IBM shutters the Notes Net routing permanently

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This day has been hinted at for a long time.  For business partners and customers that were used to routing native Notes mail to Lotus via the @Notes Net foreign domain, today is the end.

Everyone was migrated over to new servers for both replication and mail routing.  No more @Notes Net in your email messages to get to other partners, Loti and IBMers.  They have a new domain that will do some of the features still, but not all.

I just thought I would share as I run an agent to change all the email addresses of IBM'ers I have in my personal address book to have it reflect the new domain.  I am going to give it a try later today to see what functions have been removed and/or continue.

Long live @IESPC  (whatever that stands for)

Scratch that...   first test give you..

User IBM name here (IBM name here@iespc) not listed in Domino Directory

Long live @Notes Net until kinks are worked out