IBM launches Cloud Marketplace - but which site is which

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IBM Cloud Marketplace has launched to offer a single shopping experience for cloud services. Unfortunately they are running two sites. Let me show you.

IBM Cloud Marletplace

This is the URL you uncover when you use Google and many of the current articles found on the web. Not that IBM has registered yet another URL called  Now if I go to just it forwards me to the below screenshot which is on and what I find when I type in
IBM Cloud Marletplace

This URL then has a small link on the navigation for Marketplace, which I presume would then send me to where I started. No. It actually leaves me on this page with some embedded things looking like this.,
IBM Cloud Marletplace

I wilI presume this is just an embed of the URL but I cannot be sure as some of the UI is different.

So in summary. is a separate site that offers the catalog to shop.  I can get to some form of embedded view going to which then has a link for marketplace but does not take me to the first URL. Yet the IBM site for the embed is much cleaner, brighter and nicer.

IBM could make this much simpler and not have yet another URL for the marketplace.
IBM launched a new Cloud marketplace that brings together IBM's capabilities-as-a-service and those of partners and third-party vendors. I'm excited to share that this move is the next major step in IBM's cloud leadership, giving you as Business Partners a new way to access and service our extensive enterprise client network. And given the size of the cloud market opportunity, US$250 billion and growing, this is something you're probably going to want to think about and tap into

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