IBM roadmap for messaging and social platform - updated Sep 1 2015

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IBM sent an email to business partners with the IBM Roadmap for Messaging and Social Platform. I was hoping  to summarize it for you and give a link but I was hit with this:

When you click "I agree" you agree that this information

  • will not be disclosed to anyone inside your company without a demonstrated business need to know as they market or support IBM products.
  • will not be disclosed to any party outside your company without express permission from IBM
This information is intended for IBM Business Partner information and is not to be shared with customers or prospects unless approved by IBM. Contact your local IBM representative if seeking approval to share with others outside of your organization

So all I can do is give you the link and if you are a business partner then you will be able to see it. Or track down your IBM rep to help out?

UPDATE: After reading this I think there are enough public presentations from user groups and other events to piece it together.  Some can be found in the IBM Connect sessions database  I aggregate each year.   The above video from MWLUG 2015 by Kramer Reeves may happen to contain a lot of the same information