Patterns in achieving social business success

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What are patterns and how are they used to achieve social business success?  Heck I have no clue what that even means much rather what I get from this IBM whitepaper another partner and IBM India was kind enough to make available on SlideShare.

Patterns in Achieving Social Business

After reading it I surmise that patterns is another word for process that IBM services wraps engagements around according to a recent webcast.  There are six areas of social business pattern that IBM decided should be identified in your organization:
  • Finding expertise
  • Gaining external customer insights
  • Increasing knowledge sharing
  • Improving recruiting and on-boarding
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions
  • Enabling and improving workplace safety

A few of those will not fit most small and medium business patterns (processes). But the ones that do rely on you simply examining how, if any, processes can be streamlined by better sharing of information. That should simplify it for you.

You can fill out the form on the IBM website to get the Patterns in achieving social business success by leading and powering organizations for free or get it here if you are an IBM Business Partner.