LotusphereLive is back for year 6 and becomes IBMConnectLive

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Carl Tyler and myself are entering year SIX for live blogging the Opening General Session at Lotusphere and now IBM Connect 2013  under the name LotusphereLive.  Each year Carl has added capabilities to the site making it your go to source to keep up with the happening at the OGS.

  • Live commentary from myself and Carl about the OGS
  • The live stream of the OGS is embedded in the upper left to watch at the same time
  • We grab photos from Flickr as it goes (thinking Instagram too is tagged right)
  • We added Instagram for the #ibmconnect hashtag
  • We also have the Twitter stream on the hashtag running
  • You can replay any of the past years!!
  • This whole thing is Domino.  Yeah, Domino.

Why not join the thousands of unique visitors we get each year that join us for watching the Opening General Session?

Also make sure you visit Carl Tyler's blog and Epilio as a way to say thanks for all the work over the years on this database.