IBM SmartCloud for Social Business enhancements for May 2014

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IBM is enhancing SmartCloud for Social Business in May 2014 to include social and mobile, Docs, and Notes enhancements detailed below.

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Here are some highlights of the release:
  • Expand collaboration with more community file storage up to 5GB
  • Find content you need faster with File Preview, File Thumbnails, and link previews
  • Draw attention to important community content with Community Folders
  • Paste images directly into Community Blogs and Wikis
  • Read, comment and like Community Blogs on mobile devices
  • Access recent content with one tap on mobile devices
  • Personalize navigation for mobile devices
  • Edit and manage Community events on iOS

Enhancements to SmartCloud Docs

Now subscribers can collaboratively edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets across larger teams with up to 10 co-editors.  

These enhancements are available to SmartCloud Engage Advanced subscribers or SmartCloud Docs subscribers.

Enhancements to SmartCloud Notes

These enhancements are available for the SmartCloud Notes web experience for SmartCloud Notes and SmartCloud Engage Advanced subscribers.
  • Standard and Advanced Name finder options provide enhanced directory search and browsing capabilities to subscribers. Now Administrators can enable this feature by clicking on Account Settings then Name Finder in SmartCloud Notes Administration. (Available on or after May 7)
  • Two new options are now available to work more effectively with online meeting information. (Available on or after May 28)
  • Subscribers can update the online meeting information directly within a calendar entry. This change may be applied to just the current entry or all, future, or previous instances of a repeating meetings.
  • If subscribers select the SmartCloud Meetings option when setting up a new online meeting entry, they may now specify a password for their SmartCloud Meetings.
  • When a user invokes a the Show/Unread only action an information bar is now displayed to remind users that they are viewing only their unread mail. Dismissing the information bar displays all the messages in the current view or folder. (Available on or after May 28)

Support mobile workers more effectively with expanded Application Password support

IBM provides an enhanced security feature for mobile users. If an organization is using IP address ranges to control mobile access, yet needs to allow some users to bypass these restrictions, the SmartCloud application password offers an additional layer of protection for users logging into the cloud.

In previous releases, the application password feature required users to also have a Traveler subscription. This release opens up the feature to be used by any of the SmartCloud applications, independent of Traveler. This capability is set by Administrators in the Administration console.

SmartCloud Connections, SmartCloud Meetings and Chat now support this feature.