IdoNotes Episode 122 - Lotus Traveler on BlackBerry Playbook via Android

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After numerous emails about the best way to load Lotus Traveler on the BlackBerry Playbook and much dispute of what worked, I went ahead and tackled it for you in this video.

I was unable to hit and load the Lotus Traveler server via the Playbook by using the servlet/traveler web interface or going via ActiveSync.  Some of you have emailed and commented  success and a lot depends on versions of servers, policies and more it seems.

So take make it easy for you I created a signed .bar file that you can sideload onto your BlackBerry Playbook if you must have Traveler working and want to use the Android player built into OS 2.0.  It just works!

Here is the signed Lotus file from Spiked Studio.  This must be sideloaded onto your Playbook while developer mode is enabled (no rooting it is just a switch in preferences). I used DDPBInstaller to do it, you can find that free on the web.