register for the last seats?
    • Ten XPages Design Patterns - Matt White
    • XPages Beyond the Introduction - David Leedy
    • The XPages Revolution - Nathan Freeman and Tim Tripcony
    • Using XML and RDBMS Data Sources in XPages  - Paul Calhoun

    Sean Burgess throws in some jquery for UI enhancements, Developer Tips for Every Developer, TDI, location services and mobilizing applications round out the development track across two days.

    IamLUG is happy to have IBM as the Platinum sponsor for 2010 and offer these XPages training classes for free.
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      On Monday, July 26th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2010 keynote with Alistair Rennie, demos by Ron Sebastian

    Great news for all third party plug-in developers for Lotus Notes an Sametime as the keynote kicked off with demos of Gist, Tungle, TripIt and more.

    For help in learning how to deploy these plug-ins I would catch the Consultant In Your Pocket webcast on Jun 2 right here.

    LotusLive is a key push with the ability for any enterprise to get involved in the beta early on.

    We all know that Sametime 8.5 is picking up steam and they want companies to start looking at migrating and upgrading to the new features. If you are entering new into Sametime, it is an easy move and you never know the difference.  If you are migrating up, you can stay with what you have now and run Sametime 8.5 without all the new bells and whistles.  But for the full experience, you need to plan your Websphere deployment parts.

    Let's not forget all the UC2 stuff and Sametime Unified Telephony.  VOIP is a big topic all over and the recent Skype integration into LotusLive adds to that argument.

    They mentioned social analytics in Lotus Connections version 3.  This is something that was more of an asset in previous versions, I wonder if they are adding some of Atlas for free into version 3.  That would be incredibly helpful.

    It will be interesting with the last part of open Q&A, not the normal for a keynote but a great idea!  I wonder if people will step up and ask what they want to know.
      for this posting

      On Wednesday, May 12th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Missing Admin2010? Catch webcasts online the next few weeks from Consultant In Your Pocket

    Get notified of new events!

    If your company was unable to send you to Admin2010 or Developer 2010 in Boston this week, do not fear.  Consultant In Your Pocket has a slew of webcasts coming starting May 19th through June bringing content right to your desktop.
    There are one or two more that are joining the schedule the next couple days.  I suggest you get on the mailing list for Consultant In Your Pocket or follow the RSS feed at least to keep up.  Remember, the above webcasts are totally free.

    While you are at it, why haven't you signed up for IamLUG in 2010 and the TackItOn event immediately following.  All taking place in St Louis Aug 2-4 2010.
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      On Wednesday, May 12th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    Live broadcasting, streaming and blogging from Admin2010

    If you are unable to attend Admin2010, I will be performing all of the above, live from Admin2010 on Wednesday.  You can catch the stream at

    The blog will also update all day.  Some podcasts will be recorded, but I hope to get a bunch live.  I opened the stream to pretty much unlimited attendees at once.  If we are not live, you will see some other videos playing as holders.  I will try and tweet when we go live throughout the day, as well, for quick notice.
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      On Tuesday, May 11th, 2010   by Chris Miller        

    The #Poken splash at #TriStateLUG (and coupon)

    When I put out the blog posting for TriStateLUG a few of you listened and brought along a Poken of your own to share contact data faster, easier and updateable.  To further prove my point I brought along a few Poken giveaways for those that did not have one.  As I use it more and more, here is what I learned:
    • Those that gave me a "high four" (term for sharing info across devices) I am instantly connected to, no business cards laying around
    • I was able to tag you with the conference and any other pertinent information
    • I am able to see your network updates as they happen now
    • I can download your vcard and place it into systems like Gist for full management and interaction (I hope they integrate something like this later)
    • I get your picture along with your card, strengthening my recognition of you again later
    • No more freakin paper business cards laying around in stacks with no good way to quickly input

    After using the device (and E via web at another) I am finding that I am happier and making more meaningful connections since I get all of your social context.  Most people carry a business card for where they work, not a personal card showing their blog and other information that I can better associate with.  For example Jim, who I had known by name and some of previous work,  shared his info and now I see his Twitter stream, LinkedIn, mobile #, location, tags, instant messaging accounts and more.  I was not connected to him before and got this instantly instead of poking around the social networks.

    This is the type of connectivity we need for Lotusphere and more to better connect.  So since we can guess Lotus is not tossing one of these in every bag (let me know if they want to and I know the right people), I am giving you a discount code and link to get your hands on one or many.  Imagine handing some of these out pre-populated with your company information?  Yeah, catch up, that is what I did to those at TriState LUG

    You can visit the whole "Zoo" right here.  There is also the possibility to brand and find more customized ones I found out.  Jim brought along a USB one that was sleek and had a simple logo.

    So use the coupon code for another 10% off right here  -------> PWUODPALWTJCMTCPOO4O

    Image:The #Poken splash at #TriStateLUG (and coupon)  
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      On Wednesday, November 11th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Tri-State LUG and what I want you to bring

    Do You Poken?

    The Tri-State LUG (the third state in the Tri always eludes me) will be happening on Monday Nov 9 2009 in New York at the IBM Building, of course.  I know big shots like Mooney, Balaban and Novak will be there.  I am sneaking in a session modified from Colalboration University on all the acronyms and making them work together.

    What I want you to bring is, of course,  tons of questions.  But more importantly I want to start sharing and collecting social contact data with everyone. An impromptu discussion on being socially connected is welcomed and then the ability to actually connect is better.

     You have time to do this, so grab a Poken and stop using all these dang business cards that stack up and are hard to find.  Let us connect and then tag, sort and find you faster.  Between my Poken and Gist while at BlogWorldExpo and the Social Media Business Summit the past few weeks I managed to collect a good hundred viable connections and their information.  I gave you the banner above, so grab one.  I might even bring a couple extras for those that did't read this.

    There might even be a couple other announcements made there.
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      On Thursday, October 29th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Canada launches Cross Country LUG meeting this Thursday

    In light of a few other events coming up, like UKLUG, the teams in Canada decided to bring together the larger cities for a half day event this Thursday
    The Cross Country Lotus User Group is an organization consisting of Lotus customers across Canada.  The objective is to provide a place where Lotus professionals can meet to:

    -share their experiences
    -learn new information
    -improve technical skills
    -take part in the Lotus Collaboration Community

    The cities participating are Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa and Markham.  The agenda is a mix of some tech and some vendor topics :
    What's New in Notes 8.5.1
    Overview of Ytria's scanEZ solution
    Domino Designer and XPages Overview
    Overview of Customer Expressions's i-Sight solution
    Sears Canada's Perspecitive on the Domino/Notes Upgrade Project
    Kyros Systems: ADapting Domino Applicaitons onto the Blackberry
    Life of the Notes ID

    Look for some blog postings and other news around this one I am sure.
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      On Monday, September 28th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Who is Darren Adams of IBM? See him live now (or replay later) on the Collaboration University keynote in London

    Join us at 9:30 GMT this morning for the keynote address at yesterday's posting!
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      On Monday, September 21st, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Live streaming keynnote Monday for Collaboration University 2009 - London with Darren Adams

    Collaboration University

    Due to requests, we are once again streaming the keynote for the next stop of Collaboration University.  We thank all of you that watched the keynote for the Chicago session last week (which you can still replay at any time).  This time we have Darren Adams of IBM providing his own insight.
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      On Sunday, September 20th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University 2009 keynote streaming live right here at 9:30am CST

    All of the IdoNotes shows

    Please watch and send your Twitter questions in to @CollabU during the event!
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      On Monday, September 14th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University (year 4) is in a few weeks, are you coming?

    Once again Collaboration University will be in Chicago and London in September.  Where else will you see:
    • Lotus Connections 2.5
    • Sametime 8.5
    • Quickr 8.2

    All in one place with the top partners that implement, customize and manage these environments.  Attendees get huge benefits including:
    • First hand experience with Quickr 8.2, Connections 2.5, and Sametime 8.5, plus valuable tips on prior versions, upgrades and coexistence
    • Access to three additional webinars over the next year to keep current
    • One-on-one time with the gurus - solve your problems in minutes, not months
    • Best practices in development and administration, including brand new methods for working with the APIs and admin consoles
    • EXCLUSIVE early looks at R&D in mobile platforms (including some very exciting news), API development and Lotus software futures

    To keep up to date on news about Collab Univ follow the stream on Twitter, or any of the speakers!
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      On Tuesday, August 25th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    UKLUG 2009 - My session

    It is great to work with the team over yonder yet again!!  This year I tossed something new into the mix to have some fun and stretch our imagination.  Here is my abstract which I will be presenting at UKLUG in October"
    Getting benefit out of your social connections
    Getting a grasp on all of the social technologies and how to use them with your everyday Lotus work style is a struggle. Sit with Chris, and wish you had longer, as he runs through how to use tools outside of the Lotus world to not only be more productive, but find answers and knowledge holders. Chris will take you on a journey through his social workflow and show you what has worked and hasn't while maximizing value of everyone in the room around you.

    The idea is to gain control of the information around you, maximize your invested time and present you with new places and ways to expand your knowledge.  Sure there will be some Domino ways in here, but plan on a majority of tools, tips, ideas and planning to be shown.
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      On Wednesday, August 12th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    IamLUG photo stream is running
    This is a Flickr badge showing public items from Flickr tagged with IamLUG. Make your own badge here.

    As you can see from above, I am pulling in the stream from the entire event with any picture that was tagged with IamLUG.  There is also a group on Flickr you can participate in and share!
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      On Wednesday, August 5th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    IamLUG live Twitter/Flickr wall - you can participate too!

    So you want to keep up with the #IamlUG hastag traffic on Twitter and Flickr?  Well the above embedded wall (which can go fullscreen for you, is ready to go!  You can participate 3 ways:
    • send any tweet with #IamLUG inside it
    • tag any photo on Flickr with IamLUG
    • send a SMS message to the number 87884 and say "@loca9128 "

    Not only will we see it, but it will be shown for everyone.  Oh and so no one gets silly we can remove and moderate your posts :-)
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      On Monday, August 3rd, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University 2009 registration opens with HUGE discounts today only

    Welcome to year #4 for Collaboration University.  We have many returning for their senior year as well as new freshman entering the program.  For those of you returning, you get a special alumni discount for each year you have attended.  Then we have an early bird discount to entice some of you even more.

    Visit Chicago from September 14-16
    Visit London form September 21-23

    But for today only, add all of the above discounts together and then toss on yet another $100 USD off the total registration for an amazing one day offer.  We will be covering Quickr 8.2, Sametime 8+ and Lotus Connections 2.5 with your normal professors and some new special guests.
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      On Tuesday, May 12th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2009 Pre-conference

    Look for postings, pictures on Flickr and even some live streaming (of what will be allowed) this week.  Best to do one of two things.  Follow me on Twitter, or watch for the #Admin2009 hashtag on Twitter for all related postings.  Paul Mooney will be doing some Cover-it-Live stuff I heard, even after flying through Cairo, Auckland and Tulsa to get here.

    Otherwise the entire presenting crew has arrived safely and is accounted for.  Most of them either seen, sent tweets or talked to someone.
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      On Wednesday, April 15th, 2009   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2008 Europe -Amsterdam picture stream here
    IdoNotes' Admin2008 Europe photoset IdoNotes' Admin2008 Europe photoset

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      On Wednesday, November 26th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University - Day 1 (updating all day)

    With the largest attendance in 3 years, we kicked off right on time this morning.  There are over 1 million Sametime users represented and over 14 countries between attendees here and London.  Amazing.  So what I have presented so far...

    Sametime Advanced Install - wake up call for the resources to some, but everyone had great questions and comments.  Hopefully everyone got enough in the hour to install it via applianceware or as a whole when they get home.  The prerequisite installer really helps demo systems.

    Lotus Connections Install with Mitch Cohen driving the train.  Many of the people in the full room had not really seen Lotus Connections and really needed a crash course.  While we did a demo session earlier, many were at other sessions.
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      On Monday, September 8th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Proof that someone listens in my presentations

    Hi Chris
    I just wanted to show you that at least we learnt something in all the view's   ;-)

    This "chris'ed" mailtemplate of my collegue

    Image:Proof that someone listens in my presentations

    Best Regards

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      On Monday, July 14th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    ND8 Upgrade Seminar summary for San Francisco

    After completing yet another city for the ND8 Upgrade Seminar, I am always surprised by the upgrade plans of the crowd and where they sit today.  This was no different.
    • Everyone was at least in the 6.x realm for current versions.
    • A small percentage (like 10) had installed the Notes 8 client on their desktops
    • Most did not have enough memory on all machines so they will roll out as the basic version
    • Server upgrade plans varied from a few weeks to sometime next year, yes as in 2009
    • Sametime at one company was discouraged as a nuisance of sorts and was not allowed
    • Everyone was happy to see the gutter return to the inbox in 8.5
    • Platforms are always a discussion for the server
    • A couple sites had no firm date for the upgrades at all
    • No one had logged into
    • Everyone liked the free tools we give away

    I could go on, but with all the excitement in the core Lotus blog community, we lose focus often.  We play with the latest and greatest while many larger shops are stuck with whatever gets decided by management.  We should sit back and realize there are over 100 million users, most of whom never even go to to get the latest and greatest.
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      On Monday, June 23rd, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    ILUG2008 Flickr pics are in the stream now

    First things first, here are the pictures:
    IdoNotes' ILUG2008 photoset IdoNotes' ILUG2008 photoset

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      On Friday, June 6th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    ILUG2008 Opening Session review

    Besides Paul Mooney doing the outstanding comedic warmup, Nick Shellness took over as the first keynote speaker.  As a former CEO at Lotus, he pulled out old slides to show how presentations he did projecting the future turned out.  He was not too far off in some areas surprisingly.
    • Memory - try running Notes today on a few MB
    • Disk capacity - picture 20MB then 200MB by 1988 as disk storage
    • Screen size for attention - from 13" screens to multi flat panels now, it is all attention focus
    • user interface -
    • Knowledge management - organizing 80 GB of data, do things like taxonomy, auto profiling and intelligent search do this for the individual?  No since none has come truly to pass.  Social computing

    Alan Lepofsky was next up... he stripped down to a "Luck of the Irish" t-shirt and took off.  His job is a Lotus Evangelist to say what they should be doing, instead of wondering how budgets work.  More moving research products to production instead. He came with prototypes and live/screen captures
    • Twitter was the first topic for 2 minutes.  Alan is an attention seeking ***** he says
    • Due to time he skips the marketing preamble
    • Collaboration went from document centric to people centric to community centric
    • The inbox is now even hard to find info, so what tools do you use?
    • How does Lotus help all of these areas after you find the tools you need (he demo'd my LifeStream map)
    • Lotus is working on surfacing not only the information, but through seamless tools that fit various roles
    • Next topic is social content - create, storage and share
    • He went to some live demos of items that are in research
    • Social bookmarking showing of Dogear inside Lotus Connections
    • Now we head into attention management - importance (important to work on but due when?), urgency (to whom?) and interest.  Is there an interface that exists?

    Some key area
    • Collaboration in context is a future with the surfacing Lotus tools to do the work seamlessly
    • Evolution of the creation of content
    • Discovery versus search
    • Attention management, bringing chaos together in buckets of management

    Finally questions...
    • Nick S. asks the first question about how the tools being developed previously were only 70-80% successful.  How does that translate in technology to ensure success rate gets increased.  Alan responds that new ways or working are being requested before Lotus is delivering them at this time.  Adoption rate is opposite, tools are coming slower than demand which grows adoption rate as fast as delivery
    • Steve McDonagh asks about mining for information in searches across 26 languages using tags to return results in any language.  How do you generate the meta information to make this work?  he demod Dogear again to show tag growth
    • Henri from BinaryTree brings up social networking and an example from MySpace or SecondLife, this is a huge risk that most don't seem to target.  Alan covers how bringing Connections into the corporate firewall to secure and share the data

    Then we close up and head to lunch so they can prep the room for sessions..
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      On Wednesday, June 4th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    ILUG, ND8 Upgrade Seminar and Collaboration University, whew!

    If you cannot figure out where to go for technical information and some excellent training between June and September, then you have been sleeping.  Let's look at what is coming:

    ILUG2008 - a free gathering of top presenters, business partners and Loti all in one place for a few days of organized chaos.  Not your standard conference in any fashion, with edgier sessions that can only happen with tons of drinking parties at night.  You have one week to get there.  June 4th-6th 2008.

    Notes Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar - Andy Pedisich, Rob Axelrod and myself have already done 6 cities to a string of top ratings on showing you not only what is new in 8, but how to get there in the best structured fashion.  Tons of take home tools and just conversation around the numerous upgrades we have done over the versions.  There are two cities in June.  San Francisco June 16th-18th and then again in Toronto July 16th-18th.  Get all the facts you need to make the right decisions every step of your upgrade planning, deployment and implementation.

    Collaboration University - I have happy to be one of the founding partners to bring you the premier conference on Sametime and Quickr.  From basics to super advanced in both administration and development for these products, we hit it.  This year the US city moves to Chicago and then again in London.  Join Rob Novak, Carl Tyler, Gabriella Davis and myself yet once again.  For those coming for a third year, we welcome our "Juniors" and our new incoming "Freshmen".
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      On Thursday, May 29th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    ND8 Upgrade Seminar in London recap

    One more city down for the Notes Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar, with 2 North American cities left to go (San Francisco and Toronto).  Once again I was not disappointed in what the attendees had to say and provide for feedback.
    • 100% were on 6.5.x and higher (ok outside of one desolate R5 server)
    • 85% used Sametime already and really needed to understand what the new integration offered.  They liked it but had rightful concerns over missing functionality and the locking of the chat as Notes did other things
    • The limited number of users you can get on Citrix with the Standard client sucks and they let me know
    • Widgets need tons of business value demos to sell them to the executives
    • Productivity Tools were the doorstop of the sessions with people stepping right on by
    • Lotus Connections made no sense to 90% of them at first.  Later, about 50% I think really got it (while they all then understood it).  But managing all that additional hardware was brought up
    • Lotus Foundations is a cool product if you don't already have a Domino domain, which they all did of course
    • Integration of Sametime is awesome if it was available while doing something else in Notes 8.  Otherwise they want the standalone version (mentioned again)
    • Integration of Activities is confusing to many as to why choose that or Quickr or why at all.  This got answered
    • The Sametime Gateway is of interest to them but MS connectivity is still a demand in Europe
    • Coffee breaks are not often enough, mainly after huge lunches
    • Attendees love free tools that we give away
    • Expanded policy control for desktops and security will be implemented right away
    • People are tired of Smart Upgrade and want full provisioning,   Oh yeah, and provisioning that actually works, which is broke right now
    • I know the list went on by I will update after I sleep and fly....

    I broke their hearts when I taught all about site updates to only let them down with it isn't working.  On the good side, I think many are excited about the upgrade.  I was surprised at the length of time a lot will be taking to get upgraded in full.  We are talking well into next year.

    Food this week was excellent, and I caught the play Billy Elliot (review here).  Dinner the first night was Kare Kare, an excellent Indian place.  Next up was a chain before the play for speed reasons and finally Amaya.  Outside of that it was all conference food for me :-)
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      On Thursday, May 15th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Guest blogger: Disappointments of a first timer to Lotusphere Comes to You St Louis

    Hi, I sent this posting over via email so it cold be pasted in.  I went to the Lotusphere Comes to You in St Louis last week for my first time.  I knew it was only a day review of what was explained to me a week long event.  I knew it would be consolidated.  I was not ready, however, for the way it was presented.  The speakers showed a lot of videos and hardly anything live.  One person actually showed his inbox, but everyone else had these pre-planned videos and stuff.  It turned out to be like a sales meeting in a way, where they talk about the products but only show slides.  I thought half of this was shipping? Could they not show it?  Are the demos too hard?  How can I make this work for my users then?

    Also some of the speakers didn't seem to know fully the material or topic they presented.  Questions went unanswered.  That was a bit disconcerting for those that couldn't got to Lotusphere and needed more information.  I didn't plan on speeding a day there to get more questions that I came in with (meaning others asked some good ones too).  I know we only had a day to get this completed, but it seemed a bunch of product announcements from Lotusphere didn't even make it into the program in any way.  I know I stepped out once for a phone call, but in 20 minutes they could not have done them all as the session I stepped out from was still going strong when I reentered.

    So my last thought was the actual other attendees.  From talking to people, there was like 3-4 times as many people last year.  With about 20-25 there this year, what happened?  I am sure it was not the change in venue as I got the email weeks before.  Where the heck was everyone?

    IdoNotes note: I found the same thing from LCTY in Minneapolis per this blog posting.  I couldn't comment on that blog posting as it required a Wordpress account.  I suspect we are seeing this at cities that partners do not do a majority or any of the presentations?
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      On Monday, May 12th, 2008   by Wanted to be Anonymous        

    I fixed my feed to PlanetLotus and upgraded the blog server (see missed posts)

    Since everyone gets this one, you missed my rant about ATT and their sucky free wireless mesh they put here in St Louis.

    You also missed my recap of Admin2008 plus pictures.

    Lastly, the blog server is now 8.0.1 and my logging of RSS feeds finally hit peak level across my blogs and took HTTP down.  All is well once again, thanks to Steve C himself.
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      On Wednesday, May 7th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2008 Days 2 and 3 plus pictures

    First things first, here are the pictures:
    IdoNotes' Admin2008 photoset IdoNotes' Admin2008 photoset

    So recapping the last two days that were totally a blur. Pushes to Domino 8 are incredibly strong with a large focus on people that stuck in any session that did with upgrading. The mix of clients/servers was 6.5.x all the way to current. But the overwhelming feeling from all of them was they will make due with getting the necessary resources and get that awesome Notes 8 Standard client to the users. The talks of waiting for 8.0.2 went away when we showed them the security controls and features. Rob, Andy Pedisich, and I are on the orad again in 2 weeks to keep the Notes Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar going. Join us in London and San Francisco if you missed the show here.

    Sametime sessions, including the jumpstart were popular. Once a grasp of how the Sametime client integrates and what features are missing was covered, I did a session on Sametime Advanced. Of those that came, two had a strong need for persistent chat. Others wanted to see what all the hype and difference was about. But everyone agreed that Sametime 8 was the place to be. I was happy to see so many people that had picked up my book on the Sametime Gateway and how it saved much time and energy. Yet the room had a ton of poeple that wanted to get it installed. The need to remove the public chat clients and make some instant messaging policies is getting stronger.

    Disaster recovery was packed. I think many came in looking for the silver bullet of what should be done to get DR alive and functioning. What they walked away with was a plan, steps and decision points on how to build the proper topology with all the diagrams to get started. It was sad to talk to those that lost not just data during 9-11, and how they coped. It was an eye opener for me as well. I hope I helped, but Domino makes DR easy.

    After a great dinner with Ed Brill, Alan Lepofsky, Susan Bulloch, and John Head, day 3 was beckoning.

    The vendor floor was busy since the crowd here was larger once again than years past. As the questions get harder each year, the skillset of the administrators and developers that attend get better. Which makes us work harder to put on a better show. Hope everyone enjoyed, I need a nap.

      for this posting

      On Friday, May 2nd, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2008 Day 1

    There are enough opening session remarks already blogged.  But here is what I gathered from talking to attendees all week.  Even though we are entering Domino 8.0.1, most have not made the full move to Domino 8 and are here to learn even more about it.  Even with all the press and online info, they still want to see live demonstrations on everything you can think of.

    As usual I am not disappointed with the variance of types of issues they face on a daily basis.  From unique requirements to unique issues, they bring it all to the table.  There are happily not many at all they run R5, most are stuck in the 6.5.x and 7.0.x realm.  So the move to 8 is an important step that they are undertaking and by us including the entire Notes Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar (still some cities left to attend) into Admin2008, they more than get their money worth.

    The troubleshooting SMTP session I had first was a nice group that needed to understand the finer points of debugging and where to even begin.  After a quick Internet access issue, we were up and moving.  Then the real fun started as the Sametime plug-in and Administration session was up next.  A room full of Sametime 3.1 to 8.0 users and servers.  We dug deep in some areas while giving a glazing on others that I cover in sessions later this week to show them how it all fits together.

    Right after a quick lunch I had a packed room for Leveraging the Messaging Enhancements in Domino 8.  The room was rowdy, fun and had great questions about the new features and implementation.  From message recall (booooo) to the new OOO as a service, they got it all.

    Lastly was Sametime Gateway, one of my personal favorites as you know.  Smaller group that was already filled to the brim with knowledge, but they all wanted to get it working.  So we went hard through the configuration.  One person stated later that they broke so many rules I was teaching they are startling over.

