IBM Domino 10 and Sametime #domino2025

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IBM and HCL had a webcast/chat about IBM Sametime and the futures of the product. Overall, it seems the feedback they have received is based around simplifying the product deployment, keep most every feature and simply make it easier to use meetings, video and tuning.

IBM Sametime logo

In Sametime 9.01 for Notes 10 IBM will allow the use of the mobile client (some limitations) with the entitlement.  There that summarizes the initial license change.  One simple line.

In the first half of 2019 IBM will add some other things to Sametime 10    
  • Concurrent online clients with messages received on them all
  • Receiving queued messages when logging in on a client to catch up
  • It will run on Domino 64-bit
  • Support for the Docket Enterprise Edition

I think the ability to have all your clients in sync and with all the messages showing everywhere is a huge thing.  Moving to an entire 64-bit support model helps provide scaling and resource usage.

Past these immediate announcements, IBM has targeted such things as multi-device support for file transfer, AV calling removing browser plug-ins and simplified deployment.