Project Hawthorn notes - more on Microsoft Outlook 2013 and IBM Domino

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Project Hawthorn was a huge announcement from IBM about using Microsoft Outlook 2013 and IBM Domino servers. I took some additional notes at MWLUG 2013 and wanted to share them as I promised in the previous posting.

Project Hawthorn for Microsoft Outlook 2013

This is based on what I could quickly write down based on what Scott Souder, Program Director, Messaging and Collaboration Solutions, IBM,  was saying.  Then I had to read my own writing which made it worse while writing slides at the same time.  So here you go:
  • This is not IMAP or POP3
  • You will use Domino 9.x.x and Traveler 9.x.x or higher.  No Domino 8.x support for the server or Traveler
  • It is 64-bit Domino and 64-Bit Traveler on Windows 64-bit.  No other OS announced yet for the server side
  • The Microsoft add-in for Outlook leverages Domino REST services
  • There will be tons of capabilities for message fidelity, calendaring, out of office and more
  • Windows only (I presume Windows 7 on since it is Outlook 2013)
  • It uses ost files and not pst files locally on the client machine

As you can see the list of features for Microsoft Outlook 2013 against IBM Domino is impressive. I think he mentioned encryption but that might have been a question to myself in my notes.

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