    To finish it was 'beat the geeks' then a sponsor party.  Nothing finer than a hundred geeks crammed into a room late in the evening.
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      On Wednesday, April 30th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    The attendee love/hate of ND8 - Copenhagen

    Surprise, disappointment, amazement, laughter.  We got every reaction possible.  Andy and myself fended off countless questions from a fully packed house.  The extra seats we planned open were taken by some last minute drop-ins that registered.  So what did we learn this city?
    • 95% of the attendees use Sametime
    • 100% were at 6.5.x or higher and wanting to go to Domino 8.0.1
    • Not having Citrix support already for the Standard client made more than one of them very disappointed
    • Widget policies were a selling point
    • Lotus Connections, Lotus Protector and mainly Productivity Tools were not anything they cared about.  Did I mention Productivity Tools?
    • Companies in size from 250 users to 40,000 all really use Domino
    • Some admins are lucky when they get to go to Brazil for 9 days to install one Domino server
    • Lotus Foundations is a cool product if you don't already have a Domino domain, which they all did of course
    • Integration of Sametime is awesome
    • Integration of Activities is confusing
    • The Sametime Gateway is of interest to them
    • Coffee breaks are not often enough, mainly after huge lunches
    • Attendees love free tools that we give away
    • Expanded policy control for desktops and security will be implemented right away
    • People are tired of Smart Upgrade and want full provisioning

    I am sure there is a few other I will add in.  To summarize, the love Domino 8 and wish there was few more things that had made it into the product at the same time.  Social networking over here is not popular, while internal chat is.   They always have very specific and unique questions that we love getting answers to for them.  So excuse me while I collapse, eat a final dinner here and then head home tomorrow .  Check my "Where am I headed" tab to see the cities I have booked up.
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      On Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Going to ILUG2008? Lets gang up and get a hotel block deal

    Talking to Sean today, we found that hotel rates are always silly, mainly if a bunch of people are going.  So drop us a comment here or email if you are interested  in ganging up on a hotel for a better group block rate
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      On Tuesday, March 4th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    I had a good conversation with Yancy (PlanetLotus) last night - ideas abound

    So as people are slowly learning, Lotusphere on Twitter is out there and could be huge if we get a strong push from everyone. Yancy already has it feeding the main feed page for PlanetLotus and then pulls all Tweets to another page. Let us know your thoughts on how you want to best utilize Twitter down there? Open season tweets everywhere or following a main Lotusphere tweet? Or a mixture. Let us know. We also talked about grabbing the RSS feed from the Lotusphere pictures so we need to set a tagging standard.

    Also, the normal string of IdoNotes podcasts will be running but the added benefit of IdoNotes.TV will be present. You will be able to reach it at any time at
    or you can find it on the PlanetLotus page. I will be grabbing any and all video I can from Lotusphere into a long loop plus live broadcasts from down there. Anyone that wants to assist in the live ones let me know. I see us being able to reach a large audience of people not there to give them the feel of what is going on. Even broadcasting JamFest or the scene of Speedgeeking could be cool.

    Give me some thoughts here people and pass this posting out so we can get all the ideas finalized

    go to the IdoNotes TV page to watch it now!

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      On Wednesday, January 9th, 2008   by Chris Miller        

    Radicati is hosting a "Messaging and Collaboration" Webconference, guess what, they didn’t invite Lotus

    Messaging and Collaboration Webconference
    December 13th, 2007
    9:30 to 10:30a.m. US Pacific Time
    Moderator: Sara Radicati

    So the moderator is basically showing off their new paper coming out about this very market.
    This webconference looks at the market for enterprise Messaging and Collaboration. Messaging and Collaboration platforms are designed to be deployed on-premises by organizations and provide a broad range of functionality which includes email, groupware, calendar/scheduling, security, wireless email, and more.

    Guest speakers are Microsoft, Microsoft, Novell and Georgia State University.  Hmm, I wonder who sponsored this one?
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      On Tuesday, December 11th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    I have dates and times for my Lotusphere 2008 sessions

    Sun January 20, 2008
    9:00-10:45am EST
    Y&B Grand Harbor Salon IV
    HND302: IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway - Setup and Administration
    Tues January 22, 2008
    4:15-5:15pm EST
    Dolphin S Hemisphere IV-V
    BP105: Installing and Administrating the IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway
    Wed January 23 2008
    12:30-2:15pm EST
    Y&B Grand Harbor Salon IV
    HND302: IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway - Setup and Administration

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      On Monday, December 10th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Pictures from Barcelona (up to yesterday) are on Flickr

    You can find them all right here , some of them aren't bad
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      On Monday, December 3rd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Live blogging - Admin2007 Barcelona keynote with Kevin Cavanaugh

    Emergence of a Digital Collaboration Infrastructure -
    • One generation thinks of collaboration in the workplace used to be something around documents (ie: emails, presentations).
    • The next generation thinks of SMS, instant messaging as the paradigm for collaboration
    • The new generation come with MySpace, Facebook and the equivalents.

    Product design going forward for Lotus has to take the collaborative energies and bring them together into the workforce.  All the data information, expertise and skills have to be shown in context.  The platform has to be open and enabled for you to plug in innovative infrastructure.  The Lotus infrastructure must be complete and open at the same time to support growth.

    Digital Collaboration Infrastructure
    • Collaboration Foundation
    • Web 2.0
    • Beyond Office

    Work is now performed not around the technologies, but the activities they are currently involved in.  Software then assist in getting the work completed in context.  Notes 8, Quickr and Sametime enable that to happen.

    Domino and Notes 8.0.1 will be released around Lotusphere in January 2008.
    • New DWA client
    • Lotus Quickr integration into side shelf in Standard client
    • Storage reduction through increased compression - up to 35%
    • Native 64-bit support
    • IBM Lotus Notes Traveler for Windows Mobile support
    • Support for Mac in beta

    Domino 8.5 will ship towards the end of 2008
    • Simplify the Notes Identity management and authentication
    • Reduce storage costs
    • Improve Quality of Service
    • QuickTune
    • Modernize Domino application development.  Tools, infrastructures and technique will take advantage of the frameworks developed in 8 and deliver it in 8.5 (hear that Nathan, just passing info, I have no clue about the dev side.  He said he didn't post on the blogs due to the announcements at Lotusphere coming)

    Sametime 8 (we know hits the streets and I post plenty on it).  He did mention Entry that comes in the Domino server for free, then why sell it.  Easy..  those that choose 'other' messaging/email solutions, can still choose Sametime.  Sametime Advanced comes in Q1 of 2008.  It is Sametime for communities, adding social software ideas into the Sametime family.  Persistent chats (seen LotusphereLive done in 2007 without Advanced?) and polling.  Unified Telephony is next up for more aggregated presence, call management and softphones.  Lastly was the acquisition of Sametime Unyte for hosted conferencing services.

    Quickr comes in Q1 with integration further into Notes and now the Quick Content Integrator.  This allows you to import information from Sharepoint and shared public folders in Exchange.  You can also synchronize and coexist between them.

    Lotus Connections 2.0 will get more enhancements around a 'portal' type page allowing you to being in all your social contacts into a single interface and also better integration into the Notes client

    This was a great, smooth and simple presentation showing the direction of Lotus and how things are coming together in context of letting the user work first with the technology in the background,.  Instead of learning new ways due to changes in technology.
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      On Monday, December 3rd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Overview from the ND8 Upgrade Seminar in Las Vegas

    So all 3 days are completed here in Vegas.  We have already done Philly and Chicago is only 2 weeks out.  I missed almost all of day 1 flying in, but I was here for days 2 and 3 to talk to attendees around presenting.  I gleaned the following facts:
    • About 95% of the attendees did not want to have a session on the Productivity Tools.  Many said 10 slides glazing over the topic would be enough as they are so entrenched in MS licensing there was not a recent chance.  plus, they were not the ones that would even make that decision
    • About 85% of the attendees here already had Sametime running and were eager to see more info on what was coming in integration and implementation
    • About 20% had any interest in Lotus Connections.  70% had no clue what it really did and the remaining knew already they did not want it.
    • About 15% of the attendees here had over 20k users installed.  Many with large DWA implementations in place
    • About 80% really wanted to get more info on Quickr
    • About 95% loved all the ways that the products were starting to integrate tighter.  For example, all the hooks with Lotus Connections and Quickr into Notes 8 and Sametime and Sametime into Notes 8.  It is all making a cohesive direction from Lotus

    One last stat came to mind:
    • About 99% of the people in Las Vegas will wear absolutely anything on Halloween to win $1500 at the Voodoo club contest.  Even 50 stories above the strip, most clothing is optional.

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      On Thursday, November 1st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Live from the Lotus Collaboration Summit - St Louis

    This event was well run and on-time the entire day so far.  An interesting group after lunch that did on the spot comedy routines.  But as for content, it is what was expected.  Over 100 registered to attend, I would say around 80 arrived. Many were IBM employees however, here to learn more.  The sessions covered all the important parts of Lotus Connections, Notes and Domino 8, Quickr and Sametime.  A surprise session (since the agenda website always said TBD up to yesterday) was Antony providing a competitive landscape session.

    Was there things missed?  In my opinion, a few here and there.  Not enough demos and too many slides for the technical session on Lotus Notes/Domino 8 deployment.  Otherwise, well balanced for 45 minute slots with two rooms running at once.
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      On Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    From the ND8 Upgrade Seminar - grabbing the Lotus Connections plug-ins for provisioning

    Here is the link to the catalog I promised.  If you scroll down on the right to the 'Popular" section you will see the Lotus and Sametime plug-ins for Connections.  Have at it!  From there is you need help in adding the plug-in, you can find the online info center right here.
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      On Saturday, October 13th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    A blog sitemap for composite applications in Notes 8

    While we were here at the Notes and Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar, I needed a place to send the users to get as much information on deploying composite applications (aka shelf-apps, plugins, whatever) into the Notes 8 client.  Well low and behold a decent one existed..

    Here is the page...
    This web log is a joint effort by the key technical architects and user experience professionals to open a direct line of communication with developers about the capabilities of user facing composite applications.

    I also had the link up on how to move a Sametime plug-in to Notes 8 client.  Here was that link.
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      On Friday, October 12th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Live blogging - Enterprise Social Software webinar by Radicati

    The guest speakers didn't make much sense at all to me for Social Software for the enterprise outside of 1
    Matt Anderson of Radicati was the speaker.  After 5 slides it went to Q&A with the panelists.
    • Vendors that they listed included Lotus and a slew of others I did not know offered such solutions.
    • The suites are what Lotus Connections offers with some added parts like Business Intelligence
    • They then have specialists that work on each part of the software itself
    • The market drivers were just what you know now.  Make some teams and share some info then find people around them
    • The market barriers are what you expect but easily overcome.  Compliance (US issues), deploying new technologies

    Q&A section
    1. What does your offering provide to set it apart from other offerings
    John Landau - Current enterprise software is inside the firewall focused and Huddle is trying to get externally focused as well.  Pushing for the MySpace generation and use of social networking is growing and businesses are banning such site access to MySpace.  The Huddle tools are aimed at business users.  The low cost of Huddle was their other point of their offering
    Mike Walsh - They are trying to making it easier for the business person to make and find relationships.  Taking some of the Web 2.0 items , with security and making it easier for the business worker to share information in a collaborative environment within and outside the company.

    2.   What was the initial pain point that caused them to look for a social networking solution for their enterprise?
    Janine Popick - They have 30K small business customers with only a small number (50) of employees.  So they are the customer experience side.  They let the customer

    3. How has business social software changed how employees share information between themselves and with customers?
    Janine Popick - They have an award winning blog.  Employees post more content to give them exposure.  They use Leverage as their social software choice it was said.  They also started a Facebook group with about 200 members giving product feedback.  There is a wiki in place to post documents and share information.

    4.  What are some of the key factors when vendors go up against Microsoft Sharepoint in this space?
    Mike Walsh - Everything is based on the needs of the users.  It varies across prospects.  He said Sharepoint, which is a great product, and Lotus Connections, which he was not familiar with, helps them find the right people for a specific person to assist with a project or prospect.  he said Sharepoint seems to be for internal collaboration behind the firewall.  he does not look as them as a competitor, but as augmentation.
    Jon Landau - They are often compared to Sharepoint.  The perception he finds is that is a free tool but the TCO is incredibly high for a business.  It does well for internal collaboration.  But the idea is to bring external clients together with the inside groups and becomes costly with Sharepoint.  Kingfield is a customer of theirs, and they were looking at Sharepoint until he brought Huddle to them.

    5.  What were some of the critical features that your business looked for in a social software package?
    Janine Popick - They found that their customers that used their service needed different feedback.  So small groups of customer types are forming.  They are also able to push focused product release information.  Finding users "like me" on a people map and then reaching out is helping the company since they already compile a large amount of data from each customer.  Live chats are helping get feedback on what features of their product are most important.

    Questions from the audience....
    1.  What are the real benefits, like ROI.  These seem like a solution looking for a problem.
    Janine Popick - One of the things they did when deploying was hire someone to manage the deployment.  Without someone to drive and manage this can fail.  This person also participates in the social network by watching and even generating conversations.  On a hard ROI front they know they are saving time on email and feedback processing.  Vocal people in the communities help promote what is needed without them sending out constant user surveys.
    John Landau - Huddle offers the ability to share documents and work together internally and with external partners gives a tangible ROI.  If that was done by email instead, You end with multiple people looking at different versions and chasing information.  Huddle has the centralized upload, sharing and work area to set approvals and tasks, etc.
    Mike Walsh - They were out as a social network platform before Facebook caught on and now everyone is clamoring for this type of application.  They work with 300 companies with different goals and needs.  ROI might be decreasing support, increasing upsell, increasing customer loyalty, getting products to market faster by getting feedback.  Microsoft, HP, Oracle, Salesforce, Time Warner, NY Times are all sample customers.  Some need projects done faster and others are using it to find hidden talent in the company.

    2. Were are a small software startup with 400 partners/resellers, can you describe the benefits of utilizing the software?
    Mike Walsh - They do work with smaller companies to share best practices.  Relationship building through the social network is a huge benefit.
    John Landau - You are able to bring all these partners and resellers into one social network so you can all chat, talk working group and share information with branding and customization.

    3. How does voice and real-time collaboration overlap with services such as the social networking vendors?  Will you follow?
    John Landau - Huddle is in a position in the next few weeks to offer integrate single sign-on ability.  Web conferencing tools are also being built into the product offering.
    Mike Walsh - Open architecture through widgets allows you to add features and functions even without their help.  They are partnering with companies like Webex and SalesForce, or even pulling in a Skype or Webex widget.  Also a GoToMeeting widget as they used in this conference.

    4. Is there a listing comparing what these vendors offer in their social network offerings? (my question)
    They will have a listing in the Radicati report

    5. How do you deal with issues around compliance. (yada yada yada) ?
    Janine Popick - She does have compliance issue it seems.  They use a wiki for a lot of collaboration but will be tightening up how the information is controlled.
    John Walsh - needed the question repeated.  The data can be exported so it depends on the requirements of the organization.  One feature they do not have is document check-in and checkout.  Their solution has revisioning and tagging.  How it is completed and found is up to the client, such as Wells Fargo.
    John Landau - The document management system saves every version of the document as it is worked on.  Their solution is geared towards compliance.  You can see date and time stamps for all edits, updates, changes and new items.

    6. What is the cost for trials of these softwares?
    They will send that out later or go to the websites and get some free trials.  Huddle and Leverage offer free trials.

    Sara Radicati wrapped it up with not much fanfare but look for their report, of course
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      On Thursday, September 27th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Before the restaurant and dining recap, one picture of tonight

    Image:Before the restaurant and dining recap, one picture of tonight

    The final set is right here on Flickr
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      On Saturday, July 21st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University recap - KC and London (and links)

    I see I have been a giant slacker as I wake up this bight and sunny Saturday morning.  .  Everyone has started to recap the events but me.  Rob Novak, Carl Tyler, Mike Smith over at Turtle Partnership blog, and even Paul Mooney and Warren and Kitty Elsmore live blogged some of it!  I am sure there is others I missed reading yet in the blogsphere.

    Let us go back a couple weeks to the beginning (cue dream sequence music)

    Kansas City was a blur with the speakers getting together on Sunday morning to work all day.  We forced ourselves to finish the cd's and any editing.  It was a long day of anticipation of the second year.  We knew the alumni returning were looking for fresh and new material.

    The first day went semi-smooth as our live video feed made it through Mike Rhodin fine and maxed out when Satwik went on for Quickr.  A good trial experience.  I will talk about the technology used in that later on.  We appreciate Mike for coming to the event.  The attendees gave good marks on his presentation where he personally did live demos.  From there on we raced through a long day of sessions to have the first cocktail reception.  The location this year was excellent and our same jazz musician returned from last year to play during the reception.  I even bought a cd from him...

    Day was the longest day.  Due to comments from last year, we went from 3 tracks at a time to 2. This gave you a chance to see every Sametime or every Quickr session.  It also made day 2 go from 8:00am to 6:45pm.  Whew!  They were glazed and hurting by the end of that day.  I personally have both LDAP and Firewall/network sessions to give that day so I did my best to fill everyone's heads.

    Day 3 only came after staying up all night to make sure the workshops were configured correctly.  read on....
    Continue Reading here" Collaboration University recap - KC and London (and links)" »
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      On Saturday, July 21st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University RSS reader - London

    Here is the preconfigured Particls package people are asking for that was built at Collaboration University.

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      On Friday, July 20th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Photos from both Collaboration University 2007 cities coming online on Flickr

    You can find the link right here for Flickr
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      On Wednesday, July 18th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Don’t forget, Ken Bisconti live keynote from Collaboration University in a few hours. 8:15am GMT

    While that is extremely early for most of you in the US, why not stay up another 6 hours (from CST) and watch?
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      On Tuesday, July 17th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Live keynote this Wednesday at 8:15am GMT (2:15am CST) with Ken Bisconti of Lotus

    I will embed the viewer again here and Rob will have it on the Collaboration University 2007 page.  You can also go right to the channel:

    So do not miss out on seeing Ken and Satwik in the opening session
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      On Monday, July 16th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University RSS reader package

    Here is the preconfigured Particls package people are asking for that was built at Collaboration University.

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      On Wednesday, July 11th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    This is the raw video/audio replay file of Mike Rhodin’s keynote at Collaboration University

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      On Tuesday, July 10th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    The live broadcast with Mike Rhodin was a success and was recorded. We will have it ready for payback shortly...

    Carl is busy encoding the copy we will hopefully merge with the slides, but the raw broadcast I will link in a bit.  We might sneak in one more session live, like the Top 10 or the overview session from Collaboration University
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      On Monday, July 9th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Mike Rhodin live this morning at 8:15-10am CST at Collaboration University

    We are all set up to go live in the morning for Mike's keynote of Collaboration University.  Listen in and watch live.
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      On Monday, July 9th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Live Blogging the "Blogger Teleconference from Enterprise Web 2.0 in IBM"

    This call was an open format for Q&A which was a nice change.  (I lost some text in live saving somehow, will try and recover it)

    Rod Smith, VP of Emerging Technology in IBM started the discussion on where IBM will be headed in Web 2.0 in the Enterprise.

    Carol Jones, fellow of IBM, was the other panel member.. she is always excellent in her answers
    • Lotus will rely on input from the consumer (ie employees) to help drive feature requests of such products like Lotus Connections
    • Nathan Freeman asked a question looking for early adopter stories and successes
    • Chris Byrne asked about having a personal network, like LinkedIn, without adding everyone from a tag or group.  Carol said they have a lot of work going on in that area that wasn't in the product yet.
    • Dana G asks about how IBM is already using open source and where 2.0 intersects with tools and functionality, applications, widgets and whether IBM will bring all this open source and Web 2.0 future.  Rod talks to the IBM participation into AJAX, Dojo and Eclipse.
    • Neil Ward-Dutton asked a beyond the technology question on how IBM is looking beyond software and into consulting in how to leverage the new technology innovations.  I say they sell Lotus Connections.  Rod said that business strategy becomes a component of engagements continually.
    • Chris Byrne asked about any response to the Microsoft plug-in announcement for Sharepoint
    • Nathan asked about the implementation of the new products and how to simplify them..  Carol said Lotus Connections was a simple install.  Nathan took objection to that and I tend to agree.  While the blog portion is based on Roller, the entire Lotus Connections package requires quite a bit of installation and configuration.  Rod agreed that the cost would be large for smaller companies to launch a full Lotus Connections implementation, so hosting and other offerings becomes important.  Chris Byrne chimed in about the complex architecture.  Rod said they see other programming models in the future might need inclusion for simplification or changes.
    • I asked about the ever changing the architecture in the future based on Web 2.0 growth and enhancements and the scare of rip-and-replace challenge and adding new features/options from the public Web 2.0 world.  Carol took on that challenge.
    • A quick roll-call to see if Volker was on the call, yes he was
    • A asked about better integration and future integration into Notes 8, like multiple plug-ins for Activities in the same client.  Carol took the initial tackle and then I tuned i and we took it offline for later
    • Rod took last questions to head off to a mash-up
    • Chris Byrne looked for online demos and was pointed to YouTube
    • Stuart McIntyre jumped in and asked about Info 2.0.  Rod stated it was a suite to take information from multiple places (DB2, syndication) and then a tool to help merge and filter feeds.  Then catalog them with tagging and mash them up.  All of this in a Web 2.0 package.  They are looking towards the end of summer for some type of beta and then GA end of year of later.  A news feed server was also mentioned

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      On Wednesday, June 20th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2007 Wrap-up

    What a collection of speakers that received high marks everywhere.  It was good to see everyone, attendees and speakers included.  Paul Mooney has some pictures up on his blog already, I know Susan Bulloch and Kathleen McGivney will have some blog comments.  We can always count on Wild Bill to take a stab after much late night and speaking recovery.  Francie Whitlock, Warren Elsmore and a few others joined as new admin speakers this year.  Mary Beth Raven walked everyone through the end of what will soon be a major step in the Lotus Notes direction with version 8.  Julian R, of the famed Taking Notes Podcast was presenting in full developer style.  Bruce, of course, was tethered by telephone and IM all week. I know I forgot some, I am brain dead however this early after the week is now done.

    Andy and Rob of Technotics did a bang up job as always.  All three of us joined together to do a BOF on Notes and Domino 8 upgrading.  I went ahead and recorded it for a podcast that will be edited and online shortly

    It was even rumored that Ed Brill himself stopped through for some socializing.  Someone said Alan Lepofsky was coming for dinner the last night but I left early and you will notice it was after Ed left, hmmmm.  A couple surprise appearances for some drinks and dinner from Carl Tyler and Rob McDonagh.

    There was a comedy night sponsored by Blackberry on Tuesday which was a refreshing change and a break of all the information being shoved into the heads of attendees.  You can see some pictures I have up showing that event.

    Now as for attendees, one of the best overall positive responses I have gotten from all of them.  There is always a minor thing here and there, but everyone went away happy.  I took them from the first session of building a disaster recovery solution for their entire Lotus portfolio all the way through S/MIME, LDAP infrastructure and all sorts of Sametime aspects.  Ten sessions later I walked out hoping I shoved enough into their brains to make their time worthwhile.  The event was a strong showing of the commitment to Domino by IBM and the user community.  Displays of current features of ND8, Quickr and Lotus Connections left more than a few re-energized in what exciting new paths they are about to take.
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      On Thursday, June 7th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Extra files for Admin2007 Domino LDAP session

    Sorry for the delay, I was traveling out of the country right after Admin2007

    Warning: I would zoom in many times.  The image is large in width and height to see all the font and information clearly.

    Domino as Your LDAP Directory - Admin2007.jpeg
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      On Wednesday, June 6th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Extra files for Admin2007 Sametime Gateway session

    Sorry for the delay, I was traveling out of the country right after Admin2007

    Sametime Gateway extras.pdf
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      On Wednesday, June 6th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Want to watch Paul Mooney live at Admin2007?? right now (audio should work also now)
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      On Wednesday, June 6th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    We are live right now at Admin2007 for the ND8 upgrade BOF
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      On Tuesday, June 5th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2007 Day 1 recap

    Everyone seems to be playing with Domino 8 in some fashion, but so many enterprises are still in the midst of upgrades to Domino 7, they don't see 8 in the near future for the company.  However, Sametime is flying off the shelves.  It seems they have more flexibility to upgrade Sametime then they can get support from management to move Domino 8 in.  Sounds like we need to not only show the compelling reasons of feature sets, but to push any performance info we can down to them (hint hint).

    The attendees are being taken on a ride quite different than Lotusphere, all tech and very minor marketing.  Many made that exact comment at a vendor party this evening.  Good to see we are doing our job on the presentation front.  I snuck into a couple other speakers sessions during a downtime to see rooms of people furiously taking notes.  I even allowed everyone (on purpose) to take out and use their Blackberries during my notes.ini session.   If you missed it..well....
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      On Tuesday, June 5th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Extra files for Admin2007 Mastering the notes.ini session

    Here are the files for you, enjoy!!  Thanks for attending

    Admin2007 Mastering the Notes.ini old and new (extras).pdf
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      On Tuesday, June 5th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Live blogging the Opening General Session with Mike Rhodin at Admin2007

    When you see the pictures, you will notice quite a large turnout for the OGS.  It was great to see such a packed room.

