Lotusphere 2011 Online closing - and they listened

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Long ago I made some commentary that Lotus was wrong to close the Lotusphere Online system each year, instead of making it a growing and nurtured community.

Shouldn't Lotusphere be a growing and nurtured community? Not reborn every 12 months?

Lotus has made a decision here that could have changed some of the communication landscape between tens of thousands of customers, partners, employees, vendors and press.  A living breathing system that grew over the years and integrated more technology, connecting more people together.

Lotusphere should be a constant community with security wrapped around the resources by the the year I attend.  I would maintain an account that allowed me to chat, communicate and look up people.  Lotus would integrate new technologies of social networking tools (outside of Lotus Connections as we went along).  I would be able to access past files from all the years of content that was afforded to me for the years I attended.

Lotusphere should be a Sametime chat community that never closes, now with the zero download client found in Sametime 8.5.  Socialbookmarks should have kept growing.  Throw out Activities since I can only use one such plug-in in my client at work and use it already.  Streamline what communities are there.

So today we received notice via email that Lotusphere Online will be merged into IBM Greenhouse (I am skipping ahead and dropping the Lotus name).
We listened to your feedback that you wanted one ongoing community for Social Business and the IBM Collaboration Solutions. Therefore during June, the existing Lotusphere 2011 Online will be closed and combined into our IBM Connections community on Lotus Greenhouse to establish that single, long term community. Before the site is closed, you will receive an invitation to join the established IBM Collaboration Solutions User Experience Community in Lotus Greenhouse.

The communities will be rebuilt, the presentations moved over and ready for all to access.
We will be making Lotusphere 2011 presentations available and will use the new community for collaboration before and after our events.

You will have to go and create a Greenhouse ID if you do not have one.  But it will allow you to also join into a global IBM Sametime community for chat and other services.  So rejoice in the announcement they are closing Lotusphere Online 2011.  I would like to think I was one of the voices they heard