Is Domino 9 compatible with Sametime 8.x server products? Kinda

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As we roll out IBM Domino 9 the question of is IBM Sametime 8.x supported comes up quite often.  In a way, yes it is.  Luckily IBM has prepared a bunch of answers.

IBM Sametime 9 logo

The first thing that should be noted is that IBM Sametime cannot be installed on IBM Domino 9 servers. There is no support or supported plans.  You must install a Domino 8.5.x server to support IBM Sametime. Domino 9 will not be supporting the older versions. Instead look to the new Sametime 9 beta announcement that came out.

Next you should note that you can run a Domino 9 directory on the Sametime 8.5.x server without any issues.  That is supported by IBM. So making your mail, Lotus Traveler, XPages and application servers to IBM Domino 9 is a great idea.  This includes iNotes against a Sametime proxy server.

Good luck with the upgrades.  Any other questions?