    Mike jumped right into Lotus Connections and Quickr announcements.  Both are fast approaching release date.

    Bringing up Ron Sebastian to do the live demos was a great move, they love the love code here.  Humorously, this was almost the exact order and presentation from Partnerworld2007.  So you can go read that long posting.  Mike took a nice long lean on the other podium to watch Ron strut his demo.  Ok, unless they toss some new info out there you can read the previous posting.
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      On Monday, June 4th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Announcement #1 - you can watch some of my events live

    Take a look at my schedule posting for Admin2007.  I will try (depending on bandwidth) to get as much as I can on my live page that you can find right here
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      On Monday, June 4th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2007 Jumpstart Day review

    This was the official first day of the conference in Boston.  It was good to see many of the faces from previous years and quite a few new people attend the jumpstarts.  Quite a full room of people there to dive into Sametime for my session. Andy P of Technotics was next door selling Server Statistics 101.  A great session by all counts I heard.  I did find that most of you that took m little survey about your current Sametime version are well advanced in the curve.  Smaller than 5% of the room had Sametime 7.5.1 installed and running.  Many had no Sametime and a the rest were upgrading.  I spent quite a bit of time on the architecture side and scaling before working a piece of the client in.  There is a session this week on the client and plug-ins.

    Photos will start being online shortly, as I only have a handful.
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      On Sunday, June 3rd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    My session schedule for Admin2007 (or where to find Chris)

    Sunday, June 3
    • 1:30-4:30pm Sametime 7.5.x Deployment and Upgrade, Without the Aspirin (Back Bay B)
    Monday, June 4
    • 9:45-11:15am Disaster Recovery and Domino Made Easy (Independence West)
    • 11:30am-1:00pm Getting the Most Out of Powerful Security Policies (Fairfax)
    • 4:00-5:30pm Mastering the Notes.ini Settings - Both Old and New (Back Bay C)
    • 6-7:30pm Ask-the-experts, Beat-the-geek, Whack-the-admin (Constitution Ballroom)
    Tuesday, June 5
    • 10:15-11:45am Expand Your Instant Messaging World with the Sametime Gateway (Back Bay D)
    • 1:00-1:45pm Notes and Domino 8 Upgrade Q&A - BOF format (Fairfax)
    • 2:00-3:30pm Quickplace Administration Best Practices (Independence West)
    • 4:00-5:30pm Domino as Your Enterprise Level LDAP DIrectoty (Gardner)
    Wednesday, June 6
    • 8:30-10:00am Administering Sametime 7.5.x and Deploying Plug-ins (Back Bay A)
    • 10:15-11:45am MIME Messaging Security (Back Bay A)
    • 1:00-2:30pm Domino 8 as an Eclipse Update Site Server (Independence West)
    • 2:31pm  Collapse

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      On Thursday, May 31st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Partnerworld review of the "Lotus Software: Expanding your business across the collaboration continium" session

    This is the only session I walked over to see and was pleasantly surprised.  While there was not a ton of new information in there, it moved very fast and well orchestrated for the 100 or so people that came to see it.  I even went so far as to grab audio of segments of this I will make into a podcast later today so you can match my notes to the actual talks.

    Tim Kounadis did the opening, and you got to hear form him yesterday on IdoNotes Episode 31.  His intro was more than brief and he quickly turned it over.  Then I learned why.  They have 5 demonstrations they intended to do in this session plus some talk at the end.

    Ken Bisconti and Ron Sebastian were up next.  Ken did the slides and talking while Ron did his usual lightening speed, well defined, working demos.  This is a huge posting so I am putting in the keep reading link.

    Continue Reading here" Partnerworld review of the "Lotus Software: Expanding your business across the collaboration continium" session" »
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      On Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Blogging Live - Lotusphere Comes To You (LCTY) in St Louis

    From the very opening breakfast the attendees were discussing the lack of heavy technical and directional content.  Two rooms of sessions to cover a bit more content would have been great.   With only 3 session and the keynote it left holes.  But saying that..   attendance looked towards 70 on a quick count.  Great for St Louis.

    : John Dunderdale, VP of Worldwide Sales in Lotus SW (who we had lunch with yesterday as Business Partners), was the keynote speaker.
    • He covered the resurgence in attendance at Lotusphere and the solid double digit growth of Notes.
    • Market share is solid and growing.
    • Kids today don't email, they use social software
    • The agile business embraces change (me: how many companies are still fighting not to upgrade?)
    • We then jumped into the Domino 8 announcements - all you have seen online already
    • Sametime 7.5 was up next..  Point-to-point video, tabbed chat, Office Integration and Outlook, Mac client, Linux server and the list goes on
    • Kraig Vanderbeek jumped up to continue Sametime 7.5.1 demonstrations.  Overall he had about 15 plug-in loaded. (me: this leads me back to my March newsletter's editor section on making these available with no support to give us wow factor for demos).
    • He demonstrated all the pieces you would expect to see in all the new areas.
    • Portal was next on the list..
    • Lotus Quickr discussion came up to talk about Lotus' document management space.  80 sites are testing this product now
    • Lotus Connections came to close the keynote (the restlessness of slideware was starting to show).  Dogear got it's do mention and then Activities.  No one seemed to notice that Activities is Lotus Connections and not Domino 8.  475,000 profiles exist with 6 million hits per day on their internal BluePages.  IBM Community Map has over 700 communities now.

    You need to read on for the Quickr comments.....

    Continue Reading here" Blogging Live - Lotusphere Comes To You (LCTY) in St Louis" »
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      On Thursday, April 12th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collab Seminar Frankfurt photos

    You can find the photos either on Yahoo Photos or on Flickr, your choice.  Those are all of them from Frankfurt.  Now some blog silence while I take a couple days off to travel in Germany.
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      On Thursday, March 15th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collaboration Seminar in Frankfurt recap days 1-2

    Everyone in the room just about had a Blackberry.  So all those talks about not many European countries having them is way off in this attendee group.

    Sametime 7.5 was not widely deployed, it was only in testing at a couple sites.  Scaling the current sites as they migrate was a key factor to the entire group.  They had many wishlist items, some of which I posted into the necessary forums.

    There was no chat logging requirements or demand from anyone here.  Most of the concern seemed to be, from my angle, how this gets deployed, how I manage the new Sametime Connect client, what kind of plug-ins are available and issues around current deployments.

    Now one thing I hold close is the Sametime Gateway.  Eyebrows were raised when we covered this topic as the business need could not be defined.  Each of the US cities we did for this seminar wanted more time for this topic.  Here, it was well received, but we spent extra time on reasoning and doing live demonstrations showing the differences live in how a user would appear using a public name versus a corporate name in the public systems.  I had a couple side questions after the sessions that showed there was some interest now that it was better understood.

    More after we start the Blackberry sessions.
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      On Tuesday, March 13th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Thanks to Volker for a wonderful first day in Frankfurt

    The weather here has been quite amazing actually and the sightseeing tour walk we took was quite informational and fun.  So a big thanks for Volker dropping by in a busy Saturday, walking a bunch and sitting down for some food.

    This is my trip trip to Germany for any reason, so between the seminar feedback and sights, this should be a great trip.

    Pictures will be up shortly on Yahoo! and Flickr as usual
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      On Monday, March 12th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    My attempt at a full day of Sametime Mobile work ... errors and usability

    So today I went all day trying to use Sametime Mobile for my normal day to day activities while on the road.  This just didn't cut it for a power user that is used to manipulating around the client.  This would have been one of those areas that should have been in beta for some testing.  I don't know if it was, some let me say that also, it might have been.

    1) I had a chat, invited another per the menu item but it opened another chat window instead.  Ok, I might have did it wrong, but the way it shows the screens does not make it clear how to select multiple people at once or to add someone correctly to an existing one.

    2)  Now, the new chat window only had one menu item in it for some reason., the word Close.  I took that to be close that chat.  No, it closed Sametime Mobile entirely!!  I then had to log in again to go the #3

    2) Finally figured out how to do group chat.  Once the 3rd person joined it threw an error  Cannot chat with cn=xxxx/O=Connectria.  Error code = -2147475456.  Now after clicking the OK button, it took me into the group chat.  I think this is a bad closing of the single chat moving it to group mode.  The icon changed to a group symbol with my name instead of the normal of whom I was chatting with as an individual.

    Of course, I still do not like the blue and black where everyone in the group is blue.  Can we get different colors for each person?  Now that would be a huge benefit too
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      On Wednesday, February 21st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Day 2 - Real Time Collab Seminar and Sametime Mobile bug/enhancement

    A couple quick surprises.  One, most everyone in the room did not run Lotus Domino on Windows.  Instead it was iSeries, Linux and even some Solaris.  Interesting twist.  The second part is they really got the infrastructure session and asked some great follow-up questions about scaling a Sametime architecture for each of their needs.

    Now the Sametime Mobile client has something missing I had not noted before.  The Blackberry Enterprise Messenger service, that hooks into Sametime works quite well and is being enhanced even more.  The one thing it does do that the Sametime Mobile developers looked over is that if I am not in the actual chat, and lets say the device is in my holster.  The Welcome Screen has no indicator at the top that there is a pending chat.  Yes you would get the vibration, and if it was the last thing received it would go right into that chat.  But, if you get email behind a chat, for example, and let the Blackberry sit, there is no visual indicator a chat came in unless you check yourself.  Theirs, of course, shows that indicator.  Just one of those things that users demand.
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      On Wednesday, February 21st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Day 1 - Real Time Collab Seminar and a Nasty sametime.ini variable

    During the day, which had decent turnout even right behind Lotusphere, a question arose revolving around trusting the IP address of the Sametime Gateway in the Sametime server.  The person stated that they had placed the following:

    in the sametime.ini thereby allowing all IP addresses to be trusted.  So in turn, did they still need to go into stconfig.nsf and list the IP address of the Sametime Gateway.  Some research says this is not the setting they are using and that if they are using the one I think:

    instead, then they are allowing any server to connect to their Sametime server.  The first ini variable should have been a list of IP addresses and not a 1 (one).  This setting should only be utilized during debugging connectivity issues and then should revert back to the trusted list.  If they are running this in production, we will cover it tomorrow in how to clean it up.

    Otherwise it was good to see everyone in the room was running Sametime, outside of 1 person, already.  A few had test installs of 7.5.1 running but no one had gotten near the Sametime Gateway.  The user ranges were from under 50 to over 10k.  Which gives a nice slice of environment sizes to cover examples with.  It seems there are still not enough Sametime marketing campaigns for some reason to reach everyone.  While they have it in place, so much of the capabilities and architecture were still unknown to them.  Wait till Day 2.

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      On Tuesday, February 20th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Time for my Lotusphere2007 wrap-up

    Overall...  I think that Lotusphere2007 scores a 9.33 out of 10.  Animal Kingdom was a bust from the get go with no animals.  But we weight that smaller.  Al the main scoring comes from content, presence of Lotus and delivery.
    • Content - Lotus hit the mark.  No mixed messages.  No tongue twists.  Workplace, a goner in the total sense and they didn't hide behind that.  Lotus Connections, the thing of the future.  The new client, the way you should be headed and yes, they will support all your applications.  Can we be any clearer?  Quickr, while spelled funny and related to Flickr through second cousins (kidding), a killer for Sharepoint contests.  Sametime, well take that all other perpetrators of enterprise IM  9.8
    • Presence - Lotus made it a point to be in your face while there.  From product managers being all around the "Sametime all the time" area to the labs.  If you did not schedule a time to take yourself and testdrive one of the new and upcoming releases, you wasted some time down there you shouldn't have.  No vaporware here, real products coming out the door to a desk near you. 9.6
    • Delivery - Clean, clear, crisp.  A refreshing change from some years past.  Keep Mike Rhodin short and from using large analogies and show more demos.  Done.  Put sessions that talk not just about futures but how it all fits together.  Done.  Use the same darn software online for attendees for the conference that you are talking about, done.  No more Workplace Messaging for mail when we are talking DWA.  Of course, unlocking some USB ports for Nomad would have helped the score. 8.6

    The Notes client
    ....Here I sit, days after Lotusphere2007 wondering if I took away what I think I saw.  I am not exactly sure.  Do not get that confused with Lotus not having a clear message.  They did.  Notes is here to stay and grow.  Not just grow, but evolve.  Mary Beth Raven and the team (sorry I don't know all the names) have transformed what we think of as the normal Notes client that people bash for years on end.  Sure the chicklet desktop will still be there in some format, I for one never moved to bookmarks.  But the new UI gives so much flexibility with the underlying Eclipse framework, it will shock me to hear anyone complain about it.  The tasks have been streamlined, actions that are hardly used have been removed or hidden away into advance areas.  The ability to plug-in just about anything astounds me each day I watch someone make a new one on the fly.  I know the increased hardware requirements, site updates, and policy management will change, but get with it, it is backwards compatible to all the stuff you have done already.

    , near and dear to me as most of you know, enters a new arena with the point-to-point video integration.  The public IM integration was promised and delivered in 2006.  I have talked to the AOL Clearinghouse team directly about future plans and if all goes well, you will see some awesome things coming out in the future too.  The reworking of the Sametime server has to be done, it has been far too long.  Such things as true failover and scaling for meetings needs to be put in place.  While the EMS was a valiant attempt, that was years ago and it hasn't gotten any better.  The policy controls need to be optional to integrate with the Domino policies, or standalone for those with Sametime and no other Lotus environment.  Lotus really needs to get on the ball and get a real Sametime plug-in catalog out there and open for everyone if you want this to continue taking off.

    Lotus Connections
    ...  candidly I don't see how most enterprises will get any value from it upon deployment for some time.  It takes huge effort to start getting enough data where it becomes a valuable asset.  I can't imagine IBM turned it on and the first day had people gaining insight into the thinking leaders.  it took time to populate bookmarks (Dogears), profiles and communities.  This will be a direction that a company has long term plans for.  I approached Alan Lepofsky, did a podcast and I fully understand where they are going with this.  I just have my concerns on implementation and controls.  I know we will be hosting this product for companies, I can see that without the crystal ball.  I am even trying to get Lotus to offer a real test of this in action with the bloggers having a community.  I registered so we can run Lotus Connections and you can watch how the bloggers Dogear and create communities.

    ... A much needed change to Quickplace with the controls of Domino Document Manager.  We heard the rumors of this coming, and it appeared, just short of an E apparently.  I haven't played enough with it yet to make an honest statement on it, just please place it in the spellcheck for me.  The optional backend data stores will be a selling point for everyone, even going head to head with Sharepoint.

    Second Life
    ...  I have jumped in and out, met some people I know and don't know but see that in order to have this be a fully functional opportunity, you basically have to have people dedicated to the task of being there.  While a neat way to reach more people in a pseudo world, it takes more time playing around to be productive.  Who wants to look goofy in there so you spend a ton of time making yourself look just right.

    SpeedGeeking, Gurupalooza and other things I did
    ...  SpeedGeeking was something that caught my eye the moment it was brought up.  I have presented plenty at numerous places, and everyone knows how fast I can go.  So I decided to push myself and not be outdone by Mr Mooney, Ben and Wild Bill in that room.  From stealing Bill's Toblerone midsession to covering about 36 presentations in the hour (3 presentations in 5 minutes) I had no voice left and couldn't get the slides reset fast enough it seems.  But what a blast it was.  Congrats to Rocky on that and then moving us along to Gurupalooza.  I always enjoy that session in that most people don't get the amount of experience on that stage at one time.  Across so many disciplines too.  While all of you are out there asking questions, we are mumbling to ourselves based on the topic who will be getting the mic.  It is as much fun for us.  The glowing part? To have all that skillset on the stage look to you for specific answers.  I don't know how the others feel about this, but having your peers respect you for certain parts of your knowledgebase is incredible to me when you look to them for the same thing.  Then lastly, there was
    LotusphereLive.  If you did not have the chance to check that out you should.  Carl Tyler whipped this site of persistent chat rookms and virtual places in about a week.  Connectria then hosted it to thousands of visitors that wanted to see the bloggers talk live about the opening and closing general sessions.  A great way for partners to use the technology together and show rapid development.

    Vendor floor
    ..  As always, Connectria had a presence on the exhibitor floor.  This year seemed to be about one or two particular topics like DR and remote management.  It is becoming clear that companies want a good disaster plan and we are happy to talk all about how we become part of that.  Overall the feedback was a nice constant buzz.  Instead of other years where there was large gaps in people down there, this year was almost a constant milling.  That means good news for partners and for products being developed.  It was nice to see such an array of plug-in partners for Sametime too.

    ...  Now this was totally a highlight.  I couldn't get them done fast enough and balanced enough to not overflow your iPods and give you time to stream online.  I had so many topics to do and people to talk to.  Not to mention those that wanted just to get on one.  Thanks to the advertisers who helped assemble the t-shirts Bruce, Julian and I totally ran out of, the new equipment we needed and other random items.  Special thanks to the wife for coming down to help do intros on the podcasts, edit and hand out t-shirts.  Heck, she ended up on the plasma screens as an attendee, lol.  She also had a huge part in the vendor floor and book.

    ...  Wow!!  I can say wow!  The first batch in the Lotus Bookstore sold out.  The second batch did well enough in there too.  Thanks to all that
    grabbed a copy.  It would have been nice for the sessions on the Sametime Gateway to mention it as a reference, but there was not much time between Lotusphere and the book coming out.  I signed a few, which was surprising and made me grin so big is was silly.
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      On Tuesday, January 30th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere2007 daily non-tech Review

    You can find my entire Lotusphere2007 picture set on Flickr now, or everyone that tags match Lotusphere2007 will be there.  As usual, I still make a directory sideshow on Yahoo photos over here.  I have 3 more podcasts to get out from Lotusphere for you.  First up, a quick 2 person end of week review to get another attendee's take on how it went for them.  Then the interview with the Technotics guys on DST.  Finally, the bloggers press interview with Mike Rhodin that took place during the week.

    So here is what I missed blogging about directly.

    Lotusphere Day 4

    Speed Geek - Let me start there.  It was as you would expect from reading around the blogs.  Ben L had a nice section on what everyone covered and I added my comment in.  Everyone that attended received a nice open bar surprise and I provided some giveaways of my Sametime Gateway book.  I did 3 presentations in 5 minutes for 12 times in just at an hour time.  Whew!  It was brain draining for us too.  Ben L has two postings with a SpeedGeek review on his blog, so go have a look.  I would definitely do this one again.  Plus I managed to get a nice travel bag with tech toys, my favorite being this 4 port USB hub in a square..
    Image:Lotusphere2007 daily non-tech Review

    All week the exhibitor floor was non-stop and I have to commend the sales team from Connectria for standing there fielding any wild issue all of you brought to them.  I know I couldn't catch everyone that tried to stop by, but they did a great job of telling me who came and trying to tell you when I would be back.

    Lotusphere Day 5

    The blogger BOF at 7am left us with half the room of people that never slept, and a few not showered :-).  Ed was the commentator and led a good discussion on some topics he brought.  The task of bringing other ideas was actually acted upon by some of the bloggers.  My point was the implementation of the social computing and Lotus Connections software into larger scale environments.  We know how long it takes to groom your own profiles on personal sites, but getting workers to actually do that for something internal is a long fight.  I liked the idea of some forced work and automated information updates being utilized in parallel.

    I stopped in the labs for a few minutes to find most of the schedules full for the ones I wanted to participate in.  That was a good sign that people wish to touch the new technology and it gives a wider variety of feedback to Mary Beth and the teams.

    Next up was a stop at the Certification Lab to find the massage ladies were done yesterday and there was not much for good giveaways.  A place to sneak in a drink and snacks always though.  It was moved from the 7th floor of the Swan to the side Europe room in the Dolphin.  No balcony, cool view or just a nicer place than a dark conference room.

    Instead, I was asked to join a company conversation with Lotus on deployment of the Sametime Gateway.  Thanks to all of you that bought a book while here, the first round sold out and some of the second with him.  I even had some people asking me directly.  Well the conversation turned into a larger scale architecture conversation and many solutions.  I hope to talk to that group again shortly.

    Gurupalooza was even better this 3rd year for me.  The questions have settled in some and people are still hesitant to give that first one out.  After the first person got up, we had a nice run of some good issues.  LDAP, mass mailings and backup products were some I handled.

    Ask the developers was the same as usual, but no big ranting this year.  Some nice applause and it was good to see a few stumpers from the developer team.  We did the live blogging of the closing session over at
    LotusphereLive once again and all the commentary on that is there.

    Dinner was caught with Gabriella Davis, Andrew Pollack and the Turtle crew before saying a goodbye to everyone over in Kimonos.  A relaxing evening to close out a sleepless week.

    I will give a tech overview and more podcasts later on today.

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      On Friday, January 26th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere2007 Day 3 completed

    I started the day in a BOF with Wes Morgan BOF that I walked out on before heading to Wes.  Now, to move from session to session is a normal event for everyone based on what you expected and want to hear in the short times you have, but rarely would I use the words walked out on.  It was not a sponsor event where you expect to hear about a certain solution.  It was an advertisement for the services of the host of the BOF.  I even took some of the placards placed on the seats with me.  One side was promoting the BOF itself, well done and glossy.  The other was a terribly blatant ad to this solution and the host led right into it the first couple minutes.  This is something personally I have not done in my sessions.  While what I do is not a secret, I don't mention it unless they expect some background on us.  Ok, the rant is over on that topic.

    Now on to Wes.  A small session but well run, as usual, and full of comments.  The people there were slow to start speaking up but it slowly moved into more questions and answers about deployment, plug-ins versus bots and versioning.

    One of the tones of the opening is the Social Computing aspect.  They launched Lotus Connections and placed it in the online system for the attendees.  I played with this for a while and some thoughts came to mind.  So I started thinking of whom I could ask for opinions.  After Ted and I tossed it around during lunch I just happened to run into Alan Lepofsky who willingly wanted to answer the questions I had burning in my brain since he is the marketing guy for this product!  One of those weird by chance instances I asked him about it.  So look for that podcast in a few minutes.  I have more comments after that.

    Lastly it was the vendor floor for quite a while.  It is nice to see the enthusiasm of the products as you walked around on a break.  I did see many that were definitely competing in numerous areas which just shows the strong growth of the Lotus products in the marketplace.  You don't have vendors flocking to sell services and software when the Lotus Notes marketshare is declining do you?
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      On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere2007 Opening General Session

    First things first.  There was a signal but no connection to the Internet from 3 attempted places in the room.  While we could see access points, there was no way to get to LotusphereLive or any other site.  I managed to hit one or two pages and then it went away again.  So this was what happened all morning in my eyes.

    After a nice live band opening the show, Mike Rhodin took the stage for the introduction and 2 minute recap of 2006.
    • Sametime is over 1M seats since Sametime 7.5 shipped!
    • 7k people here in Orlando, up 11% since last year
    • 85 reporters and a ton of analysts
    • 1869 certified professionals
    • Second Life opens tomorrow online for Lotusphere.  Ed gave the link last night

    The guest speaker was... Neil Armstrong.  He received a standing ovation from everyone in the crowd.  His immediate tip is why Orlando International is the title MCO.  I never knew why.  It was named for McCoy Air Force Base, which turned into the airport.  It was here they did the X1 rocket work if I heard correctly.  He joking stated that once they got the idea to race the Russians into space, no one was quite willing.  Until they chose pilots.  The Americans fell behind the space race with the 3rd person in space behind the cosmonauts.  Neil made the first spacecraft docking in space and made a good joke about setting a landing record, for the farthest away from the aircraft carrier.

