IBM messaging roadmap from IBM Connect 2014 - what’s missing

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IBM announced the IBM Messaging Roadmap at IBM Connect 2014 and here is what was included. Also, here is the major piece I noticed missing.

IBM Messaging Roadmap from IBM Connect 2014
image courtesy of Per Henrik Lausten during IBM Connect

If we study the IBM Messaging Roadmap image above, updated January 26 2014, we see updates to the IBM Notes 9.0.1 client. More than one fixpack and release schedule actually taking place now, July and November 2014. With a maintenance release, to include the IBM Mail Next coming in early 2015.

We also see enhancements to the browser plug-in and IBM SmartCloud Notes. But there is one thing missing from this chart.

Missing is any updates and enhancements to the IBM Notes mail client. The new IBM Mail Next is a web front end against Domino (see IBM Mail Next announced - what I know) and not a local rich client.  Not a single mention that I can see.

They do mention Project Hawthorn (or IBM Mail for Outlook) and I have talked about it on my blog twice with one posting to come. This means a new web mail client and alternate mail client. Where is the refreshed look for IBM Notes?

This gives IBM a year to work on, and then announce at IBM Connect 2015, any change to the client. The lack of any mention on the slides had many wondering. What are your thoughts if the client stays the same through the first part of 2015?