BlackBerry lets 250 R&D employees go and we offer BlackBerry Today Episode 23

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On the heels of us publishing BlackBerry Today Episode 23 covering the Z10 on Verizon, the missing applications I need and some new ones we found, it seems BlackBerry has let 250 R&D employees go.

BlackBerry (originally RIM) laid off 250 more employees on Tuesday as part of a continued effort to turnaround the company.

The layoffs, which were first reported by Bloomberg on Thursday, affected employees at BlackBerry's product testing facility in its hometown of Waterloo, Canada

While this is small compared to around 3,000 back in late summer 2012, it still has a mental impact to investors and the public.  I think dropping the Playbook is a smart move and focusing on strengthening the enterprise ready devices in their possible market outside of small countries.

Devices like the proposed A10 will do well in many countries while in the US and Europe we are looking for awesome performance, great camera and decent screen real estate.  Gone are the days of the need for a real keyboard for most users.

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