    Mike Rhodin
    took the stage once again after Neil closed with another standing ovation.  He made a good joke about not having to worry about being in the "Office" and the removal of the word "Office"
    • Access should be easier to information through better and faster ways
    • the mailbox needs to be tamed

    Mike turned it over to Akiba Saeedi and Bruce Morse to talk about Sametime 7.5
    • 3500 customer downloads of Sametime 7.5.  Huge demand shown for new technology
    • Customer case studies were mentioned about DOD, GE and Intellicare (a Connectria customer).  While they provide a quick clip, there is always the murmur to hear more about how they did the implementation
    • Sametime 7.5.1 is announced with video chat in point-to-point connectivity.  I heard the giant vacuum of bandwidth sounds.  But what a way to bring
    • Tabbed chat
    • Linux server
    • Mac client platform support
    • Microsoft Office and Outlook integration
    • UC2 is the new theme for Sametime and Unified Communications

    Ron Sebastian
    then jumps in with live demo and Sametime 7.5 and video
    • you can invite devices and people for multi point video
    • tabbed chats is now integrated (I remember asking for that one in the beta program)
    • Smart Tags in Office sees the names and start chats from within the Office docs
    • the softphone integration was a nice touch but a lot, I mean a lot of clicks for voice calls
    • Blackberry integration showed off click to call

    Ken Bisconti
    then was up next
    • 130 million seats of Lotus Notes with competitive wins worldwide.  If this doesn't say growth and market position, then people in other shops don't understand simple math of true collaboration software.
    • The name Hannover is now officially dropped as a project name and it is fully Notes and Domino 8
    • ODF technology is built into the Notes 8 client.  This brings a whole new solution to the SMB market for large cost savings.
      • He tossed it over to Ron again for a demo
      • Ghosted entries show in the calendar show to let you choose to accept an invitation or not without being in the mailfile.
      • He also showed the ability to import calendars based on standards right into your own with a couple clicks.  I would like to see this easier for the users, but this is still in beta.  Having certain business applicaitons serving RSS feeds would make notifications much easier and you can work with the streams.
      • Threaded mail messages click open with ease from right in the inbox with a simple arrow.
      • The simple click RSS reader will be an excellent enhancement.  Now can you push pre-configured feeds down?  That would be awesome
      • Sametime integration is full and complete.  All the side items can be floated or docked to let the user drive the interface with ease.
      • Convert to PDF built into the client, that will be huge for all enterprises.
      When Ken came back he then changed to Domino
      • Message recall ability is being made available.  I imagine this will be an on/off feature controlled by admins through policies.  This also means some new mail template changes in store.
      • tighter integration with Websphere Portal, Larry Bowden covers that further below.
      • Then it was moved beyond Notes 8
        • alternative directory support for authentication
        • the move to support 64-bit platforms without mandating them.
        • Domino Next will have more content management abilities integrated.

        Allister Rennie
        announced Lotus Quickr software
        • There was a note to a Personal Edition to share and store your own content.  Think about this storage as a place people will back up harddrives and share content everywhere.  Storage concerns will be an issue here.  I did like the RSS and Atom feeds built in.  We aren't talking companies hosting family photos, we are talking content that can be shared and replicated locally.  An interesting twist to security controls and policy management
        • Every licensed Notes or DWA user will be able to use the Personal Edition for free.  Yes, no additional charge.
        • Quickplace license holders will be able to use the Standard Edition of Quickr for free.  This has more built in capabilities and controls that the personal edition,of course.  Information on that will be forthcoming as they did not fully cover that.
        • Microsoft Sharepoint repositories will be included with the purchase that IBM preformed of FileNet

        Larry Bowden
        comes on next to discuss Portals and collaboration
        • Google gadgets will be available as mashups within Portal 6
        • Forms handling capabilites were integrated this past year to increase speed and redice errors
        • There is a new Workflow Builder
        • IBM Websphere Portal 6 Express ships on January 30th
        • A personal Portal mode to work offline and disconnected will be available
        • Using the Google gadgets they showed how AJAX will allow only portional Portal screen updates for better performance for the end user

        returns to talk about how Notes 8 based on Eclipse can run Domino apps online and online
        • A common runtime wrapped with Lotus Designer allows Domino 8, Sametime and Portal to allow you to build and depoly components that can be shared without writing Java code
        • Lotus Expeditor 6.1 and Portlet Factory provide some foundations for SOA, J2EE and a slew of other opportunities
        • The Composite Application Editor in Notes 8 allows you to mix all of the above
        • The demo was a portlet built in Component Designer, then have it run offline.  Move it over to to Sametime and pray for more.
        • Now call me silly, but in the lower right of Ron's demo computer it sat there trying to retrieve a wireless connection.  Just call that humorous
        • Quite an impressive demo actually.  One tool, one solution, one product.  Wait, that is a movie line.

        Mike Rhodin
        was back to provide more product news
        • He announced Lotus Connections and passed the stage to Jeff

        Jeff Schick
        , the new vp of Social computing took the stage to talk about Lotus Connections
        • This was a terrific announcement on how Socaial Computing will change the workplace with the integration of blogs, dogears and basic profiles about individuals to get better response and ease of finding knowledge in your enterprise.

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      On Monday, January 22nd, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    LotusphereLive website is set and ready for the OGS and Lotusphere Day 1 (plus picture links)

    Do not forget for everyone not here (and here with Internet) to watch for live blogging of the OGS.

    Pictures can be found on Flickr under the Lotusphere2007 tag or on my Yahoo! site as usual as an album.

    The day had far too much going on at once, but Lotus has made one thing clear, they are not out to play games anymore.  Well ok, they had a game theme at the Welcome Reception as a weird twist however.  Poker, air hockey, pool tables, twister and even video games.  Sametime sessions are non-stop, as the podcast pointed out yesterday.  They unveiled another company that has deployed Sametime in a larger scale than IBM themselves.  That would be GE.  The diagrams look the same as what you have seen at the conferences I have presented over the years.

    Business Development Day was a success as always with partners from all over the globe gathering to talk shop and see what Lotus has in store for them in 2007.

    This was also the day for Certified Lotus Instructors.  I was only able to attend a short amount of time there but they are gearing for some major shifts in how curriculum is delivered and assembled by the instructors.  More on that later as I have my own opinions.

    The Welcome Reception was well packed as the weather was better than the recent past years and everyone had a blast.  Even Wild Bill as we welcomed in his 40th birthday as you can see in the pics.

    With the murmur of Notes 8, tons of hands-on sessions and even the 'un-Conference", the 2007 Opening General Session looks to fling everyone straight into Web 2.0 and the wave of Lotus future.
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      On Sunday, January 21st, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Ventura, Geneva and Dogear hits the press and web a bit early for Lotusphere2007

    I was reading a bunch of the web about these new product names and such, and much of the links seem to be gone or removed (suddenly, hmm) but CRN went ahead and left a nice page talking about all these product/names/announcements

    You can read the CRN article
    right here and a quick clip for you:
    Ventura is the umbrella name overlaying a set of Web 2.0 applications that IBM will make available for enterprise use. The project will make BluePages, IBM's end-user directory for people's profiles, available beyond Big Blue's walls. Ventura also will include a version of Roller, the open-source blog server that drives Sun Microsystems' employee blogging site and IBM's DeveloperWorks blogs.

    Also on the road map is a project code-named Geneva, which would converge, repackage and clean up IBM's QuickPlace shared workspace software and Domino Document Management.

    Dogear, according to this IBM Research Web site, is a "social bookmarking" system that lets users "centrally store, categorize and share a set of personal Web bookmarks with others."

    Here are a few more links from IBM'ers and the like it seems:

    Elias Torres
    Andy Piper
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      On Friday, January 19th, 2007   by Chris Miller        

    Overview of Real-Time Collaboration Seminar - Philly

    So today ends the 3-day seminar.  I crammed in a podcast, announcing the Lotusphere2007 t-shirts with the Taking Notes guys and even digging deep in the conversations around the Sametime Gateway.

    As for here, the normal array.  Only a couple hands running older versions of Sametime, from 3.1 and below.  No one really had a full implementation of 7.5 outside of a couple small shops.  One site even used the integrated calendaring feature to invite the Sametime server for all of their meetings.  I do not see that often at all.

    The demand for scalable and clustered architectures was the largest I had seen so far.  There were some larger enterprises represented that were asking about architecture design and deploying everything from clusters to MUX's with load balancers.  It was nice to see that Sametime 7.5 is becoming a commodity and looked upon as a business tool.  The session on plug-ins showed some of the capabilities, and now that I have tested and actually ran the auto updates from the server side, it made the push in that direction stronger for myself.  I took great interest in the new redpaper Carl mentioned and can't wait for it to hit full redbook.  It has a couple cool plug-in ideas.  It will offer some sample code download too.

    Deployment was a concern, mainly over the amount of features.  I posed a question to Adam G offline asking about the ability to reduce memory load by removing feature sets from the client.  This was asked more than once by attendees here and other cities.  Basically the thinking is that if I am not using it or deploying it, why do I have to show it and can I save from that in memory.

    Dinner the second night (the first night I missed a connection due to mechanical issues on the plane) was at Bella Trattoria.  Excellent food, thanks to Andy P for choosing.  Otherwise I got to see nothing outside of the hotel and a walk to a local sports grille.
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      On Wednesday, December 13th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Vienna as a week for us in terms of conference, work, food, drink and friends

    The conference
      Another excellent conference produced by WISPubs and The View.  An excellent array of speakers on hand turned out some sessions, I myself made time to see on breaks.  I am always amazed at the knowledge that everyone carries and in very certain and specific areas.  All in attendance came prepared with tons of questions and very focused direction.  I handled a session on Sametime 7.5 which I drew much from the Real-Time Collaboration Seminar we are in the middle of touring right now (see link on left of blog).  As most has seen the interface, the growth in the ability around plug-ins and the abilities of the Sametime Gateway generated most of the questions.  The majority had already installed Sametime and were in the process of upgrade planning.  Those that had upgraded were smaller enterprise sizes, the largest was 500 persons.  We covered some of the security considerations around plug-in deployment and control over users.  Mail routing was a hot topic, both SMTP based and NRPC based.  As I mentioned in the other postings, there was some unique environments with multiple domains, firewalls, multi-company consolidations and dilemmas and just plain problems.  It seems most were inherited from previous administrators.

    But let us make one thing clear.. very few discussions about companies wanting to switch to other solutions and more that were bringing Exchange over or making sure coexistence worked.  I am pleased to see growth in the Europe market and the Notes 8 showings reinvigorated many.  I was glad to see Ed and Mary Beth come over for the conference.  I actually didn't know Mary Beth had another session on Notes 8 the next day. I paid attention to the rumblings from the attendees to hear it was well received again.  Moving forward in Lotus Notes is no longer about Domino, but about total architecture solutions including Portal and the Eclipse framework.

    Read about the city, food and flight experiences below by clicking.....

    Continue Reading here" Vienna as a week for us in terms of conference, work, food, drink and friends" »
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      On Saturday, December 2nd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2006 Vienna - BOF Experts Panel live blogging

    I had the pleasure of sitting with Andy and Rob of Technotics, Susan Bulloch of IBM for a four person panel BOF to answer whatever questions they had across all areas.  This is what we had to cover (minus a couple):
    • how to deep fry a turkey
    • change users SMTP domain name across 17 acquired companies
    • whitelisting servers
    • Sametime error codes for users dropping connectivity
    • set update flag in local address book
    • multi language notes clients?
    • strip attachments from NDR's?
    • port failover in a clustered server - teaming NIC cards as solution at hardware level
    • migration of domains by moving everyone into the new domain and then recertifying
    • server_transinfo_range  proper setting?
    • Nomad questions on the uninstall/U3 and performance speed issues on USB

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      On Thursday, November 30th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Live Blogging: Ed and Mary Beth talk about Hannover

    Ed started out telling the audience that some screenshots/slides were changed since the product has changed since the time the slides were updated.  Ed covered marketshare and where it stands now.

    Mary Beth took the stage and did a quick hand count of versions being ran.  There was 5.0.12 up through 7.0.2 in the room.  However, the overwhelming majority ran 6.5.x.  When I say majority, like 85% of the room.  She also asked who customized their current mail template.  A good half the room raised their hand

    One of the objectives was Functional Themes
    • New User experience
    • Composite application support
    • Stronger integration with Portal, Workplace, DB2 and 3rd party

    She moved into the new UI right away.  The integrated presentation editor was quite cool, but she headed right over into mail.  Ok, my honest impression, the first view of the inbox/mailfile looks pretty darn close to what it is now except for colors and smoothing.  I saw a few people in the back row just sigh until the following, then things changed with the demo and eyebrows came up.

    Saying that (repeating, saying that):
    • First the bookmark bar is gone and replaced with a "open" button.  You can then doc that open list and get the old icons/bookmarks from previous versions.  I think most people for upgrades will choose to dock the bar.
    • The toolbars in the Actions and Tools changed quite a bit.  There is an advanced ability for power/business users that comes disabled by default.  You will have to enable this.  Context sensitive toolbars will only be on by default.  You will need to enable the rest.  Even custom ones will need to be reenabled in the client.
    • The darn thumbnail bar was more than cool and helped find windows faster, even with searching.  I loved that new feature and had not seen it yet.
    • The ability to move the preview from bottom to right was a nice Outlook touch.
    • A new Filter/Clear All Filters button
    • There is a new mail8.ntf mail template.  Message markings are on by default and the sender and subject are brought together.  With this being in a template, you can still make and modify what you wish.
    • Size of messages is still in K but is now rounded numbers
    • The lightening bolt in the bottom left still exists!
    • Mail threading shows in the inbox and shows the thread count to the far left
    • The right side bar includes activities, day at a glance and even the Sametime contacts enabled as plug-ins for you.  With policies you can even control if users get the sidebar or not.  Then even which they get as part of the policy.  There is even a RSS reader you can float and open feeds in browsers (see below)
    • The Sametime contacts includes the full Sametime 7.5 client since the Eclipse base is the same
    • You can then write any of your own Eclipse plug-ins
    • The Notes embedded browser is gone, gone I say, gone!!  You get whatever rendering engine you have as default
    • A lot of the calendar UI looks the same from first glance.  Saying that, action buttons are moved to the left bar so everything you need to do is on the left.
    • The ability to see/manage others calendars is moved to the lower left including group calendars
    • The personal address book has had the UI changed and some of the functionality
    • Inline spell checking

    • can I select which address I use when I have multiple addresses listed for personal contacts?  Not in advance, but while composing?
    • Can I prepopulate RSS feeds to users?
    • Is the Workspace gone?  I saw bookmarks...

    Ed then took back over the stage
    • All applications will run in Notes 8, repeating, yes all applications will run in Notes 8 he had on the first slide
    • This is one of the first to be Eclipse based product
    • They recognize that it is now a heavier rich client than before (this means eats memory)
    • There seems to be a Sametime Next server in the slide, not sure what that was
    • They are planning a Win32 client that will be a bridging the gap client to go from Notes 7 to Notes 8 giving you some of the new functionality, while not making the jump to the Eclipse platform
    • More usability testing has been done on this release that any previous release
    • Public beta looks like first quarter 2007, while there is the private beta now
    • This is the foundation for Notes for the next 16 years.  They say this meaning Notes has been around for 16 already, not that things won't change and grow for the next 16
    • A strong statement about "openness" using the Eclipse and WCT base
    • Productivity tools will be rolled in for the ODF support.  Integrated menus, lightweight
    • Activity-centric collaboration is back.  I didn't get it a year or more ago when they started down the path and struggle to follow what it means now.  I see it as a conglomeration of documents, chats, emails and such grouped by activity or project.  Glorified TeamRooms that have been properly managed?  It is just me, but for once, ok, more than once, it is an area I have not gotten the term or drive yet

    Domino 8 moves back into new server feature mode
    • Tighter integration into Portal
    • Client provisioning for Eclipse
    • Optional message retraction (server-based)  How they snuck that in is funny
    • Instantaneous Out-of-office responses
    • Spamguru
    • Holy cow Batman, it is DB2 once again with general availability
    • tons of other security, directory and admin enhancements (according to slides)
    • Expeditor is the new client and Notes is the plug-in to the client
    • Sametime integration and licensing.....  the Sametime 7.5 client is a plug-in but they are unsure if the IMLU carries forward, but the plan is chat and presence

    Future roadmap
    • Allow Notes users to be defined in non-Domino LDAP
    • more admin enhancements
    • Native 64-bit Domino Beta at Domino "Next" GA.  32-bit will continue on
    • Each 64-bit platform will be a new Domino platform?  planning issue

    So a good but quiet audience participation session.  Some questions at the end from people and one comment following the recent thread of Ed's blog about fixing what is there first.  Mary Beth's blog has a lot more screen shots from the past two weeks, I suggest you head over.  I linked it above.

    P.S. Jason Collier felt it was necessary to help me type as we both paid attention and tried to type and keep up to get you the whole session.  Now go buy a test.
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      On Wednesday, November 29th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Here in Vienna for Admin2006

    For those of you not here for this conference, I will be live blogging as much as possible, as well as providing feedback for the attendees.  While arriving Saturday, Sunday became a recovery and relax day.  Today (Monday) was all sightseeing before the string of 9 or so sessions I have begin.  You can find them all on the site right here.

    I will have pictures up shortly as I took more than a bunch today out seeing the City of Vienna.
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      On Monday, November 27th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Toronto Day 1 end and Day 2

    The plug-in session moved along well.  Everyone is still waiting for IBM to give some good samples it seems.  No representative here said they were developing their own.  I think people will get moving whenever the Plug-in Catalog opens and there are trials, freeware and paid choices.  I know there is the iscoord softphone out there and the obligatory IBM samples.

    People were very interested about the future of the RTC Gateway and how it will fit into most enterprise deployments once again.  Looking at some of the IBM webpages and info with them proved beneficial for discussions.

    Dinner was back at East, a Thai/Chinese/Pan-Asian restaurant I enjoyed last time here.

    We spent this morning building the infrastructure with eager eyes to see architectural diagrams, sample deployments and suggestions.  Questions were flowing in this session around mux deployments, clustering and load balancing.  We jumped into configuring and deploying the client and the areas they have to manually control as Lotus policies haven't jumped to that point.  If you weigh what you control as the administrator versus what the user can do, they win at this point.

    Since Sametime 7.5 went live with mobile (see my postings last week here and here) the live demo went over well.  The viewer used for the Blackberry is a bit slow, but n-way chat, business cards, status, emoticons and chat history (yes on the device) was well received.  Everyone there was bound for Blackberry and not Windows Mobile at this time.
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      On Tuesday, November 14th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Toronto Day 1 (opening)

    A little change from Chicago a couple weeks ago.  Sizes of installations go from 35 to ~140,000 users for Sametime.  There is a couple still sprinkled in that are in the planning stages so I hope they get to take a lot away from the seminar.  Versions installed run from 3.1 to 7.5.

    After covering the bandwidth and basic server build session again, many were left for lack of better words, stunned.  A few were there to gain some more insight into the whole bandwidth area.  I am beginning to see a trend develop that I bet will continue.  Getting a handle on what they need to support a fully implemented Sametime 7.5 environment including all features and functions.

    IBM once again took the stage with a local person from Toronto that did a good job.  We lost Internet for a moment in the first session but recovered and continued on after lunch.  He had local servers which assisted in the outage.

    Next up is plug-ins and I am curious to see what ideas this group has for expanding them into their deployments.  I will let you know shortly.
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      On Monday, November 13th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Chicago Day 2

    Today's goal was to build the environment, apply proper administration best practices (including monitoring), configure the Sametime 7.5 client (including policies and updates) and then a segway into mobile device support for Sametime.  Including some first time shown screenshots of Sametime 7.5 natively on the Blackberry.  Business card support looked nice.  The black and blue font was there for the chat, but it says emoticon support will be there in addition.

    Questions today revolved around firewalls, upgrades, client options and configurations and a slew of other items that applied to particular setups.  It was good to see the whole Sametime plan come together in some of their eyes in how we started from the groundfloor and moved into architecture and deployment of the clients.

    Overall, the group was eager to deploy 7.5 and we discussed and addressed some internal roadblocks.  I mentioned custom IM policies and, as expected, most did not have that yet.  Internet use and email policies, yes.

    I started the discussion on mobile devices with Sametime 7.5 before handing off the final session to Paul Steel of RIM. He took everyone through the initial architecture and level setting.  They were prepared with questions and hit him right away.  Can't wait to see what the whole day tomorrow dedicated to Blackberry brings then.
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      On Tuesday, October 24th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Chicago Day 1 final

    After presenting the session on the RTC Gateway, the response was stunned looks.  Enterprises represented still have concerns over the business case that would have them opening and connecting to public providers.  Security is always a concern and that issue was raised as there is no known (to me) message handler writers currently for SPIM and anti-viruses that are ready for the gateway.  The ability to have your corporate name shown to other enterprises through the clearinghouse and to the public side opens need for an IM Policy to be written to cover what should be transferred and how you represent yourself. You can restrict who can access which channel (provider) but the actions of that person now directly reflect your organization. No more hiding behind screen names.

    I have more to say on this topic but I am thinking of a series or podcast.  Any takers on comments/interview of your thoughts in a podcast?

    Dinner the first night was Wildfire, a pretty good local chain.  Apparently they are expanding to other cities like Atlanta shortly.  Besides the snowshowers that hit tonight, dinner was split among people trying to go to different places.  We ended up at Momotaro, a Japanese restaurant for some sushi.
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      On Monday, October 23rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar - Chicago Day 1

    Now the humorous part is that the total hotel lost power this morning at around 7:15am.  So that meant walking down the stirs from upper floors, power generators in the meeting room for the projector and laptops and candles on all the tables for some light.  (it was quite cloudy and dreary outside)  About halfway through the first session it all came back on.

    I have had the link to the
    Real-Time Collaboration and Mobility Seminar on the side of my blog for some time.  An excellent turnout for the first city with over 120,000 Sametime users represented with versions ranging from 3.0 to 7.5.  Many did not have Sametime installed anywhere at this point.

    After covering the bandwidth and basic server build session, many were left for lack of better words, stunned.  You can consume unbelievable amounts of bandwidth with audio/video in place and configured for higher quality.

    IBM took the stage to do two sessions (one in progress) on Web Conferencing and one on IM.  They were built around the high end of show and tell, not just marketing, but not highly technical.

    After lunch we jumped into plug-ins in the Sametime client.  From building to deploying and where they get updated from.   Peeked at a couple samples and showed some security concerns around them

    Last session of the day was opening your environment to the public networks with the RTC Gateway.  More on that shortly.

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      On Monday, October 23rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University wrap up

    We graduated another class of the university.  I have a shot of a lot of the graduated gathered for the speaker panel session out on Flickr with almost all of the pictures uploaded now.  The way the university was designed, the heaviest technical sessions take place on Wed and Thursday.  Thursday afternoon ends with Satwick showing off Quickplace 8 abilities.  Friday was a great presentation by Mark once again before all of us speakers gather for a cool recap session ("Bringing it all Together") and then the full panel to field any left over questions.  We actually got a good futures question from an attendee all the way from South Africa.

    Thursday night was dinner in the lovely home of Tim and Gab Davis, from the Turtle Partnership.  Fish & chips all around with some pickled eggs, smashed peas and some other items you can see in the picture.  A wonderful time and great thanks to them.

    Dinner last night was more of collapse as Rob & Liz Novak and myself headed to a wonderful place within walking distance, The Pheasant.  Half bar/disco and half 6 level restaurant (yes 6).  I took a few pics of it.

    So today is some work and relaxation/sight seeing before heading home.  Congrats and thanks to the graduates once again.
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      On Saturday, September 30th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University Day 2 and announcement

    Today was a jam packed day, just like KC with the most technical sessions taking place.  I saw too many happy faces and a lot of people looking like their brains had been overflowed.  Just like a university should do.

    Now on for the news. Yesterday Ken Bisconti, Vice President Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Products had his opening session.  Now he made a comment we debated posting at first, but since it was said in front of people from 12 countries in a general forum, here is the snapshot that I am paraphrasing (yes that means not direct word for word but the whole thing in a very clear nutshell):
    You will see the name Workplace being pulled from products and being shown as a strategy and direction.

    Yes, the Workplace being removed from products, but very much the focus and strategy.  While I can see some industry analysts and other vendors taking a poke at this maneuver, I can also see the strategy position and stance in the marketplace.  Instead of seeing more and more Workplace products, you can then fold the Notes Domino name, Portal and other pieces under this strategy.  With the J2EE footprint in Sametime 7.5 and Hannover, it already existed in other product areas of Workplace.  So cross naming didn't work unless you take a step back and widen the umbrella.
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      On Thursday, September 28th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University - London opening session (live)

    After Rob Novak opened the conference, he turned over the stage to Ken Bisconti, Lotus/IBM as the keynote:
    Ken promised only one marketing slide at the beginning to the obvious appease of all the attendees.  The business questions revolved around driving the effectiveness and responsiveness of the organization and workforce.  Composite applications are coming together, including in Notes Hannover using the Notes Rich Client platform through Eclipse.  Lotus Expeditor (need keyword to learn here) will become the framework builder in this scenario.  Enterprise content management has high end needs including very specific to departments and very general to everyone in the organization.  These include collaborative content services (Quickplace), ad-hoc and informal collaboration (Websphere Portal, Workplace Documents, Dom.Doc) all the way to structured team space services (non-IBM).  All of these are accessed with flexible UI interaction of Lotus Notes, Sametime, Portal and Microsoft Office.  Storage needs and repositories are the next logical need.  Creating such things as a Sametime plug-in to access these backend repositories are becoming a demanding need in enterprises.  Enhancements in Notes continue to help manage these storage needs.  Those are all 'traditional' access methods.

    This moves us into real-time and instant ways of collaborating.  He covered the past 18 months of the Sametime path and growth into new levels.  This all leads the path to presence driven organizations.  The Sametime client is coming for Windows Mobile and Symbian to show the move into presence driven.  He also went on to say look for announcements on the RTC Gateway in a month or so.  He showed a high level architecture view of the RTC Gateway (which I will speak to later).

    I can leave blogging a moment as he went into live Sametime 7.5 demos..

