Phonetic Computer Eyewear product review

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Digital eye strain has been a concern of mine for years. Blue light streams from the monitors at me for a good six hours or more a day.  Phonetic Computer Eyewear makes a myriad of glasses to help combat it while keeping up with style. I almost put up pictures of me actually in them but selfies are tough.  I have a special coupon code for my readers at the end.
Phonetic Eyewear
I honestly have tried and worn a competitor brand for many years. They were considered gaming and computer glasses and carry a visible yellow tint when looking at them.  They are more function that style for sure. Along came Phonetic who sent me two of their over 65 (my count not theirs) different frames and styles.  Of course each frame also came in colors. First let me talk about what computer eyewear is supposed to do

Computer eyewear in general is supposed to block a certain part of the color spectrum that is most harmful to your eyes for long periods. We are referring to the blue that monitors and phones emit.  Natural blue light is not a problem to your eyes from everything I could find in researching this review. It is the artificial blue lights as referred to below:

Within the visible light spectrum, blue light has a shorter wavelength and higher energy, which is harder for our eyes. Because these waves are shorter, they appear to flicker more than longer, weaker wavelengths. Flickering is the flashing effect that happens when the LED backlight controller of a monitor adjusts the brightness levels during display refreshing. This causes eye fatigue without you even noticing.

I searched online and came across this easy to understand graphic on what all of these types of computer glasses do. They take that blue band of light and make it smaller depending on how much they block. I did a few tests looking at this image with no glasses, Phonetic Eyewear and the competitor I have had some a few years.  It is amazing to see how much all them actually work at varying levels.
Blue light spectrum test
The bottom is what the band would look like if all the blue was blocked. Here are the results I received from my tests.  Of course I see the full blue band with my naked eye in the top bar.  It is pretty wide if you stare at it.  I then wore the competitor glasses and the band became so thin you had to look hard to focus on it.  I then held up and wore Phonetic Eyewear glasses.  The blue band definitely got smaller, but not as small as the competitor.  They led me to figure out more on how it worked and why.  Let me cover the two pair Phonetic sent and then more on the specifications.

Phonetic Computer Eyewear let me choose one pair and picked one for me at my request.  The first pair was the Phonetic Simplicity in silver. There was 3 lens shapes to choose from as well. I can tell you up front I love the look, and comfort in wearing them. They are so thin and light it is almost like not having them on at all.
Phonetic Eyewear Simplicity
The frames are super thin and light. The lenses have no frame and the bridge piece was not bulky.  I could wear these all day in comfort and even with my headset over my ear for conference calls.  Included below the eyewear is a neoprene sleeve case, cleaning cloth and warranty/information card.

The other pair I chose in gunmetal color was appropriately named Miller.  These were a much hardier frame and weight and stood out to those that saw me wearing them.  Both pair have the same protection level and coating we will talk about shortly.
Phonetic Eyewear Miller
You can see the thicker arms and half frame around the lenses. As someone that does not wear glasses daily I noticed these after a few hours. That is a personal choice. They were comfortable and I imagined I would get used to them in longer times the more I wear them. Just as anyone new to glasses would.

Where did all lead me? A chase down the Internet search hole.  Phonetic Computer Eyewear states the following about their blocking:
Phonetic lenses block approximately 35% of the light in the violet/blue spectrum (380nm to 500nm) and more than 50% of the light from 380nm to 450nm, which is the portion of the violet/blue spectrum with the highest energy content

This makes perfect sense since the other manufacturer, the glasses that also have a yellow tint, claim they block more higher percentage. I would believe both vendors since it matches my non-scientific test results.

No matter the vendor I firmly believe that wearing computer glasses reduces the strain on my eyes. Phonetic Computer Eyewear look great, have a cool selection of frames and block enough of the blue light without having the yellow filter some of the other makers have.  You can get Phonetic Computer Eyewear on Amazon or directly on their website and use the coupon below..

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