IBM Mail Next announced at IBM Connect 2014 - what I know

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IBM announced IBM Mail Next at IBM Connect 2014. This is a new proposed inbox interface  via the web for working with Domino based email that aims to helps prioritize and balance tasks.
IBM Mail Next sample UI
This is a sample screenshot of IBM Mail Next shown around different sessions at IBM Connect. As you can see this is an entirely new interface to the look and feel of your email. A few key things to consider:

  • Domino back end (not Websphere as some thought)
  • HTML5
  • Apache search engine
  • New web interface (as suggested but not close to final)

This is a total change for users in the way they trust the mail system to show them what is important and who is important. Images of users could show in IBM Mail Next, much like Sametime preferred contacts. I wonder what shows when it is someone with no picture in IBM Connections or trusted social network via oAuth? How are experts assigned? How are VIPs and management chosen? A work hierarchy in Connections or Domino?

I like the idea of a Gant chart view for the calendar, but fear the task area and lack of inbox.. While I see a possible link to take users to the inbox, they are so used to working with folders and a flat view this could be a huge training issue.

IBM loosely threw about numbers and 4 figures based on time lost working with spam. If your users are actively seeing lots of spam, then you have other basic issues that need to be done. This system should not even have to waste time on that.. IBM also mentions time wasted with unnecessary emaill. Why not just stop the unnecessary email instead of trying to hide it with more coding and trickery?

The Mail Next interface is designed to work well on the tablet and support things like swiping. Tis will have to translate to mouse controls or keyboard shortcuts to be effective for desktops

Muting a thread also makes no sense. Put it in a folder, delete it or move it along. Don't just hide it. Mail needs to be processed, not hidden away.Mail is social no matter what they say and you need to work with it so.

Inline attachment viewing would be great as well as more org chart viewing which I have never used. I don't care where you sit in the org most of the time. Can you help me or not?

I heard many target dates thrown around with beta in the cloud in a few months, to local beta through summer to possible general availability by end of 2014. Prepare for IBM Mail Next.  I wonder if iNotes is behind it still if I click inbox?