    Ok we interrupt the demo to laugh as Ken initiates a voice chat with Mark Pagnier (IBM) and asks if Mark can hear him.  Mark answers yes...from the back of the room in the last row.  Ok, you get the humor here.

    Now, how is Lotus moving from hierarchies (picture a Domino domain) to network hierarchies (picture spaghetti).  This includes virtual teams expert networks and knowledge communities.  There is a new initiative that has not been announced that is moving towards discovering the right information.  Of course, Dogear was shown to elaborate 'social bookmarking'.  Ken once used the (rhymes with 'hang high') word but I don't think I can type that anymore.

    In closing, the IBM Workplace Strategy appeared on the screen including all Dynamic Workplace apps (Domino, Portal), Unified Communications (Sametime) and Collective Knowledge (upcoming).

    Overall, one of the best keynotes I have seen in presentation as well as content flow without too much marketing tossed in.
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      On Wednesday, September 27th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Setup complete for Collaboration University - London

    Spent the day working until we had the availability of the conference rooms.  Setup looks good, the venue is nice and everyone has arrived.

    Our keynote will be Ken Bisconti who joined all of the speakers (and some spouses) at a wonderful restaurant in Middlesex called Rawalpindi Grill.  we are all stuffed and prepped to be down early for the start of the conference.  I am looking forward to seeing a couple bloggers/business partners that are in attendance too.

    Look for more tech info like a couple weeks ago as the conference progresses.  I haven't had time to get anything else out except this months Sys Admin newsletter.  Podcast to follow (hint Bruce)
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      On Tuesday, September 26th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Arrival in London for Collaboration University this week

    While I arrived on time after a nice strong stroll through O'Hare, my luggage was not as lucky and had to catch the next flight.  But I was pleasantly surprised by the Turtle Partnership when my room was ready.  A wonderful bag of snacks.  Let's make that large sack.  Some favorites and some things I think they will force me to try.  it included:
    • Walkers chips- Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion, Prawn Cocktail.  While I know I like the salt and cheese option, the idea of small sea things on my chip makes me raise and eyebrow
    • Hob Nobs- nice biscuits with chocolate.  Of course, they list energy on the can instead of the word calories
    • Jaffa Cakes - once again sports enthusiasts seem to like the calories
    • Nestle Quality Street - cool assortment of candies
    • Bassett's Jelly Babies - soft jelly candies
    • Hartley's Blackcurrant Jelly - cool, a new jelly (gelatin) for the kids
    • Marmite - yes, spread very thin on toast and enjoy (I learned while in KC how to do it properly)
    • Prince's Corned Beef - passing this one on as I don't eat beef but like the little can
    • Robertson's Golden Shred - orange marmalade, darn right!
    • Heinz Baked Beans and Cream of Tomato Soup - one with pop can lid and one without.  I like em both
    • Cadbury huge milk chocolate bar - 250g worth.  Damn I love chocolate
    • PG Tips pyramid bag teas.  This is a new "shape" in the US for teabags.  This will get well guarded and good use as I am a tea drinker
    • Lastly, a comic book.  I needed some new reading as I finished off the book on the way over that I bought at the airport.

    So huge thanks to Gab, Mike and Tim over at the Turtle Partnership for a warm welcome to a tired soul
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      On Monday, September 25th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Prepping steps and info for Collaboration University - London

    With the success, and successful feedback from last week, we are making some enhancements and changes to a few areas and presentations.  No fear, those of you that attended last week won't miss out, we will get you the info too.

    Look for a change to the Top 10 Support issues for Sametime and some more information on building Sametime clusters and the session from Gab "To MUX is Not Enough".  We had some ideas and changes around that to help explain architecture easier.  It was great to see so many people get a handle on geographic distribution of the MU to handle loads in areas with limited bandwidth.

    Another tech post later today, I had to play catch up on some other things first.
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      On Thursday, September 21st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University Class of Sep 15 2006 completed

    We had some great fun (shown in some pictures), awesome podcasts and excellent students last week.  The experience of seeing so many different deployments of Sametime and Quickplace in one place was an eye opener for anyone that does configurations and architectures.  The basics were always the same, but the individual challenges and hurtles made our minds bend as instructors.

    I had the please of working with an awesome team to blow through an amazing amount of detail.  I can't wait to see the next class in London starting in one week.
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      On Monday, September 18th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Collaboration University Day 2 and Announcements on Wiliki and Quickplace 8.0

    Image:Collaboration University Day 2 and Announcements on Wiliki and Quickplace 8.0
    Hawaiian for "Engineer" made to be a set of blog and wiki templates in Quickplace. You can deploy it now on current versions and it is open source based on Ajax and Web 2.0 capabilities.  It can be packaged as a PlaceType for all or used individually.  The RSS and Atom feeds will be awesome.

    Quickplace 7.0 and beyond through 8.0
    There will be a fixpack for QP 7 that will contain some new features before we move into 8.0

    Quickplace 8.0 will have numerous enhancements launched around the time of Domino 8.0
    • Simple (if not almost automated) upgrade from version 7 to 8
    • The features above from Wiliki are listed as native in 8.0 of Quickplace
    • Better integration into Lotus and Microsoft
      • editing of QP content directly within Microsoft
      • Access QP from directly within Notes and Hannover
      • ODF support with integration from the IBM Productivity Tools
      • A Place Superuser access role
      • Better administrative reporting and dashboard control
      • Access content from within Sametime 7.5 chat , meeting or buddylist.  WOW
        • Transfer files from within QP right through Sametime
        • A Quickplace shelf (plug-in) for ST with even more capabilities in the screenshots
        • Subscriptions to key data like calendar, folders, what's new
        • My Places would move into folders in the inbox of your mailfile
          • Drag a mail thread right into Quickplace
          • Future mails in this thread get automatically pushed
          • A Quickplace Dashboard (we have to meet the Web 2.0 acronyms)
          • UI right click actions sensitive to users rights in the QP and context of usage

          Quickplace Next has even more changes in mind towards the second half of 2007
          • Backup and restore Team Spaces
          • Offline access with the rich client - Hannover
          • Desktop integration - Office and Windows Explorer
          • Solid document management capabilities
          • New blog and Feed Reader ability

          So how does that sum up announcements at Day 2?

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      On Thursday, September 14th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Check out the new ’podcastlet’ on TakingNotes. All about Collaboration University

    Head on over, Bruce and I had a Skype chat in the evening last night.  We will try another tomorrow for more announcements.
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      On Wednesday, September 13th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Opening session for Collaboration University

    Opening remarks were from Rob welcoming everyone and showing off the fun events for the week.
    • "Down to Earth" session with IBM.  Real talk, real input.  No 30,000 foot views
    • live jazz from Albadeen for the welcoming reception
    • "Operation Red Flag", go peek.  IMAX show of fighter pilots becoming part of a team
    • The speaker introduction was funny as there was serious and then a 'little known fact' for each
    • We got to see the video from the launch event happening in NYC right when we were starting the conference

    The keynote speaker was David Marshak of IBM, Program Director and Senior Product Manager Real-time Collaboration
    • The focus is the second generation of real-time collaboration in his presentation
    • IM as a vehicle for presence-driven lifestyle in organizations
    • Mobile device support will be cool.  It will be extended to include as many Sametime 7.5 features as possible, like click-to-call
    • He covered the RTC and how it fits into the future enterprise.  I have a whole slew of separate comments on the RTC.  Presence and voice chat are in the first release.  More functionality later, like video and file transfers
    • That is where the first generation ends and we enter the second
    • Open extensibility model, rich media and collaboration within and outside the organization
    • David moved into a live demo of the future
    • Knowing where people are is becoming just as important as knowing if they are online in this day of the mobile workforce
    • Location services will move to the server side, but the client can decide to show where they are still
    • Dogears was covered as Mike Rhodin has done in recent talks.  This becomes interesting in larger enterprises where the amount of data can be overwhelming.  Subscriptions to watch other's tags yields great power but can also get us into the RSS/blog issue of information overload
    • Freejam, Skilltap and Broadcasting was addressed from the current ICT (IBM Community Tools) as how it will roll into the second generation

    You get the idea.  I have to head to prep for my session so I am missing the end of the kenote..

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      On Wednesday, September 13th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    First photos from pre - Collaboration University

    OK, these are from us setting up and suffering late into the night to make the first day a success.  I can't post a couple I took of the surprises we are doing tomorrow, so wait for those...   pictures are on Flickr or Yahoo Photos

    Image:First photos from pre - Collaboration University
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      On Wednesday, September 13th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Preparing for Collaboration University

    As I sit in Kansas City next to Rob Novak, Gab Davis and Carl Tyler, I have surmised that the world might implode with this much Sametime and Quickplace knowledge in one room.  We are finalizing slide changes and preparing some surprises for those of you that found your way here.

    London has attendees from all over Europe it seems and is still growing.  I imagine some are waiting to see the reaction to this one before signing on for that event at the end of September.

    Look for podcasts, pictures and other crazy things as we go with lack of sleep and pure silliness.  Just getting this part done has been more laughs than required for a simple slideset.
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      On Tuesday, September 12th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Technical Issues and Resolutions from the St Louis Notes User Group

    One of the first admin questions dealt with local users still being able to utilize type-down addressing.  I had not thought about that in years!  Apparently, looking at recent technotes, it broke in 6.5.1 for the client.  Technote #1168872 describes the settings required to let this function work correctly.  Searching further I found technote #1084833 that covers type-down addressing and directory catalogs.  I might have to look into playing around with this.

    Another question from an attendee wished to restrict certain users from receiving SMTP mail (SEC needs and requirements) and still have them receive SMTP mail from internal applications.  There was too many users to add by name to SMTP restricted fields (where groups don't work).  Instead, it was suggested to selectively remove them from replication to the edge SMTP servers (or put flag for LDAP from spam filter) and then point the internal applications to inside servers directly.  A simple solution for the problem.

    Sametime on Blackberry came up at the end.  They just wanted hints and tips which no one had any up front.  So can some readers assist?
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      On Tuesday, June 13th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Comments on the ND7 Upgrade last US city

    I promised to blog last week from the conference and did not.  Time flew and I kept saying, I will do it shortly.  Plus, my posting announcing the conference didn't even post for some odd reason.  I republished that 6/7 posting today and it worked.

    So, attendance was great.  The attendees were great.  Now for the specs.

    Very few running Domino 7 out of the group.  A few test servers here and there, but no real production yet.  Domino 5 was still running in a few shops.  The session on Domino Domain Monitoring was well received as many had no investigated the abilities it had to offer.  There was great interest in the Sametime 7.5 product, people were asking about what it would offer them.  They were not pleased to hear that the integrated client would not see many of those features.  Understandable since many run Sametime not just for the awareness, but the free chat services of the

    Side questions are the ones that interest me most.  What I mean is questions that do not get asked in front of everyone, but are brought to us as presenters on the side when there is a break or lunch.  I had a couple on SMTP, a couple on Nomad and a few on various issues/problems that are always unique to that persons environment.  There was one I have to investigate and get back to them.  Looking at Stats and DDM is there anyway to see diskspace on AIX and monitor it?  Novell and Windows are covered in there.

    I also pushed some people to forgo the upgrade from 6.5.x to 6.5.5 or so and go into Domino 7.0.1 instead.  The upgrade is simple and straightforward, so why waste the time with the in-between point version that requires just as much of an outage?

    P.S. Dinner was awesome the nights I was there.  We went off the beaten path to Tufano's with Jon Raslowski of IBM.  Excellent Italian food and they only take cash and checks, amazing in itself.  Another night of dinner was spent at Star of Siam for Thai food.  Hot, spicy and excellent.  Close walking distance to the hotel we were in and we were lucky enough to get a seat the moment we walked in.  I took pictures of Cirque Shanghai that we caught the second night they were there.  The first was sold out to dignitaries and the such.  Impressive acts (well we could stand to lose Marco Polo) and very affordable show.  No reason to sit in the first few rows for the extra few dollars, as all seats are great in that outdoor amphitheater.  From reading reviews and such, they made over 400 costumes for the performers across the different acts for the show.
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      On Monday, June 12th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Off to the last US city for the ND7 Upgrade Seminar

    We are on hold for more cities at this time, but if you are one of the large bunch singed up for this stop, see you shortly in Chicago!

    I will blog as usual from there.

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      On Wednesday, June 7th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2006 Day 3 review

    I had two sessions today, Manipulating the Notes.ini and Notes on Citrix.  The notes.ini session was jammed pack, wall to wall with people having the same issues as last year.  What is this little file and why does it cause me so much headache to understand.  I did my best to break it down, give some cool and new documented and undocumented variables to help them out, a sorting tool to use and ways to sync the server config doc variables with the actual file.

    Notes on Citrix was as previous years.  Lots of organizations forced into using it, many looking at it, but no one real sure of the benefit.  I covered both angles.  The good and the bad.  The hardware investment is an all or nothing move.  All apps possible into Citrix and large farms, or forget it.  The investment to centralize and still provide powerful desktops don't make sense.  The management is not as smooth as you would hope or want for upgrades, new users and such unless you script much of it.  I will talk about this more in my newsletter next week.

    So off to home for a few weeks before another ND7 Upgrade Seminar stop in Chicago.
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      On Friday, May 12th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2006 Day 2 review

    After completing numerous sessions and a podcast so far, one fact has come to light.  While some companies have begun a limited number of server installs of Domino 7, most are still some flavor of Domino 6.  A few R5 show their head from session to session, but those are making plans to go straight to 7 in their mind.

    So, let us make a quick assumption.  Lotus stated Domino 7 was the most downloaded version in the fastest time.  I agree there.  But, as usual, companies are stalling on some of their plans and that shows the more conferences I do and people I meet.  Some are unfounded fears, many are testing and more testing.  I stated it before and I will state it again, stop with the delays and get it done.  The upgrade path is too simple and the benefits too great.

    Ok, I feel better.  Back to reality.  Sessions completed are:
    • SMTP hands-on configuration (2 times)
    • LDAP Infrastructure
    • Domino Unified Communication (DUCS)
    • Domino Domain Monitoring - Jumpstart
    • Domino Domain Monitoring - normal session

    Besides unique variables that every system seems to have, it is the customizations that have been implemented or network configurations that bite them each time.  I preach simplistic and constant scrutinization of not only what you have in place, but what you are implementing in the future.  The network security guys don't always know best.  The management don't always know best.  Heck, even us admins don't always know best.  So constant checking and rechecking is the way to go.
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      On Thursday, May 11th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Live Blogging Admin2006 Opening Session

    Yes this entry is live and changing as I save and it replicates...............  Pictures are online in both Yahoo! and Flickr for your viewing pleasure of new Hannover shots live.
    David Penzias, Publisher for The View did a brief opening before turning it over to Mike.

    Mike Rhodin - General Manager, Lotus Software
    • Collaboration in the Ages of Mashups was the title slide
    • We have heard the innovation is about people talk that shows how collaborative teams work together to generate content and reshape ideas dynamically and in real-time now
    Image:Live Blogging Admin2006 Opening Session

    • Converging markets across open standards is driving the evolution of what the user will see as your desktop experience
    • Mike and Ron started trading off as Mike brought up points, Ron would show and tell some new item to validate the concept.
    • Mike then talked about Lotus purchasing Databeam and Ubique years ago and the "mashing" of them to get Sametime.  Capturing the lion-share of the market in enterprise chat services.
    • This led into presence, location awareness and the integration of the top real-time communication vendors
    • The nature of people coming together to fill in the gaps of knowledge.  Social Networking
    • Mike led in with finding information you are interested in, what communities do you belong to, bringing us to Social Bookmarking.  Dog Ears.  A tagging network uncovering structure and flow and applying that to Activity Centric computing.
    • So taking that stance, tag data instead of moving it everywhere, and locate those tags.  Like Technorati, Flickr, and others.
    • From here I had to head to my session as Mike closed out talking about driving the innovation agenda, standards and taking advantage of the standards.
    • Lotus believes that the users are asking for the loose coupling of data as we move into Web 2.0, and Lotus is there to be the leading edge in that.

    Ron Sebastian - all that is demo for Lotus
    • He started with Hannover stating this wouldn't be delivered until early 2007
    • Business card views for the personal address book
    • Workplace Designer was used for a client based application to run inside of Hannover.  He had a local SAP server pulling data with Workplace into Hannover.  Data was input into the Domino application and in real time manipulated the SAP data
    • Next on the block was Sametime 7.5.  Spellchecking got a round of applause
      • Spellcheck
      • Colors and font
      • grabbing live data from spreadsheets into group chat areas
      • The Skype codex is now used for audio.  This provided awesome quality even in a large room, no computer mic to your head and you could hear it all over the loudspeakers clear as can be
      • location awareness with presence
      • the list went on
      • Skilltap and belonging to communities was shown, bringing out the IBM Community Tools (ICT) that is being brought into Sametime 7.5
        • Real-time polling and information requests are part of this through the broadcast.  Responses get added to the instant chat meeting and ti grows as people have answers
        • Answers can be stored in a skills database for later searching.  Capturing the skill of a community.  No word on what that database is, where it is located, what access is needed and can it be used by other applications, but being Domino, I would go with yes.  Now that is what locating skill and data is all about.
        • Tagging, or Dog Ears keeps count of how many people link or bookmark certain data that is stored.  You could also search on bookmarks that other keep to see where people get their data.  You get to disseminate to others where you get your knowledge.  I know that some believe knowledge ownership is power, so sharing this information will not be easy for most to agree to

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      On Wednesday, May 10th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2006 Jumpstart Day

    A packed room for a 3 hour jumpstart on Domino Domain Monitoring.  Only 2 (from my memory) in the room had deployed a Domino 7 server to start playing with DDM.  The best part is that I got to show them how to build from scratch.  I pushed the participation from the group to make sure I understand what they needed to monitor as well as a feeling for how they manage now.

    People addressed third party monitoring tools a couple times, asking if DDM could replace them.  My honest answer?  No, put them to work together.  You already made the leap and the cost of installing a third party product, don't change that yet.  Mainly since DDM lacks some basic workflow in this current version.  But the probes and deep level checking that some of the others do at the cost of machine resources, don't weigh evenly against DDM.

    The flexibility of scheduling probes coupled with the ability to change the severity designation and notification of any event Domino can generate, blows the other products away.  Hands down.  Now just to get some workflow...

    On a side note, speakers were popping up all over.  Rob Novak, Susan Bulloch, Carl Tyler, Rob Wonderlich, Andy P and Rob A (the wonder twins) and a slew of others

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      On Tuesday, May 9th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Royal de Luxe in London, pics and a large avi I captured, plus overview of other touristy things

    I have to say, I have all the pictures for the trip uploaded here on Yahoo! or the same over here on Flickr, but this time heading to London tossed an awesome surprise in our path.  The Royal de Luxe was in town.  You have to stand there to believe it.  The video file I attached tries to give you a 30 second glimpse into what it was all about, then I have a bunch of pictures.  I want to thank this link for all the specs on dimensions about it all.  Quite informative.

    Reminder, this is a 9MB file I didn't zip >>>>    

    It is not often you get to see a 11.2m (37 ft) tall elephant go past you.  Oh yeah, all controlled by people riding in and on it.  Amazing.  They drill holes in concrete to tie cars down, show a rocket embedded into the ground, amazing stuff.

    So otherwise, Fri night was spent with family that lives in Boston.  Sat morning we decided to get on one of the open top tour buses.  That generated quite a few pictures since you can jump on and off at any stop and get on again.  Coupled with an all day tube pass, we were everywhere.  Lunch was at
    Wagamama's (damn good quick noodle and rice dishes over near The London Tower).  In the sightseeing we ran into the elephant.  Dinner was an some chic pizza place in Swiss Cottage before hitting the clubs that night.

    Now off to Boston for
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      On Monday, May 8th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    ND7 Upgrade Seminar day review and a question for all of you

    First things, best practices on backups and transaction logging.  An attendee was using true incremental backups against transaction logs.  Unfortunately, backups were reaching 16 hours and restores took hours to roll the full and then playback all the reads and writes to the point they desired.  I understand their pain.  Plus you are dealing with numerous tapes for a restore to a working point.  So the question is who uses true incremental backups through transaction logging and what is your restore time?  Are you seeing it to be beneficial to run in that scenario or perform full backups each night and make restores faster while slowing backup times?

    As for the review, only a couple enterprises left on Domino 5 in the audience.  That was nice to see that they were finally getting ready to upgrade.  Questions were very direct and dealt with specific scenarios and issues, not ones that everyone seemed to have.  The demonstration on DDM was, as usual, long and generated great reviews.

    Sametime was in swing in numerous companies, LEI did not get favorable comments and web presence through Domino servers was not as strong as I expected.  we talked about almost all the add-ons, even ran into a company that ran DUCS.

    So a wonderfully friendly bunch, lots of laughter and fun the whole day.  You can find the pictures so far right here.
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      On Friday, May 5th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    London so far and the technical questions begin

    The first day was spent listening to some of the presentations from the seminar and jotting down some questions.  Dinner was at Pepper Thai in the Swiss Cottage area.  Dinner was good.  we almost skipped dessert until the next able received theirs, that left everyone stuffed from fruit fritters and vanilla ice cream with honey.

    All day today was pent with a customer in talks about Domino, the pending beating from a business review group about Exchange coming in and ways to scale the infrastructure while reducing costs.  We came up with some ingenious ideas after sitting down, drawing out ideas and then looking at the actual network.  Final result?  Removing about 7 servers, beefing up one, generating two more clusters from active servers to provide more scaling and load balancing and rearchitecting the replication topology.  All this while considering some DAMO installations and a definite upgrade to Domino 7 in the coming weeks.

    Dinner was down in Covent Garden at Fuel Bar.  It was quite good sitting outside on one of the warmest nights they have had this year.  The whole area was packed.  That was a restaurant I would visit again.  Then a quick trip to Picadilly Circus to take in the sights.

    Pics are uploading and tomorrow is all presentations, so I expect plenty of questions to share.
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      On Thursday, May 4th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    London arrival, more attendees than expected

    One of the wonders of the web and technology is the ability to gather information quickly in the searches.  Apparently a couple people read this blog now and then to find out the seminar was here this week.  The number of people doubled in a few weeks.  That or they like registering late.

    I have updated some slides and some will show up new in my Admin2006 sessions next week.  I will update more on the seminar here later.  Some tech stuff to come first
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      On Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    My Upcoming schedule for two weeks..

    This week it is off to London for the ND7 Upgrade Seminar.  If you have no caught this seminar yet, it is getting top reviews from each city we have done.  So far, there is two left including London before we see where the needs are past that.

    Then May 8-12th I will be in Boston for Admin2006.  I have a few sessions in the order as follows over the days:
    • Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) half day jumpstart
    • Shaping Your Environment's LDAP Design
    • Demystifying Domino Domain Monitoring (normal session)
    • SMTP Security and Configuration Troubleshooting in Domino Lab (1 of 2)
    • SMTP Security and Configuration Troubleshooting in Domino Lab (2 of 2)
    • Leveraging DUCS for Unified Messaging
    • Ask the Experts
    • Manipulating the Notes.ini
    • Managing Citrix on Domino

    So track me down and say hello and introduce yourself
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      On Monday, May 1st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Copenhagen Sightseeing Day

    You can find the slide sets on Flickr right here or on Yahoo! right here (same set, take your pick).

    So the day started with a great buffet (free) breakfast up on the top floor of the hotel.  I was tempted to jump on one of the tours to go and see things, but my body said take a nap.  Which lasted until almost 3pm.  So heading downstairs I asked the concierge to provide me with a city map and a route to see sites that are not taken everyday.  With a smile he drew (I darkened the ink line for the picture so you could see it in the slides) a nice long walk around numerous museums, small park areas and just different styles of neighborhoods.  The walk took me hours, with some brief stops included to get away from sudden rain.  So I covered a bunch of ground and took pictures of names of places to help.
    1.        Past the main train station that I came from the airport on.  Only 3 stops form the airport to the hotel stop in 15 minutes.  Cheaper and more direct that a cab.
    2.        Past the Tivoli which does not open until Apr 12 with a new ride.  I can right into it form my hotel window so I did not miss much except the excitement of the name and saying I had been there.
    3.        A turn off of Bernstorffsgade onto Tietgensgade took me to the Glyptoteket.  Luckily the museum was normally free on Wed and Sundays, but since they had construction on some parts it was free today too.  I was able to see some of it.  The cafe in there I found in quite a few magazines.  It looked awesome and the acoustics of the dome and arboretum made conversations from a few feet away impossible to even hear.  Kind of spooky, but cool.
    4.        A turn on HC Anderson Boulevard and again on Ny Kengensgade took me to a complex of large buildings around a small park area.  I took some great pictures there.  The whole area on the map looks like Christiansborg but there was some smaller signs for the park area.  Also inside was the Danish Jewish Museum.  Very modern design as you can tell by their sign.
    5.        Out through another side of the park and I hit Christians Brygge which runs along the channel.  I followed that up and over Knoppelsbro bridge into the "hippie area" I was told, called Christianshavn.  Reminds me of our Central West End area in St Louis, or even The Loop around Delmar.
    6.        Down Torvegade and then a big square around some side streets looking for the church,
    Vor Frelsers Kirke, that had this gold spire that you can walk up (150 steps on the outside, 250 inside to get up there) I could see in the distance when crossing the bridge.  I found a great sushi place called Sushi Saiko on the main road.  I found the spire around Overgaden oven and Annae Gade area and took some pictures there of the spire and church.  The church was open for only another 10 minutes by the time I had found it
    7.        Back across the bridge, around the National Bank and on to Kongens Nytorv via Holmens Kanal.
    8.        I suddenly realized where I was from walking around that area for dinner the past two nights.  So I jumped on to the main roadway through the central shopping district. (it has like 3 names along the way on the same pedestrian street).  Some shopping, poking into side walkways and streets that I had not seen yet and back to the hotel

    I came back to download pictures, dry off myself and some clothes, a cup of Cacao Fantasy and then thought about heading off to dinner.  No destination, just heading.  I found out that the
    Copenhagen Night Film Festival runs through this weekend with 165 films (there is an English link in the top middle of page).  I am trying to find a place to see what movie is here before I grab some food.  This movie looked too good to pass up in my quick searches and on-line recommendations.  I found that two of the theaters are within 2 blocks of the hotel.

