OXO Good Grips Double Flip in Hamper review

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The OXO Good Grips Double Flip in Hamper was actually fun to review and much needed at any home. Easy setup, great packaging and simple color coded top.

OXO Good Grips Double Flip in Hamper

While hampers are made to just hold dirty clothing and linens, some thought and style makes the OXO Good Grip Double Flip model stand out. With a light and dark edging on the two flip sections even the kids can easily start sorting clothes. No more excuses!

The assembly required nothing more the opening the great packaging, unfolding the hamper, folding down the inner flaps that give lower support and placing the lid INSIDE the top (not on the outside). there was only a small cardboard piece to hold the form of the lid and some plastic. I applaud them for not have wasteful packaging.

The two handles on theOXO Good Grips Double Flip in Hamper side made for easy transport and the height makes it a great companion next to the washer. The stylish gray color hasn't shown any fading yet even with a kid errantly tossing a wet swimsuit in there one day. The lids seem to be surviving the constant tossing, basketball shots and the cat always trying to figure out what the cool new dark cave is.

The spring loaded flaps even let the cat get back when out she finds her way into the hamper with no signs of wearing out.

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