Bluto - Lotus Connections and Twitter in one client

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IBM internally has BlueTwit, an internal microblogging network.  Add on Twitter itself and the new capabilities in Lotus Connections, you needed a consolidated client.  A while ago, Bluto was pointed out on the web by Luis and I never took the time to play with it.  By all means it is a fair Adobe Air application for doing the basics in Twitter and seeing the stream for Connections.  It in no way competes with a client for power users of Twitter, like Mixero, but for a normal user that also has Lotus Connections, this might be for you.  A great way to test this is with your Twitter account and the public Lotus Greenhouse.

Bluto has a few capabilities and can be downloaded here:

  • customizable pop-ups
  • cross posting to both services, or one at a time
  • retweet and reply in both services
  • Follow and Unfollow Twitter usersFriend and Unfriend Connections users

Image:Bluto - Lotus Connections and Twitter in one client

Things like lists, groups and more don't exist, but this was not meant to be that type of client.  Just an open project that turned out nicely done.  Did I forget to mention it is free?