    Late dinner was found at
    Indian Taj Restaurant, right near the hotel.  Quite good food and the waiter suggested the chef's private recipe for hot coconut chicken.  Not a disappointment.  A nice walk to wear myself out for the flights home to get back on schedule.  I don't plan on sleeping tongiht, but on the London-Boston flight instead.
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      On Saturday, April 1st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    ND7 Upgrade Seminar - Copenhagen Overview

    First things first, I knew parking was tough downtown in Copenhagen, but they proved it today with this picture I grabbed.

    On to the overview.  A very prompt group, a large group and an inquisitive group.  The questions were direct and the information was absorbed well, even with my fast talking sometimes.  One thing I always find interesting in doing the European shows is the uniqueness of everyone's environment.  Very specific issues with very specific needs to be addressed.  The attendees are excellent at drawing and explaining the issue.  Even showing NSD files they brought along.  So we have some take-a-way questions that need to be answered and I will be hitting the email or blogging them shortly.
    Image:ND7 Upgrade Seminar - Copenhagen Overview

    Only 2 people with R5 around, no 4.6 at all.  Very few Domino 7 servers had been installed, that was the whole point of being there.  I am not sure what to think when there is not too many test servers in 7 already, or when no one has made testing plans yet.  Mainly in the smaller organizations.  I think it is important to get a head start on new releases to see if there is even any immediate needs or benefits to upgrading.  We try to give as many scenarios as possible.

    License confusion around
    Sametime IMLU still existed but I tried to explain that plus the changes to DWA in 7 that exposes the users to Java Connect instead of the integrated chat client in the template.

    Quite a few people were using LEI, a surprise from the other sites we have done this seminar entirely.
    DDM was a huge topic that garnered lots of comments that wished that topic to be even longer.  I am glad to see that as I think it will be an integral part of many environments in the near future.  Will some future enhancements by IBM, plus some folding of functionality from Intelliwatch possibly, it could make a decently mean monitoring tool for Domino.  I think saying more on my personal thoughts on DDM can wait.

    Dinner tonight was a scary Chinese food place, that turned out to be nice but not the best selection as I would hope.  No reason to mention names then.  After that, some relaxation with the View staff and I am calling it quits.

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      On Friday, March 31st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    In Copenhagen for ND7 Upgrade Seminar and bashful mannequins

    Thanks to long travels, no real delays that were significant and no bad weather, I still managed to arrive almost dead tired.  This is a large and full of questions group, as I saw firsthand today while Andy finished presenting.  I will have insight as always on versioning and other tidbits tomorrow.

    Dinner was at
    WokShop tonight.  Food was awesome and the service was cool.   This was not on the beaten path and gets so much crowd that if you have small groups, you end up sitting with others in many instances.  As Andy and I did tonight, a table for 5 with us and 3 strangers that was seated after we were.  I still like they way the restaurants in Europe carry digital wireless ordering and payment methods.  Far beyond what we do in the US.

    But for today, here
    is the link to the start of the slideshow for this trip.  Plus a picture embedded right here of apparently bashful mannequins they have in Copenhagen.  Nude is ok but not while showing your face.  Judge for yourself.

    Image:In Copenhagen for ND7 Upgrade Seminar and bashful mannequins
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      On Thursday, March 30th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    ND7 Upgrade Seminar - Toronto overview

    Arrival on day 1 was simply to check in and take in an excellent dinner at East.  A Pan-Asian type in the Entertainment District.  I found everything everyone had quite good.  Then out for some jazz music at The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar.  The live band was recording their cd there that night, so the crowd was lively.

    Day 2 in the seminar gave the usual statistics.  Two companies on R5 looking to go straight to Domino 7, everyone running Sametime was at least on 6.5.1 which was a nice surprise.  No older versions floating around anywhere.  There was great interest in Sametime 7.5 and Hannover too.  I think all the press and hype around them both had the people wanting to get more info and live demos.  I wish I could have complied, but they did get to see Workplace Managed Client 2.6 and some of it's features during a break.

    Overall, everyone is eager to move up for the server enhancements and many had the valid question of what benefit the users see over 6.5.x.  They got the standard answer.  Some small UI changes, better Domino Web Access and better performance was the first thing most users will see.  AutoSave and a few others are cool, but we worked more on policy controls and deploying the desktop through them.

    Dinner was at an excellent Italian place called KitKat in the Entertainment District again.  A nice long dinner with fantastic service and excellent food led to a short walk to Yuk Yuks for the late comedy show.  They went through 5 comics, including the headliner.  Some went over the top, a couple were almost crying funny and one left the stage looking like we the audience get most of his jokes. He was right.

    Today has just begun..let you know shortly and the link to the pictures..
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      On Saturday, March 18th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Live Blogging from Lotusphere Comes to You - St Louis (finished since Ed called me out)

    There will be sections to this posting as I add on per session.  I will do the normal highlights and then my thoughts.

    There were 66 people in attendance according to the lunch numbers as a side note, from places not usually at User Group meetings.

    Click below to read on as it grows...

    Continue Reading here" Live Blogging from Lotusphere Comes to You - St Louis (finished since Ed called me out)" »
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      On Thursday, March 9th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 2 in Las Vegas, ND7 Upgrade Seminar review

    Overall, everyone in the room was running Domino 6, but one person honestly raised their hand and said they had not made the move past 5.  The point of them being at the seminar was to see if they should go straight to 7 and which was the best path.  By the time they left, I think 7 was the clear approach.  Now convincing management was their next task.  However, management had let them come to the seminar so they already took the first step.

    Gauging the market and needs of other admins sitting in front of you asking tough questions always keeps you on your toes.  The knowledge levels of those participating vary with expertise high in some areas.  I find that even myself gets enveloped in specific areas of an infrastructure and then you don't see others for some time.  Always pushing the edge of what you know is a key to a rounded admin.  Luckily, my exposure is always changing so I get the wide breadth of what Domino can do and how to utilize it.  So what you get is someone that knows everything about Domino Document Manager and has never audited their security fully.  Or SMTP and not Sametime.  You get the idea.

    Seeing the excitement of someone after digging into an area like DDM topology and design in Domino 7 for over an hour makes it all worth it.  If you can look at a new aspect of Domino and embrace it from a good show-and-tell then I have done my job.

    Dinner was a very good bite in the hotel called Stacks.  Some crunchy fish tacos (with tuna) and a very good assortment of warm breads made the beginning of the evening relaxing.
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      On Wednesday, March 1st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Dinner in Vegas, day 1, for the ND 7 Upgrade Seminar

    Dinner was quick and easy at Bertolini's inside of Caesar's Palace Forum Shops.  I managed to halfway eat a plate of Fazoletto (ricotta and spinach filled handkerchief noodles) after all the appetizers we all had.  There was a great group of 7 (plus me) from WisPubs at dinner for some catching up.  It is funny how seeing some people once a year and others maybe twice, still makes you feel like old friends for those few days.
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      On Wednesday, March 1st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Another replication versus synchronization posting

    This has gotten to be a hot topic in the comments and the hits from the posting last week found here.  I even saw it pop up in the internal Business Partner forum (thanks Sean) looking for feedback.  So let me explain, quote and move along a bit further.

    This is not a semantics talk anymore about which word a person uses.  The meaning has been built in for years.  There are major differences to me and others on the proper definition of replication. tosses out a few meanings:
    1. A fold or a folding back.
      2. A reply to an answer; a rejoinder.
      3. Law. The plaintiff's response to the defendant's answer or plea.
      4. An echo or reverberation.
      5. A copy or reproduction.
      6. The act or process of duplicating or reproducing something.
      7. Biology. The process by which genetic material, a single-celled organism, or a virus reproduces or makes a copy of itself: replication of DNA.
      8. In scientific research, the repetition of an experiment to confirm findings or to ensure accuracy.

    Amazingly I like number 8 here.  Using the words repetition of an event or experiment (called scheduled replication in our world) to ensure accuracy across replicas.

    Back to we have the formal definitions of synchronization:

    v. intr.

      1. To occur at the same time; be simultaneous.
      2. To operate in unison.

            1. To cause to occur or operate with exact coincidence in time or rate: We synchronized our watches.
            2. To cause to occur or operate at the same time as something else: They synchronized their trip with the annual tulip festival.
      2. To arrange (historical events) in a synchronism so as to indicate parallel occurrence.
      3. To cause (soundtrack and action) to match exactly in a film.

    So Synchronization would be more like clustering according to the first line.  So I could see this word used in place of clustering, not replication.  Definition 4 describes replication best to me, an echo or reverberation.  They do not have to be totally in sync (hmmm, interesting placement of the word) at all times.  Replicas can be hours or days different.  They then echo, rejoin or reproduce (or delete) as necessary on schedule or on demand.

    So some good quotes for you.  From Gabriella Davis:
    I also think synchronization sounds much less feature rich than replication

    From Jerry Glover taking the other spin:
    I think "synchronize" is far more well-known by the general populace

    Of course Sean had a blunt point:
    It seems to me to be quite a lot of time and money to change something that does not necessarily need to change.

    My two cents have been written, spilled and could go on for pages.  More words from the faithful and new readers?

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      On Tuesday, January 31st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    I overheard something from Lotus people in the hall and I had to verify. Plus my question on it

    While walking back from the Swan to Dolphin, I had the opportunity to hear an echoing group in front of me having a conversation.  They were stating that one of them was surprised not to hear questions on why they are changing the name/tab for replication in the Hannover release.  They were actually quite nervous someone would ask as it has been asked in some internal reviews.  So it seems it might be something like synchronize at this point, as used in the Workplace Managed Client (WMC).  So off I went on a search.

    Current Hannover docs I could find anywhere on the web had no mention at all of offline mode and replication/synchronization.  I could only find one reference at all to this in some more than basic searching.  Way more than basic searching.  Crazy amounts on both IBM, LDD and the whole Internet.  Docs on LDD and some other marketing and reference material did not point to it.  But I whittled down and eliminates until this doc for the Workplace Managed Client (WMC) came up.  From what I understood Hannover is following this theory, but not exactly the same menu choices for offline don't think I am saying that this is exact.  But it makes perfect sense.$File/rich_client_ug.pdf

    Check starting at the bottom of page 13 (as per the contents) in Chapter 1 under Working Offline.

    So what is the big deal you ask?  Well we are teaching people and employees for years to use the Replication tab and to replicate.  Not the synchronization tab and synchronize.  This could bring up a training issue and support calls for this upgrade.  Yes, the client is magnificent and magnificently different.  Meaning that you should always have training anyway.  But why would a change like that be necessary unless they are trying to get it more in-line with Workplace and WMC.  Make sense?
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      On Friday, January 27th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 4 in review (part 2) live blogging at closing..

    Surjit Chandra opened with thanks to all customers, partners and even Sandra Marcus for putting on, once again, an amazing show all week. He continued on with 3 main points....
    1. Commitment - "Yellow is the new Black" was a giant quote put on the wall on the closing screens.  Lotus is committed to Notes, Domino, Sametime and everything else.  But then tossing in new openness.  96% of all the sessions were delivered using the Workplace Managed Client and Open Document Format
    2. Attitude - He put bloggers on the screen (screencaps), showing the commitments.  He replayed his FUD comment of not putting up with anymore bulls**t (there was even horns in the replay) from the opening session.  he is declaring the Gloves are off.   Lotusphere for next year has been announced Jan 21-25, 2007 at the same place, same location.
    3. Crap I missed something....

    The special treat was...... Jim Gaffigin (from Letterman, Conan, etc and I am not sure of the spelling here.  looking..)  He was decent enough.  People laughed and quite a few in the back left.  I am sure his stab about watching pr0n at home with Surjit will guarantee he won't be returning.  Now he finally got off of food topics after about 30 minutes and got much funnier.  Remember, this is all my opinion.
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      On Thursday, January 26th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 4 in review (part 1) live blogging..

    More pictures are up once again...

    Hit a couple BOF's this morning and people were much slower but still trying to be strong getting up early.  BOF314 on C&S was good and it seems everyone has isolated calendar needs and issues.  Most widespread issues are well known and documented.

    BP106 was on repeat with Paul Mooney.  He took some notes from talking to us yesterday and applied them well.  I did appreciate he got the light stick from the Disney-bots last night at Sea World.  But it broke by this morning, of course.

    GURUpalooza - this was awesome again this year.  Well attended and the questions were much more detailed and not esoteric.  We tried to pass the mic around so everyone could answer, but it seems some of the questions were very directed.  I appreciated Wild Bill sitting in the back row since he wore his kilt.

    Ask the Developers - Started very slow with comments and thoughts and not questions.  It then started to take off.  I liked some of the questions that were asked, but very unique to each environment.  There were a few global questions, like one on SMTP.

    Ed is blogging next to me and eating my bandwidth.....  He is typing way too much and it takes more of the 802.11 on each keystroke...

    There is was some good comments on making the web and Notes more similar in terms of policies.  I agree it is hard to manage security policies that does not affect all aspects since we expect the user to utilize both.

    Omnifind was brought up as a solution by the Developers for a question on search enhancements in Domino.  Searches on Google showed announcements around that product in 2004, but it was new for me to hear.  The web shows the following:
    For example, the Armonk, N.Y., company recently took the covers off OmniFind, an enterprise search engine for file systems, content repositories, databases, collaboration systems, applications and intranets. OmniFind integrates with any portal or content management system.

    This will be interesting in what resources it needs and where it runs (locally or server).  The Websphere Information Integrator and the DB2 Information Integrator middleware are already in place.  I can imagine a piece for Domino is soon to follow.  If it has the same cost structure as LEI, it might be a tad expensive.

    Mary Beth Raven took the stand to answer a client UI question.  She turned it right around to a request from all of you.  Get your butt on LDD and register as a usability tester to make your complaints about things like the View Unread button and making the default in the mailfile "Reply without attachment".  That got much applause.  I think that is an awesome idea.  Instead of complaints, make the effort.  She made a very bold statement:
    As you can see we are in a total redesign of the UI for Hannover

    That is as close as I can get the exact quote but it is darn accurate.  But it embodies what one theme here was (to me) at the conference.  Make a difference yourself, because Lotus is making changes beyond belief.

    "Tell Amgr cancel"  starting in Domino 6 will stop an agent that runs away from a server command of Tell Amgr Run.  But that changed Julie K's response when she listened to the question again.  Her cancel comment will only stop agents running normally, not ones launched from the console.  She took it under advisement.
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      On Thursday, January 26th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 3 in review (part 2)

    Well I appreciate Paul Mooney read my comments on his session.  We sat (ok stood) for a few last night to talk while in the Dolphin and I gave my impressions.  He did great for his first year and he has a repeat in the morning.  Hope you are there now reading this live or not reading it yet and seeing him.  There is a picture here hinting at what I talk about below and the rest are on the Flickr or my Yahoo photo site as linked before.

    Image:Day 3 in review (part 2)

    I did my podcast in the afternoon at and made sure I did not hear or see the questions before hand.  I wanted to wing it for the interview and surprisingly, I was asked some questions no one had asked or at least in a long time.  Leave it to Libby Ingrassia for that.  So go take a listen.  Scroll down the left some for the podcasts.

    I managed to miss Wes Morgan's Network Infrastructure Design session, which is one of my personal favorites.  I have seen it numerous times, yet he encompasses a 'feature' I try to put into my sessions.  No matter how much you know on the topic, the speaker can make it entertaining and teach you at least one thing new that makes it always worthwhile.

    Let's get straight on to SeaWorld.  I had my hesitations about this one when I saw it announced.  It is at the bottom of my list, right above Wide World of Sports.  I am not usually this candid, maybe I am tired this morning as I type this (yes it is back dated to keep me by day in postings).  But there was not enough time to do everything, and there really was not much to do.  Lots of walking, there seemed to be places to eat but everyone so far I talked to ate at the pizza shop.  Shamu was cool but such a short show was surprising.  One rollercoaster really sucks.  I know I love rollercoasters, so there is some bias.  I had hoped for a good, known, band.  Yet I know they are expensive.  Get a few thousand more people back to the conference and we might get lucky again.  I will say all the positives from here on though.
    • Shamu show was good for the time on.  Very entertaining and amazing as each time.  Awesome how much they can get them to do, learn and cooperate.
    • The sharks area was great.  Long line to get in.  I realized that they had turned off the moving sidewalk that is normally on.  So instead of getting whisked through, you could take your time.  Made it more enjoyable but longer to get in.
    • I have a new fish that reached amazing on the cool meter. The Leafy Sea Dragon.  I thought they had a bunch of loose plants or weeds in the tank, it was the actual cousin of a sea horse (according to webpages I peeked at).  Just amazing how it blended in.
    • The pizza was fine (there, I stretched it)

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      On Wednesday, January 25th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 3 in review (part 1)

    This morning (yes this means waking before 7am to get there at 7) began with a BOF session (BOF512)  for Lotus User Group Communities.  As we host and I am on the advisory board, I forced myself to actually awaken at the crazy early hours. I found that IBM does not have as much local participation at each user group, nor can some of the people get any help.  We all know IBM cannot just give out email addresses of users in the area, but some emails from the groups trying to begin could be helpful in starting or growing the local user communities.  We talked about bonding together with other tours that come to town, using remote presentations from speakers of conferences and even hooking up with other regional groups to tag along with them until you get yours built.

    BP106 - Worst Practices in IBM Lotus Domino
    was the first session out of the gates for me.  Wild Bill and Paul Mooney were the speakers and started with the humor even before the session began.  The room filled quick and a lot.  Let the live blogging begin.........   The laughs are continuous with these two and some very accurate issues that many face.  Their layout was making fun of the error, listing the investigation and the jumping right into the listing of solutions for the problem.  Everyone identified with many of the problems and couldn't believe some of the errors poeple make.  The funniest was the section on a large domain being rolled out, globally.  They enabled public key checking for security the evening before it rolls out.  The next morning no one can log in.  The cause?  Someone on the project lost the certifier passwords halfway through and quietly replaced the cert id hoping no one would notice.  Need I say more?  The session was more than entertaining and everyone enjoyed themselves.

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      On Wednesday, January 25th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 2 in review (part 2)

    Ok, I did not finish yesterday right away.  The rest of my day was the blogging BOF (BOF105) where most of the Lotus bloggers you know were in attendance.  I could list but you can guess.  Everyone there was interested in ( in no order or complete list:
    • growing the community
    • understanding corporate guidelines on blogging
    • internal versus external rules
    • linking to other bloggers
    • getting outside the circle that we seem to follow to each other and bringing in new readers
    • how to reach the world in a timely fashion and generate more comments on your entries and feedback

    I then headed to the certification bootcamps being held by CertFX.  It was nice to see the number of people studying hard and late into the night to get certified.  Sad to see Jason knowing so little about Domino, but he is learning.  Give him time.  :-)

    A nice dinner with Kathleen McGivney, Susan Bulloch and Jess Stratton (and Matt of course).

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      On Tuesday, January 24th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 2 in review (part 1)

    Starting out early with my repeat of HND104 for SMTP.  It was overwhelming to see that is full was and closed before 8am.  The session was to start at 8:30am.  Lotus brought in extra chairs to help accommodate.  Thanks to everyone that came.  Slides will be up shortly as promised on here and the Lotusphere Online site.

    The food was good at breakfast and lunch.  They made up for Monday and opened more tents and more food.

    I met some great people full of questions.   Most were on SMTP and LDAP following where they saw me earlier but the array of conversation is amazing.  I will provide a full day overview later, I am off to another sessions and all pictures are up to date.

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      On Tuesday, January 24th, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Day 1 in review..

    • Vendor floor - packed, dense, filled, capacity, crammed, free stuff
    • Sessions - packed to overflow and closed capacity.  Reminds me of days of old.  You had to fight to get in early and have a seat.  Rooms went to overflow so you could hear and not see the presenter.  It is back!
    • Breaks - crowded and quick.  But awesome to see people fighting for coffee
    • Lunch - long ass walk to Swan back back back tent for box lunch today.  Decent food but had to make escape to get ready for my session.

      BP402 - Yes this is my session.  Big thanks to Kathleen McGivney for putting this Bootcamp track together.  The response is overwhelming.  I was more overwhelmed to learn this evening that not only did I fill and close my room, but proceeded to fill and close two (yes that is 2) overflow rooms in the Swan.  Feedback has been appreciated all day from everyone.  I just thank you for coming to a session I enjoy doing.

      HND104 - Yes this was me again.  Imagine my surprise when I got there at around 2:15 from the LDAP session to see the room full and closed.  Done, poof, no way for more people.  I had a time getting in the door until they figured out I was speaking.  Awesome fun in the hands-on lab.  Neat to have it in the track (thanks again Kathleen) and really helps drive the points home when they can play and do it themselves.

      MTG601 - I went 10 minutes late due to stops along the way and found myself locked out.  damn damn damn, go back to bullet 2, put gun to foot and shoot self

      Sorry for the short posting on the rest of the day but sleep calls and I have more tomorrow !!

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      On Monday, January 23rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Live from the Lotusphere Opening General Session

    Packed to the back of the room, not sure of overflow from where I sat, but packed more than definitely. (Update: Ed posted that there was overlfow in the Swan Ballroom, quite the hike)

    Mike Rhodin (Gen Mgr of Lotus Software)
    • Double digit growth
    • Seats, seats and more seats sold and maintenance renewed
    • 6,000 attendees in the house

    Jason Alexander was the opening speaker (no not the architect)

    Quite funny with stories.  He made good fun of how we are working on the future and he wants his past back.  Yet he know he has to work on the future.  A good segway for the demos.

    still blogging and laughing...this entry will get updated more..... I have heard hints about there is more to Sametime than meets the eye so far...

    Ok lets get serious after 20 minutes of Jason.  Mike Rhodin took the stage again to show how "user friendliness" will be changed in upcoming releases and products.  He had 3 questions to ask ourselves as we watched about 80% demo time of live code instead of the normal speeches
    • what's the big idea?
    • how can I use it?
    • when can I get my hands on it?

    Ken Bisconti
    • Announced expanded support for Mac with Sametime and DWA on Firefox
      • Ron Sebastian showed off Notes client on the Mac.  Dialog boxes are tied to the look of Mac.
      • Also support for Apple's new Intel PC's later this year
      • Over 1500 customers did migrations from Exchange
      • New support of mobile devices including Blackberry, Nokia, Intellisync, Good Technology (GoodLink)
      • WANDA is new initiatives for USB memory stick (hmm, I think I said U3 didn't I? no one listens to early hints)
        • Ron Sebastian showed SAP and Lotus integration expanded
        • Blackberry and Sametime integration for IM capabilities was shown live...quite cool and got applause
        • Blackberry integration using Web Services for databases for live work
        • Google Search was shown including mail searches returned with web and local files

        Mike Rhodin

        He popped back out to discuss Real Time in our communications.
        • AOL connectivity is back, even Apple iChat.  There will be no additional purchase required to connect the two
        • Yahoo! connectivity for IM
        • Google talk connectivity (makes sense with the AOL and Google talk agreement)
        People are spinning in their heads all around me on some of these announcements.  Mainly because they are geeks but there is also some managers that were loving it

        Craig Hayman, vp for Sametime

        His quote:
        "We stopped working (sic) on what name it should have, switched it back to Sametime and got back to work on the product"
        • Sametime 7.5 with spell checking, emoticons, timestamps, type-ahead name checking, reporting structure, voice chat, photo business cards.  It matches Skype on voice since they use the same Codex.  Can you say Mac, Linux, Windows??
        • Based on Eclipse for make it open and extensible for telephony
        • Avaya, Polycom and Nortel announced more partnership
        • Of course we are looking at the new user interface
          • Ron Sebastian is the demo man it seems.
          • Last chat is shown when you hover over names in Buddy List
          • New launch pad for plugins on the bottom
          • Misspelled words are underlined in red and can correct
          • Screen capture built into the client to show pictures  (hey they used Powerpoint, where was the Workplace Productivity Tools)
          • VoiceJam was the name they used for the voice chat
          • FreeJam and SkillTap was integrated from the IBM Common Tools (ICT)
          • The where are they brought up Google tools
          • Polling was enabled
          • web Conferencing
          • Additional slides can be uploaded while in conference
          • Real Time Collaboration Gateway was announced

          We made a jump from Sametime into forms..  Bowstreet, Portal and tons of other parts together to make the Bowstreet Portlet Factory.

