The #Poken splash at #TriStateLUG (and coupon)

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When I put out the blog posting for TriStateLUG a few of you listened and brought along a Poken of your own to share contact data faster, easier and updateable.  To further prove my point I brought along a few Poken giveaways for those that did not have one.  As I use it more and more, here is what I learned:

  • Those that gave me a "high four" (term for sharing info across devices) I am instantly connected to, no business cards laying around
  • I was able to tag you with the conference and any other pertinent information
  • I am able to see your network updates as they happen now
  • I can download your vcard and place it into systems like Gist for full management and interaction (I hope they integrate something like this later)
  • I get your picture along with your card, strengthening my recognition of you again later
  • No more freakin paper business cards laying around in stacks with no good way to quickly input

After using the device (and E via web at another) I am finding that I am happier and making more meaningful connections since I get all of your social context.  Most people carry a business card for where they work, not a personal card showing their blog and other information that I can better associate with.  For example Jim, who I had known by name and some of previous work,  shared his info and now I see his Twitter stream, LinkedIn, mobile #, location, tags, instant messaging accounts and more.  I was not connected to him before and got this instantly instead of poking around the social networks.

This is the type of connectivity we need for Lotusphere and more to better connect.  So since we can guess Lotus is not tossing one of these in every bag (let me know if they want to and I know the right people), I am giving you a discount code and link to get your hands on one or many.  Imagine handing some of these out pre-populated with your company information?  Yeah, catch up, that is what I did to those at TriState LUG

You can visit the whole "Zoo" right here.  There is also the possibility to brand and find more customized ones I found out.  Jim brought along a USB one that was sleek and had a simple logo.

So use the coupon code for another 10% off right here  -------> PWUODPALWTJCMTCPOO4O

Image:The #Poken splash at #TriStateLUG (and coupon)