          Allister Rennie, vp of Lotus software

          He got the run on IBM Workplace overview
          • WCS and WMC (Workplace Managed Client) 2.6 is shipping as of today
          • Customer story was early adopter using the WMC at the retail stores
          • Ron was back again for demos.  This time he covered WCS starting with mail and the integrated 130+ file attachment type conversions.  Plus documents can be detached to libraries
          • Open Document Formats and Office were included in the Productivity Manager of the WMC 2.6
          • WBSE (Workplace Business Strategy and Execution) came along next.  People got the glazed eye here and I heard whispers behind me asking him to get back to Domino and even Portal.  Of course, I know there is at least a handful here wanting to see this new product and more on Workplace

          He then took off into IBM Lotus Domino
          • He asked for Lotus Developers to stand and take a bow, there was like 4.  Eli counted 5 but that guy left out the Disney staff entrance
          • Maureen Leland, Chief Architect for the Designer, stepped in
          • She covered Workplace Designer 2.6 with built in samples out of the box
          • Cool tool that mixed different kinds of code,  JavaScript and @Functions.  Eli says cool and awesome

          Her demo took a bomb at the last sec but we could tell it worked, she clicked some code wrong.  One more time for Workplace Designer on Eclipse and that went well.

          Tim jumped back on stage and followed the format for the Identity 2.0 presentation I saw before that set a new standard in presenting.  A big impact through hundreds of slides with pictures and a couple words per slide.

          Activity Explorer was shown and that got some attention and people woke up.  The ability to drag docs and maintain activity information in threads was impressive.  All this available now. The future takes Activity Explorer to a web based solution as well.

          Mike Rhodin to close it out, the home stretch
          • 2 Million seats at time of IBM acquisition.  Now to 125 million
          • For the record, there is no shift or regression, all growth and support for past and future Notes apps adding Eclipse and Java to make it stronger
          • Hannover was an early preview but now Ken is back with an update
          • Ken Bisconti - Domino "Next" sounds just like RNext years ago.  Websphere Portal technology is moving into Domino to move the browser interface forward
          • Jeff Eisen (Chief Architect Notes and IBM Distinguished Engineer) took the stage for demos
          • Hannover - Preview pane can be on the bottom or left.  I don't preview anything personally, either I read it or not, but ok...
          • Invitations are ghosted onto the calendar
          • Mail threads works pulling mail from all views, not just the current
          • Sidebar has frequently used applications on right side.  You can add your own app links everywhere
          • Recent Collaboration was very cool showing chats, emails whatever that you recently had with the person selected.
          • Contacts are greatly enhanced with pop-up window or embedded like now through policies and preferences.
          • Quick Find will be found everywhere in the client
          • Activities is huge, too much to type at the end here.  I will find the slides or something for you

          Ok, that was it, time up and over!

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      On Monday, January 23rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    First day breakfast....

    Let's make this simple, one attendee said :
    "I know they were cutting back on variety and quality, but quantity also?"

    Basically they were running out of food at the Swan tent.  No bread, limited eggs left and seating was going to the highest bidder.  No really they were.

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      On Monday, January 23rd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    I know the theme for tonights Welcome Reception

    See these two pictures and the album.  Can you say gambling...

    Image:I know the theme for tonights Welcome Reception

    Image:I know the theme for tonights Welcome Reception
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      On Sunday, January 22nd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Business Development and Jumpstart day entry 1

    This is how crowded things are this year first off.  A full session at 1:30 in the afternoon from Gabriella Davis on Domino clustering basics...
    Image:Business Development and Jumpstart day entry 1

    Business Development Day opening session and breakfast
    • Ken Bisconti (VP Lotus Workplace I think now) makes the statement  "... Notes 7,8,9,10...." letting us know it is not dying.  Take that !  Walking around later I see shirts taunting the talks of Notes 11 even.
    • Mike Loria states that in attendance for BP Day alone there were 17 countries represented, 10% registered were new and the exhibitor floor is totally sold out (as I mentioned before)
    • Mike Loria states that the Lotus Awards had submissions from 31 different countries.  Letting you know Domino is everywhere.  Of course I would like to win each category we are finalists in.
    • Marjorie Tenzer, (BM Software Group, Marketing Vice President, SWG Channel & SMB Marketing) announces the push for partners and Workplace Services Express.  Including free marketing with direct mailings and nurturing calls if you get certified in the next few months
    • iCollaborate on iSeries announced
    • Lotus moved back into AP region with Lotus Days (like Lotusphere) and most every presentation was given by a Business Partner.
    • The guest speaker was excellent.  She raced in the Eco Challenge in 2000 and finished the race with her team.  It was an impressive thing to witness and she had some great comments and ways to make you think about how you approach business

    Jumpstart sessions
    • I popped in and out as the pictures will show (see below entry for links)
    • Tom and Julian had a fine crowd and Gabriella packed the house to the point they were telling people to come back for the repeat
    • Jessica  did her first stint on stage at LS and did a great job
    • We are waiting for McGivney and Susan to take the stage this afternoon
    • I could give drab details but take what I think so far as this.  Basically people are excited more than last year.  The crowds are strong and energetic, even though it is the first day.  People are talking about advanced things at lunch letting you know they are using the technology

    So a quick break to demo for the Best of Showcase Lotus Award and then I will hit the 4pm sessions.  More text and pics later

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      On Sunday, January 22nd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Important information about your Lotusphere badge (email that was stuck in the spam filter)

    I think I will leave it broken :-)  Means less spam mail and phone calls.  Wait, I use a mail-in database and voice mailbox on my registration, no matter

    Dear Chris Miller,

    If you experience difficulty having your conference badge scanned in the
    Product Showcase,  please go to the registration area outside the Product
    Showcase or to the registration area in the WDW Dolphin Convention Foyer to
    have the bar code on your badge corrected.

    Thank you,
    Lotusphere Registration

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      On Sunday, January 22nd, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Some snapshots of the evening

    I posted more pics to the links.  After the quick stop a Kimono's for some drink and sushi with this person and this person (who are also presenting many a session), I headed to the dreaded ESPN where everyone was still meandering around.  Wild Bill came in full glory as the pictures will show.  Carl Tyler and I were accused of being the same person, so we took a picture to prove, yes, there is two of us.  You can actually see the back of Wes Morgan in the next pictures.  This once again proves that 3 people really know Sametime, no really.  Libby was there making the rounds, but another person was hiding in a back corner so they shall rename nameless :-)

    Oh yeah...insight into Monday's guest speaker.  But I was beaten into submission from typing more

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      On Saturday, January 21st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    The landing gear is down, arrival at Lotusphere 2006

    The photos will be found (sync'd) on my normal Yahoo photos and also on Flickr (to keep everyone happy).

    There seems to be a bigger buzz here than last year.  The flight was full of people destined to see not only Mickey, but
    Lotusphere.  I was impressed at the amount of talk and conversation I could overhear as I rode shuttles and walked around.  The bloggers dinner/drinking was going on when I finally got to the Boardwalk, and that is where the pictures start.  I managed to pass Libby, Rocky, Volker and Turtle before I even made it to the gathering.

    So tonight it is off to the ESPN Sportsbar for more gathering and pictures

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      On Saturday, January 21st, 2006   by Chris Miller        

    Overview of first ND7 Upgrade Seminar city - Philadelphia

    Having finished the last day of presenting at the ND7 Upgrade Seminar, my voice is shot, I have a cold, light fever and delayed flight.  SO suffer with me.

    The seminar was well attended.  I was impressed with the large installations that sent people to get ready for ND7 migrations.  The 3 days were packed with tips, insight, free tools and a plethora of not showing off new features, but how to put them to use immediately.  The questions were good and I owe a couple small answers still.  Most of them, one of us, could answer on the spot or within a few minutes poking around.  As we have all learned, no environment is the same and issues are different for each person out there.  I heard from sites with 20k+ users on enormous iSeries, down to 100 seat shops on Windows.  It was great to have that cross mixing.

    Apparently all that attended were more than pleased by hearing a quick summary of the reviews.  We could not ask for more for the first city.  So if you haven't signed up yet, Las Vegas, Toronto and Copenhagen are already set with dates and places (Vegas seems to be a nice one, what a way to get to Vegas right?).
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      On Friday, December 16th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2005 Europe conference overview

    Deep breathe, the conference is over.  Eight sessions later I can still talk and slept in till almost noon today.  So here is some of my thoughts and pictures that I have begun to upload (give me a minute to finish them please).

    Great crowd of people, hands down.  Always a little quieter than the same conference in the US, but after 2 days they loosened up and made each sessions a lot of learning and laughs.  I think once it was seen how most of us present, including the interaction I almost demand, there was some great questions.

    Most everyone is on Domino 5 with very few on 6 still, usually due to political reasons.  The number than had gone to Domino 7 was a little greater than those still on 5, but not much.  Most had a test server around somewhere.  I was curious about the hesitations and the usual response was they were not instructed to upgrade yet.  The satisfaction with Domino was very high.  Most issues or problems some one of us could provide some insight into or there was technotes already issued.

    Considering I had a three sessions on SMTP topics, I got to see some, well interesting, routing that companies choose over here.  I was a bit taken back by a couple and the reasoning.  But, that was not due to the attendees.  Instead it was environments they had inherited from previous administrators.  In my sessions, there was only a handful total that had actually built their infrastructure from the ground up.

    The Sametime session on instant messaging had almost a full adoption rate in the room.  I only recall 2 people that had not yet installed it that were in the room.  That is great!!  Overall there was no major issues.  Most everyone was there looking to expand or provide greater growth of the chat services.  One such company had a test pilot of under 10 users but wanted to investigate rollout to all 20-30,000 (I cant recall which he said, sorry).

    Now the big session I had was Domino Domain Monitoring (followed very closely by Automatic Diagnostic Collection).  DDM was very new to most since they did not have 7, but when I pointed out you could still probe ND6 servers with it, just not add them to the collection hierarchies or run it on them, they were shocked at what it could do.  The timesaving alone in gathering the data sold many of them.  The exposure to live demos really drove the point home as I connected to live servers in the US that I have been running a collection hierarchy on since September to show all the gathered data, alerts and collapsing of duplicate information inside the same entries, with logging of the number of times it occurred I could hear (but not understand) some of the whispering in the room and excitement.

    So Automatic Diagnostic Collection was an even bigger time-saver and surprise for some.  The ability to have the clients automatically send the NSD files to a central repository, and then using that same ND7 server for DDM, they could run the Fault Analyzer task.  I had a group of people find me later to really understand how to put the two together in a plan they could sell to management.  I was pleased to see the interest sparked by the session.

    So in closing, awesome time, pictures are already starting to
    go on the web as I said above and I look forward to seeing some of these same attendees next year.  Hopefully they saw the advantage at being at this conference and will be back!  

    Tot straks !!

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      On Thursday, December 8th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2005 Europe a big success so far

    Besides filling myself with awesome meals from Ghandi's, Da Giorgio and Lana Thai so far, the attendance and enthusiasm of the people is wonderful.  Everyone is acting as you should with this many talented speakers, become a sponge.  I mean that for speakers too.  We try to jump in and out of each others sessions when we have a free moment to watch and learn like everyone else.  It is surprising what little tips and tricks each person has as an individual, and what is still out there to learn.

    I plan on  a much larger posting and breakdown of events for sessions I have seen from Susan, Ed, Rob and Jason so far.  Further, some insights into feedback in my sessions I presented, broken down into each one.
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      On Wednesday, December 7th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Don’t forget, Admin2005 Europe for me next week

    I will leave tomorrow for Amsterdam but will be blogging and posting pictures as usual while there.  I have one more topic to get ready to post tomorrow and then I am hitting the air until Saturday afternoon.

    No need to run through the entire list of times, as you can find me easy enough if you are attending that event !!  There are 7 sessions, the Beat the Geek and a BOF for sure.
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      On Thursday, December 1st, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    My Lotusphere presentations time are now available (excluding repeats)

    I had a previous posting with the abstracts, but I received the actual times today
     so here you go! Look for some repeats if I get lucky
    Session Topic
    BP402: Advanced LDAP Infrastructure Design (Updated Again!) 1/23/2006 1:00pm-2:00pm SW 3-4
    HND104: Locking Down, Testing and Fully Understanding Your IBM Lotus Domino SMTP Environment 1/23/2006 2:30pm-4:15pm SW Mockingbird 1-2
    HND104: Locking Down, Testing and Fully Understanding Your IBM Lotus Domino SMTP Environment 1/24/2006 8:30am-10:15am SW Mockingbird 1-2

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      On Tuesday, November 29th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Been busy with the new seminar

    I had to catch up on slides to get ready for the Notes/Domino Release 7 Upgrade Seminar that starts in early December and with the already booked cities it runs into March.  It is sponsored by the same people that put on the yearly Admin conference, so you know it is a good show.

    So far we have Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Toronto and Copenhagen on tap.  See you there or tell them you want another city area somewhere around Australia, LOL
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      On Sunday, October 23rd, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    My Advisor2005 presentation files

    Here is a zip file of the three presentation files with all the updates.  Let me know of any questions!!

    Comments Disabled

    Did I mention I am at AdvisorLive this week?

    I went back a looked in the last few days and almost forgot to post that you can find me this week at AdvisorLive in Las Vegas.  Needless to say the heat was stifling, only a mere 109 degrees when I got off the plane and it rose some in the afternoon.

    As luck would have it,
    John Head and myself went and got Penn & Teller tickets for tonight at the last minute.  Definitely worth it!!  Funny, quick, mind-boggling and downright amazing sometimes.  I will get some pictures up as the week rolls along, no fear!
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      On Monday, July 18th, 2005   by Chris Miller        


    I am at a one day conference event hosted by Angelbeat on security/VIOP/collaboration and such.  The topics themselves so far are not depressing.  I am sitting in the back of a quite impressive conference center with wireless, multiple screens, live video projectors for demos on devices on stage and other nifty things.  But, sitting here I can see 75% of the laptop user's screens.  Every single one of them I can see is using Outlook!!  They are all checking mail as we go along and I am getting frustrated seeing that from all the companies that are here.  I cheated and peeked at the registration sheets and the list was impressive of those actually in attendance.  None of these places run Domino? argh!
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      On Wednesday, June 8th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Thoughts on IBM Workplace Live I attended yesterday

    Here are my thoughts and opinions, based on statements, comments, statistics and plain theory I gathered.  I waited to write this to review my notes I was taking and to see if my feeling changed, rather than blog as it went along.

    This was a day long event hosted by IBM that offered three tracks, with three sessions in each one you could mix and match (technical, competitive strategy and solutions). The goal of the seminar was to launch the variety of products in the Workplace family umbrella and clear up more questions.  I am not sure all the attendees asked the right questions to get it cleared up.  There were around 40 people at the start of the event.  I imagine more trickled in late.

    Opening Keynote
    All of this was after a general opening Keynote.  The Keynote was provided by sales and marketing with some live demonstrations.
    IBM Workplace represents a strategy for improving the productivity of people at the front end of computing

    A grid soon showed that Domino 8.0 will fall into the ability to run as a portlet in the Rich or Managed Client.  This led to some questions and confusion if there was to be a stand-alone Domino 8 client.  The people were assured and the slide reviewed again.   The way ti was placed and stated did look, in all fairness first impression, that there was no option other than integrated.  But, after seeing it again and reading very slowly, it was an option.  But in the Hot News area, the managed client will run on Linux which means with the Notes plug-in you now have Notes on Linux!

    One other bit snuck under the fence to confirm exactly what Carl and I heard at Admin2005.  We spend all our sessions using the old name, every question was referred under the old name and the darn client still uses the old name on the interface!!!  "Log onto..."

    One last bit of the opening.  They showed a Gartner Group video about the theory of the Workplace environment, loosely relating the product to the need for it.  But I loved how they snuck in "Adhocracy".  I hadn't heard that used and actually looked it back up to make sure it was what I thought.

    I proceeded to actually split my session across tracks.  One other thing, about 90% of the room said they were running Notes when a poll was done by the speaker.

    IBM Notes/Domino Update Strategy
    This session focused more on performance gains on the server side with canned ScreenCam demonstrations which was disappointing.  The talk of the full Webadmin functionality for Linux was a great idea, met with little applause though.  With the pending August or so release of 7 (as stated there), people were still asking about the client future and platform support.
    Server performance gains of 50% on Win32 and AIX;  there is 70% on Solaris; an amazing 80% on iSeries and get this; Linux jumps out with 300%.  Across all platforms, there was testing to show improvement of the number of mail users per box while reducing CPU usage in current loads.  Domino Web Access (DWA) increased performance anywhere from 25-100% across the platforms.

    My general feeling was the statistics were good, but unclear path for too many in there on whether to turn to the Managed Client, plug-in or native Notes.

    The sessions running at the same time were a Competitive Landscape for Greater TCO with Workplace and one on Controls Management with Workplace.

    Workplace Services Express
    This session had very small attendance, surprisingly.  It was up against a session on Portal and Web Content Management.  I only picked up two things I wanted to share.  One of which I knew before and still eludes me.
    • SIP/Simple can be used to link external connectivity to other chat systems
    • All mail services are pulled from an external mail source (ie: Domino, Exchange or even a POP system).
      This leads to you having the need to license something else, while WCS includes mail services.  I would love to see WSE be totally inclusive as a single point solution for SMB.  Even if there is some SMTP mailer and a message store that relies on the Cloudscape backend, you could pull form it locally and show it in the mail interface.  Yes, I know there are products that are free, but let's have WSE come with something to install.  What a sales tool that offers the sales reps and partners.

    Notes/Domino Competitive Update
    This was to be a session in the original list as the Competitive Advantages of IBM Workplace - Running a Stable, Flexible, Industrial & Reliable Messaging Infrastructure.  Which I presumed to be Workplace Messaging.  But it turned out to be about Domino 7 and new functionality in the client and DWA.  Amazingly, there was only 5 people in that one including me.  Some good info was pass along for the people that had for some reason, not yet even looked at 7.

    My overall observations
    I was amazed at the number of people there running Domino, but shocked at the number that had not investigated 7 yet.  It was nice to see such an interest in Workplace in the morning.  But I saw that most people did lose interest and left early, even with two breaks, a quick box lunch and only three total sessions.  Something was missing to keep people wanting to see what it could do.  I did find that the same slide format for advantages was used in every session and constantly gone over.  It seemed to be like a drone by the third session.  I understand the consistent message, but with it showing so often and looking the same, I saw people drift in their minds.

     More demonstrations and definitely some hands on time would have been a great boost.  Maybe some instructions on architecture and scaling would have helped.  They mentioned it over and over how scalable it was, yet there was never a diagram shown of how to design and implement such a solution.

    We had a follow-up meeting for Business partners only, of which only 3 partners showed including me.  Disappointing knowing the range and area that St Louis covers.  There is some other partners that would have had a short drive, but the opportunity to get your customers there and then ask questions was too good to pass up.  These will be the same that will not be asking questions later like they never got any information on Workplace.
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      On Wednesday, May 25th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    The few Admin2005 pictures

    Here is the link to the minimal 27 pictures I posted.
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      On Monday, May 23rd, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    I am thinking of a session by session post-a-rama from Admin2005 (part 1)

    SMTP Configuration Lab

    I always enjoy this session after starting it up last year.  It repeats at least once each day (last year it ran twice due to volume on one day).  It is a reserved slot sessions since each person is offered a laptop.  Extras are offered "observer" only seats and can take a laptop if someone does not show.  Anyone that tries to get in without a reservation waits a few to see who does and doesn't show.  Luckily I do not think anyone got turned away from getting in at some time during the week.  Each session had every seat filled.

    My Opinions
    In this session I rarely look at the slides, and instead, take the attendees through step-by step testing and overview of functionality.  I make it a total free-for-all in questions and answers and force some audience participation.  I found that the majority are now utilizing some outside device or service for spam and virus filtering as a front end.  About one-third are using Domino as the front line.  This lets the majority secure Domino even further by restricting who can connect directly.

    Not using Domino as the front end comes as no surprise, even with Blacklisting and relay enforcements.  The people are having issues with spam, that goes far above the call of Blacklists.  I introduced Whitelists from Domino 7 in each session and combining that with the front end services and devices, they can totally lock down Domino as long as the filters catch it.

    I am thinking that Domino will be adding some advanced spam abilities soon to keep up with demand.  Maybe relying on some filter technology like Ted Stanton posted here.
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      On Monday, May 23rd, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Well it is going, think I

    Ok so we saw Star Wars last night at the midnight show and everyone is still talking like Yoda.  Luckily that did not fall over into my first session.  Carl Tyler and myself are playing tag team on instant messaging and web conferencing today to a full house.

    Here is the one tip that made it into a new slide yet no the actual cd's that went out to attendees.  You can troubleshooting the integrated Notes client connectivity for Sametime by using a notes.ini parameter.

    The Notes client must be restarted but it provides some useful information on connectivity and some buddylist issues.
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      On Thursday, May 19th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Arrival at Admin2005

    I would say it is definitely already busy here at the show.  There will be a great launch of more functionality for the Lotus User Group site that everyone should watch out for and go peek at.  If you are not running a Lotus User Group in your area or belong to one, that is the place to start.  For a hint, just imagine being able to chat with everyone in your usergroup as they are online the Quickplaces.

    The flight in was uneventful except for the lady dropping her tray from the seatback over and over and over and over and over.  Then slamming the IBM laptop onto it over and over and over and over.  Made a light nap, well impossible on the tint Embraer jet we flew in on.

    I learned something new today, do not put an IP address into the Quickplace configuration for the Sametime server and then try a HTTP restart command.  NSD's are not a pretty thing 1000 miles away.
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      On Tuesday, May 17th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Admin2005 and where to find me

    Here is the link from our press release.  Please note I will also be sitting in with Carl Tyler in his session since we are doing a tandem one on Sametime split between IM and web conferencing over 3 hours.
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      On Thursday, May 12th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    My review of the Workplace Services Express Roadshow today

    I am sitting live in the roadshow listening and watching them install, demo and show a Day in the Life for a WSE user.  Here is my overview of what I learned while sitting at the show:
    • Workplace Collaboration Services is for the enterprise and is a much larger install and licensing cost. (I knew this one coming in but a small percentage of the attendees were not clear on what was what yet.)
    • WSE is for smaller shops and includes a current 20 free licenses to install for Passport and Business Partners.  Additional licenses are sold in 20 user packs (they think) or per processor.  But WSE can only be a single machine.  A maximum of 2000 names users is also a limit
    • It can install a local Cloudscape database for users or utilize a LDAP directory.  No schema changes were stated to be made to the LDAP sources
    • The document management integration with Windows was cool but quite scarily looked like Domino Document Manager on the Win32 integration, but on steroids for the web side.
    • The basic templates and built in features are cool for shops first deploying.  For advanced shops, looking into importing templates and portlets will be a market in itself around this product
    • The java editors were very nice letting users without Microsoft Office actually edit and do some basic word processing functions.
    • You could access with IE 5.5, IE 6 plus Mozilla 1.4 (1.3 could work but lacked some fucntionality) and recent Firefox 1.1 with success
    • If you know Portal or Websphere Application Server you already have some basic skills

    Of course, there was a few things I did not like during the show, but some were made up for
    • When they talked about integrating your existing mail infrastructure, they kept saying Exchange at a rate of 3 to 1 over Domino.  I only started paying attention when they kept saying Exchange Portlets.  Unfortunately, most of the audience was Domino already.
    • Chat and awareness worked well, but uses some bizarre ports, not Sametime ones.  Tunneling didn't seem to be an option which could be hard for remote workers at sites or customers.
    • The final half of the show didn't work, as they did not test the load and change the IP addresses from where the were last.  They spent 20 minutes showing where to download it.  They did have some test machines locaded up front to play live on the other system that was running though

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      On Tuesday, March 15th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Following up on LAEC’s after CLI day at Lotusphere

    I originally made a posting early January about the decline and fall of Lotus Authorized Education Centers (LAEC) across the US for sure.  Not sure about internationally.  But at Lotusphere, I attended Certified Lotus Instructor (CLI) day on Friday after most people had left.  I made my trek back to the Yacht & Beach early in the morning to join in on breakfast and presentations.  There was not that many people there.  After talking to a few of them on a break and during breakfast I found that quite a few were independent just due to the fact that they were then free to move around and even create custom courses.

    The idea of the one course fits all approach doesn't seem to work anymore.  Customers want custom courses maybe even spanning multiple levels of classes or even products.  I did run into a company (ElementK) that lets you go on-line and grab lessons from different courses and build your own Table of Contents.  That is a great business model.  I had some discussions with them on pricing and the minimum required books purchased, but you can even toss your own graphic onto the cover.

    But back to the topic.  A couple of the LAEC's had a thriving business with continued incoming students.  Why they did became immediately apparent.  They are cross-branding certification and training initiatives to offer a broader range to a broader audience.  Great move on their part as one gentleman there was able to teach Lotus, Websphere, Portal and even DB2.  Which walks him right into Workplace offerings.  Another woman goes to every enablement session and will travel anywhere.  She is opening new doors that other LAEC's thought would survive forever on Lotus.

    I was already in process of getting my 'official' Websphere certifications and instructor evaluations, but this just prompted me to speed up the process.  So I now know my earlier posting was correct, but there is a world of opportunity available for those that really make the necessary moves toward it.
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      On Tuesday, February 1st, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Trying to accumulate Lotusphere 2005 picture links

    I am trying to get links together in one place so we can see all the angles of different people.

    My pictures for this are
    right here as usual.

    The official Lotusphere (Notes.Net) photo album is listed on
    this page by day

    The amazing Jess Stratton links the
    group Lotusphere photo site!!  I had a blast hanging out with her last week during gatherings!

    Plus Jess has
    her own pictures posted.

    Bruce Elgort has his picture site
    right here

    Carl Tyler tries to confuse me with just a few
    photos uploaded and not even in an album format yet.

    One page from
    Rocky Oliver I could find.

    McGivney actually took like three whole shots!

    Come on people!!!  I know a bunch of us were flashing cameras all day!

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      On Monday, January 31st, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Here is my Lotusphere presentation BP116

    I have attached the Advanced LDAP Infrastructure Design (Updated!) slides in PDF to this document, hope this new feature works as I have not used it yet in DominoBlog.  Please comment on the slides, the session or whatever else you desire about my presentation.  Was my shirt too bright?  Did I pace too much?  You get the idea.

    BP116 - Lotusphere 2005.pdf
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      On Saturday, January 29th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere 2005 updates #3

    Tuesday, January 25 continued
    When we last left off I had headed to GURUpalooza (on Thursday) which comes much later in all this reading. (Look for all the links to be added later after I replicate and get on-line.  This is being posted on a plane you know.  I did what I knew real quick)

    I headed to the vendor floor for a while to not only gives the guys working a break but the chance to see what traffic had been brewing.  LotusUserGroup.Org had really taken off.  if you do not know the user group site has been taken over, redone and under new management.  We are hosting this endeavor.  The numbers at the end of the vendor floor time on Wednesday said that over 1200 of you are interested in being part of the regeneration efforts for Lotus user Groups.  1200?!?!?  That is more swipes than most vendors will ever see in one week on that floor.  Congrats to all.  I can say that the floor was busier than I recall from the last two years which is a great sign in what is going on with Lotus.

    Next I skipped Domino Domain Monitoring and opted a last minute dragging, literally by my sleeve, into BP123 for Improving Collaboration with Blogs and Wikis in Domino,  Excellent presentation by Richard and Declan.  It opened some eyes to lead to the blogging BOF popularity the next day.

    BOF508 on Lotus User Group Leadership was next for a short time.  As you saw the numbers above, the interest was awesome so the BOF had some good conversation.  I said a couple words and jumped out of there skipping the dreaded walk to Y&B for Best Practices in Deploying Workplace.  I imagined by the time I got there it would be almost over.

    Lastly in the evening it was helping CertFX with their bootcamps for 623 exam and Workplace Messaging.  I went back and forth between the two rooms that had a great crowd showing their interest in being certified.

    Then it was a stop at the E-Pro Appreciation dinner hosted by Libby.  Tom Duff was in appearance after battling some flu like symptoms some of the time he was there.

    Yes, the final resting point of the evening was the Party with the Developers held at Atlantic hall.  Music, drinking and dancing of the Lotus Software developers made for some quick fun.  I spoke for some time with Rob Novak and Liz after sneaking up on Wes Morgan.

    Wednesday, January 26
    Ok, I do not know who thought of this 7am thing again this year but it gets tiring.  As we compete in the Sametime hosting space (ok we lead it greatly even against IBM), I thought it was prim and proper of me to go and stop at BOF318 for On Demand Conferencing.  Simply put, IBM has realized most enterprise sin the world have firewalls and Sametime has it's issues with going across them.  Big surprise there.  But the audio integration is quite nice and seems to have awesome advantages.  Can't wait to run it ourselves as a hosted solution.

    STR106 How To Sell Lotus and Domino in Your Organization is always a must see no matter what the schedule looks like.  If you don't see this presentation, you have no idea how to answer some very basic questions when you face the other software beasts.

    Right before lunch we make it into BOF513 for the Lotus Blogging Community.  No matter how you slice it, the experience of having all big the bloggers (ok lets go with a large majority) in one room is a daunting task.  But there we were (see pictures).  Constant chatter, quite a few good questions, much making fun of each other, and last but not least Rocky Oliver announcing that Connectria will start hosting blogs based on the Domino templates for free.  Of course I was busy....umm reviewing...that is the word I am looking for Ed (as he peeked over my shoulder and shook his head), my slides for that afternoon when he said it.  I simply poked my head out of the aisle and made sure he really said what I thought I heard my busy brain think it heard.  Yep, you guessed it.  After some internal talks, it is true.  Look for the hosting agreement on the right to get amended with a new one for free services with some simple rules to live by.  Sign and email or fax it back and off you go.  We will be supporting a few things, including Java agent rights support.

    Lunch was immediately followed by a conundrum.  STR109 of Ed's The Boss Loves Microsoft went against two others.  Well reason came into play and I had to go with the business decision on this one.  ID301 Planning and Deployment Considerations for IBM Workplace.  As a launch partner, we deal with scaling and deployments on a constant basis.  I was curious what they had to say.  Disappointingly they said what the book says a lot.  There were a few gems and tips in there, but the regurgitation did not help with some deployment and mainly scaling decisions.

    A quick dash over to my room for BP116 Advanced LDAP Infrastructure Design (Updated!!).  Good attendance and incredible reviews when it was all said and done.  The 60 minutes hurts when I present but I gave fair warning that we would run long and everyone stayed.  I apologized to the IBM/Lotus staff coming to present next but I had to finish.  I took LDAP into some interesting fundamentals and cannot thank Tom Duff enough for letting me borrow his remote USB presenter  as I left mine in the dresser at home.  He gave his own review on his blog posting, go check that out too.  Basically I was overwhelmed with the appreciation on the evaluations and thanks to everyone for attending.  I know you got to laugh a bunch and hopefully things became a lot clearer the way I presented it.

    Now the big fat bummer comes in that with the questions after my session that kept me in the Ask the Speaker room for some time, I missed most of ID508 Wes Morgan's Network Design for Collaboration.  I love that session as he and I get to go round and round when I present the same topics at Admin2003, Admin2004 and coming up at Admin2005.  He really knows his ...umm... stuff.  yeah stuff.

    The park that night was the same as always.  Good friends, quick food, many rides till you bust and ice cream on the way out.  We had fun, bought some gifts for the family that were requested via cellphone (hey baby!), and tried to make ourselves sick riding over and over.

    Per the usual we ended at Kimonos, but only my senior vp and myself as some of the others in my group had enough.  Unfortunately we were starving and sushi was the perfect end.

    Thursday, January 27
    An 8am marketing meeting with IBM at the Y&B had me traipsing back across the property.  I ended it as soon as humanly possible to get back to BOF504 on Domino Web Access.  As a large hosting provider in this space, I had a couple concerns I brought up that they not only took good note of but took and traded cards to see if we can't work together on one of the key issues.  If this works out, look for reduced disk space for your web only mail users and the ability to pull in outside mail via account documents.  No way this will be 7 , but simple enough for right behind it.

    I poked into ID121 to see McGivney give her all for a last hurrah (hell she even blogged twice in one week, that woman was on fire I tell you) before heading to the room to dump gear, change and get ready for GURUpalooza.  Now this is the first year the event has taken place.  Talk about a cool idea.  The best and brightest from your BP track together on one stage to answer any question.  They had a little delay getting the room set up so we played around and took pictures and said hi.  Nineteen of us graced the stage as seen in the pictures.  Alan was the moderator of the day, making fun of his own clothing attire.  Watching the people swarm in the doors when they opened, followed by a lot of you taking pictures made us feel like stars.  Thanks for that!  Now that we know what to expect, look for next year to be better defined and more fun.

    I skipped Ask the Developers in turn for eating some lunch and relaxing the mind.  Plus I headed to the CLP Lounge for a massage and some snacks.  I got a hold of who the guest speaker was at closing ceremony and dashed my ass off to get close.  Well the hint was right on the money as Steven Wright graced our presence.  He is one of my favorites, and if you recall from last year, we snuck to see him at Hard Rock Live in Orlando during Lotusphere.

    I think everyone's brains melted by the end of the show as everyone went to pack or take a nap before dinner.  Dinner was quiet, just co-workers and customers before back to Kimonos for a short time.

    Friday, January 28
    What you thought I was done?  Of course not.  Friday is known for Certified Lotus Instructor Day at the Y&B.  Yes, once again the trek that has killed thousands of men before me had to be taken.  A room of instructors is not very quiet when given the chance.  They announced some new courseware, classes and ways to get instructor certified in those.  But, alas, I had to head out before the lunch started to make some final packing and then the shuttle.  Tom and I sat for a few in the hotel before the shuttle arrived and a lunch at Fox Sports in the airport.  The flight here is full of people and quite a few Lotusphere backpacks.  Good to see that return.

    The author of this narrative now has hurting hands from typing too much but not nearly everything.  Some topics will be explored in depth in the coming days.  I have plenty to say in terms of tips, thoughts and rants.
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      On Friday, January 28th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere 2005 updates #2

    Here is the start of the rundown of my days....  and more pictures have been added to the album but need to have comments added and sorted some for timeline reasons!!!

    Monday, January 24

    I started after the Opening General Session going to ID113 for Lotus Directory Technologies: Planning, Deployment, Best Practices.  This session was quite well attended and gave some excellent information about the future and some good above basic information.  I went to find out more about what people were looking for in Directory Services before my session.

    Next on the list was BOF307 for Integrating Workplace, Portal with Lotus LDAP.  I was not really pleased with this BOF for some reason as there was not much interaction.  A weird idea of using LEI to sync directories, which we find out the next day that IBM uses internally.  Much cheaper than the Tivoli Integrator and it works!  Something to look into and test for some of our mail migration and consolidation work.

    I jumped in and out of various sessions the rest of the day until the last evening slot.  I hit two more BOF's before heading to the Welcome Reception on the vendor floor.  Then we headed to the Lotus Awards dinner before settling in Kimonos for more sushi, drinks and tons of people singing.

    Tuesday, January 24

    This was an early morning at 7am with BOF305 for Domino Administration - Meet the Developers.  Normally in previous years this BOF was always filled to capacity and closed.  But it showed as a repeating session so I was shocked (as well as the panel by the look on Art's face) that not many people were there.  I somehow survived through that early morning.

    I stopped in the Innovators Panel but for business reasons I instead saw ID201 on the new Lotus Web Conferencing Service.  I will have an entirely separate posting on my thoughts on this offering.  Entirely separate posting.

    ID308 ran me to the interoperability of Domino and Workplace because I imagined it would have some concerns on LDAP which I wanted to hear for my session.  I got some info in there.

    Now ID505 for Single Sign-On in a Multi-directory World was an excellent session to me.  Great technical info and covered lots of ground for a short time.  A couple topics could have been sessions on there own for the true geeks

    Sorry I have to stop here to go to Gurupalooza.  I will add the rest later.

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      On Thursday, January 27th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere 2005 first impressions and pictures

    You will find the  growing photo album right here in slideshow format!!!  Take a look often and I will repost the link all the time.

    Image:Lotusphere 2005 first impressions and pictures

    Well I awoke early in the morning for the Business Development Day breakfast where we had the pleasure of sitting at the table with Ambuj the entire time plus through the Opening Session.  As I mentioned
    before, Connectria did win another Lotus Award (Beacon) and that makes 3 and counting.  But the real news was the announcements of the growth in Lotus software sales and some initiatives of what they are planning for 2005.

    Look at Workplace being meshed more into Domino with joint sales revolving around Domino instead of competition or confusion between the two.  I posted thoughts the other day on the naming conventions.  But the direction with the new WSE offering makes allows a greater penetration into so many markets that might be closed right now due to costs or justifications.  Now the biggest improvement is the simple installation via cd compared to the full Workplace install.  They also stated that is being built into future versions of the full install.  But to have it as a quick deployment makes it a very easy product to sell.

    From there I heard a lot about the weather and people stuck all over.  But I ran by the JumpStart sessions in the Swan to see some good ones from
    Tom Duff and Kathleen McGivney. (see pictures link above for a couple shots)  They both were going quite well and had great attendance.  Pretty much every session I went into had good attendance.

    I then headed to an Executive Roundtable meeting about sales and marketing initiatives and how the Business Partners need help, direction or want things changed.  I can definitely say changes are in the works and they listened well to our ideas.  There are a lot of changes I wanted done and will make that a separate entry.

    So next is the welcome reception where I will grab a bunch more pictures.

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      On Sunday, January 23rd, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Off to Lotusphere early in the am

    You can find where I will be by looking at the Wiki from Ben Rose or my last posting.  Look forward to tons of info and pictures!!
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      On Friday, January 21st, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Lotusphere 2005 newsreel #1

    First, I am required by long-standing Lotus blogging law (bylaw 7, subsection 4, paragraph 2) to post information on where I will be at Lotusphere and how to run into me otherwise.
    • BP116 Advanced LDAP Infrastructure Design (Updated!) on Wed at 3pm in Swan 10.
    • BOF508 Lotus User Groups Leadership - Connectria is the hosting provider for this new website and collaboration portal to be announced at Lotusphere.  Make sure to visit the pedestal or attend if you are interested in, an officer of or attendee of a Lotus User Group anywhere in the world.
    • BOF513 Lotus Blogging Community - I will definitely be stopping there.  Of course Bruce is the moderator so who knows what to expect.  Wed at 11:15am in Dolphin Oceanic 1
    • GURUpalooza on Thur at 11:15am in Swan 6-10.  This is a don't miss session where most of the speakers from the Best Practices track get together as a panel to answer all the questions you can throw out.  A new event that should be awesome.
      Join us at GURUpalooza!
      You've spent four wonderful geek filled days at the lovefest known as Lotusphere. You've attended countless sessions by industry experts from the field, who didn't bogart their knowledge, and instead passed it along for all to share. But as you're coming down from this geeky high, you realize you had a ton more questions for those gurus. Well, you get one more chance! Come join us in this geekfest where the best and brightest of the Best Practices track are together on one stage to answer your questions. Show up, get informed, get pumped  but please, no crowd surfing!
    • Connectria will have a pedestal this year again at Booth 628.  Count on some giveaways and maybe a big special one (hint hint).  You can always get a message to me there.
    • I know I missed some so check back to this post.

    Second, there is a change that I just liked so much I want to post.  Recall how you used to wait till the last day at the very end to get the full conference evaluation gift?  Well not this year!!

    In exchange for your completed evaluation, you'll receive a special 2005 Lotusphere gift!  Stop by one of the counters in Australia 3 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin beginning at noon on Wednesday, January 26 to pick up your gift.

    Third, just grab me if you see me.  If I don't answer to you yelling from behind, don't be offended.  I am more than likely listening to my iPod or on the darn phone via headset.

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      On Wednesday, January 19th, 2005   by Chris Miller        

    Pictures from Admin2004 Paris are up

    I finally have all the pictures uploaded from the most recent Admin2004 show.  It took me a few but here they are.
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      On Friday, December 17th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    Some Paris trip info

    Sorry for the gap in time and lack of posts, but I took a much needed vacation while in Europe and was busy talking to attendees while actually at the conference.  We managed to cover a few countries while there and explore places randomly and with no time constraints.  What a wonderful change from the everyday work life.  The ability to pull over and take in a sight or simply keep driving and not worry what time we would arrive was better than the fresh air we found along the sea.  I did not fire up the laptop, I carry no BlackBerry and did not have a cell phone that worked while there.  So not only were we totally disconnected, we for some days, really no had destination in mind and picked hotels by driving around the city we were in.  We did get lucky enough to find a hotel in one city that had a checkout time as late as 2pm.  Without even having to request or have card status to do so.

    I think to get back in the swing a little info on where our travels took me would help me wind back up into work mode.  
    Admin2004 Europe left us in Paris for a week eating some wonderful food along the way too.
    • Moroccan
    • Thai (more than once)
    • some attempted serving of what they considered American food
    • plenty of pizza
    • plenty of pasta
    • even some things I still cannot identify

    Our travels after did take me along the coast of France and then into Italy.  We made my all around both countries finding that traffic does move quite well along the Autostrada, even with the numerous tolls that pop up in some places.  I did find it disheartening that the US dollar took a huge nose dive while I was there.  It made the lovely conversions a bit harder to swallow sometimes.  But that is the chance you take overseas.

    So to sum it all up, there was no amount of negative encountered that could take away from everything we gained on this trip.

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      On Friday, December 10th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    Mail journaling and duplicate emails

    Once again the attendees at Admin2004 Europe come through with interesting questions.  This one came up in my SMTP Configuration sessions.  Not a lot of people are using mail journaling from what hands were raised each time I asked.  This seems to be a major difference in what requirements and needs are in place for American versus European countries.  But here is the problem and answer already pointed out by Lotus.

    You have configured Domino Mail Journaling for your system and have configured the appropriate mail rules.  Mail Journaling is working as desired; however, occasionally a message is duplicated in the mail journaling database.  Why is this happening?


    There are two scenarios in which duplicate journal entries can occur:

    1.  A message is composed with at least one internal Domino recipient and at least one external SMTP recipient.  The message is duplicated as long as there is at least one internal and one external mail recipient.

    2.  When all recipients are internal Domino users, they have different values for their preference for incoming messages in their Person Document in the Domino Directory (names.nsf).  For example, User1 has "Prefers MIME" option selected and User2 has "Prefers Notes Rich Text" option selected.  When a message is sent to User1 and User2, the message is duplicated in the mail journaling database.

    As a workaround, try the following:

    1.  Verify that the sender's "Format for messages addressed to internet addresses" on the Location document and set this value to the same value as the internal user's preference for incoming mail. For example, both are set to "Prefers Notes Rich Text" or "Prefers MIME".

    2.  Set the mail format preference in the Person document the same value (either "Prefers Notes Rich Text" or "Prefers MIME" for all internal users.

    Both scenarios have been reported to Quality Engineering team; however, there are no plans to address these issues in the R6 codestream.

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      On Thursday, December 9th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    Thoughts so far on Admin2004 Paris

    First of all, the group of attendees came with some good questions.  Not many are still running older versions but I am seeing a lot of legacy architecture designs for their Domino infrastructures that need to be refreshed and reviewed since they upgraded to Domino 6.

    Which brings me to my quick point and thought.  How many of you are being very rigorous about your upgrade schedule to keep up with the most recent versions and patches (ie: running something in the 6.5.x codestream already) but have not gone back and revisited mail flow topology and even considered network compression to help speed things up and free bandwidth?  Not many I imagine.  After listening and having some side conversations, it might be time for everyone to sit down and do this.  Mainly if you have taken over a previous environment that "just works".  Just because mail flows does not mean it is the most efficient or best solution.
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      On Friday, December 3rd, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    My upcoming schedule

    I imagined it was time to update my upcoming schedule of where I will be popping up.
    • Inbox2004 East for Nov 18th and 19th where I am presenting a couple sessions and then participating in a panel discussion with our own Ed Brill also.  This is the first time they are doing a Lotus specific segment, but it should prove a good groundwork for future growth at the show.  I am going in a day early to attend some sessions.
    • A small vacation the week of Thanksgiving
    • Over to Paris, France for Admin2004 Europe Dec 1-3, 2004
    So I will be blogging a little less next week over the holiday as all my guest bloggers have tons of things to do and also enjoy the vacation themselves.  Of course, Tom will be reading about a billion books over that time as usual.

    So look for updates and information from Inbox2004 starting tomorrow.
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      On Wednesday, November 17th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    All Copenhagen photos are posted finally

    You will find the link here for Admin2004 Europe - Copenhagen
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      On Tuesday, October 26th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    A technote to share from one of my sessions

    The session was on IM Tips and Tricks and then this same question came up at Ask the Experts on Monday evening.  The administrator wished to know how calendaring & scheduling interacted when reserving meeting rooms for Sametime meetings.  I was not sure of the workflow behind it off of the top of my head so I found this technote.  It was worth sharing with everyone so we understand the flow better.
    How it Works
    -  The Chairperson creates a meeting invitation in the Calendar view of his/her mail file and selects the option, "This is an Online Meeting".   The fields for the type of Online meeting, the meeting place and attachments appear.  

    -  The Chairperson clicks the address picker for the place and selects the Online Meeting document from the Domino Directory.  

    -  When the Chairperson clicks the 'Save and Send Invitations' action button, the meeting gets mailed to the Resource Reservations database.  

    -  The router on the Resource Reservations database does a lookup on the meeting notice, and once the router finds the field called 'External Address' on the meeting, the meeting gets copied and then forwarded onto the external address.  The external address is the name of the Mail-in Database that is in the Domino Directory, usually named Stcs.nsf.  

    -  In addition, the router mails a copy to the Sametime Meeting Center (Stconf.nsf).  The router autoprocesses the reservation and sends an accept notice from the Online Resource to the Chair.  The meeting is placed in the database for the external address, Stcs.nsf and the Sametime Meeting Center (Stconf.nsf) on the Sametime Server.

    -  The meeting is tracked by the Notes Calendar Servlet (Stcal) by its meeting identifier, which is the APPTUNID.  When the Chair and invitees click the 'Attend Online Meeting' link in their meeting invitation, the browser opens the URL to the Sametime server with the link to the Stcal servlet, processing the meeting APPTUNID.

    There you go, the flow of C&S when inviting a meeting room.

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      On Wednesday, October 20th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    There are some topics from Copenhagen I want to blog about

    I had two more sessions today, one on SMTP Configuration and one on Moving your Domino Administration Skills to Websphere.  I got some great feedback from the SMTP sessions about how people are managing their mail environments in numerous scenarios.  I need time to gather those thoughts and get some dinner first though.

    But for a tidbit, about 1/3 of the people in the session were utilizing a device outside of Domino for spam and virus prevention, including Blacklist lookups.  Another 1/3 had moved into Domino 6 internally or on the SMTP servers but had not implemented or were looking at tighter restrictions, including Blacklists.  All of them already had some prevention for protecting from relays though.  A great sign.

    So let me get some food and gather some thoughts, I will be with you shortly with information that some of the attendees are looking to be posted also.
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      On Tuesday, October 19th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    Some first quick photos from Copenhagen

    I am starting to load up the photo album as I go, you will find the link here for Admin2004 Europe - Copenhagen.

    Image:Some first quick photos from Copenhagen
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      On Sunday, October 17th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    I am booked for the Inbox 2004 conference

    After some talks with Libby and the people hosting the Inbox 2004 Conference, I will be one of the presenters on the Lotus sessions for them. Here is the full agenda.

    I am hoping this conference keeps growing as it has some good sessions on IM and email management.  Plus a grouping of sessions for Lotus and Microsoft should bring the forces out to learn not only about their own product, but to ask about the other one freely.  I hope to answer most of any question asked in my session and panel discussion.

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      On Tuesday, October 5th, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    Added a few lost pics to the E-Pro conference

    I forgot I took some the last day and had them on the camera still.  They are now fully done and right here.
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      On Thursday, July 1st, 2004   by Chris Miller        

    Pictures from the E-Pro Editorial Conference are up

    I can name those two in six shots.....

    Image:Pictures from the E-Pro Editorial Conference are up

    That would be our own
    Tom Duff and Michael Fromin (winner of the Gary Guthrie Award this year) shooting at bad guys.  This trip is always fun for me and a great learning experience.  There is tons of brain power at this gathering that amaze me.  From networking to iSeries to visionaries in the industry that are authors, writers and editors for the magazines of Penton Media.  Everyone works in small and large groups to get those ideas for next year.  So if you want to see a topic make yourself heard to me or Tom via email (you can find addresses on both our blogs).

    For all the pictures take a trip over to the photo album as usual
    right here!
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      On Tuesday, June 29th, 2004   by Chris Miller