IBM does not take public holidays anymore it seems

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A reader caught this and sent it over. IBM has once again not not updated the public holiday documents in IBM Domino. Since IBM uses Domino as the back end (and IBM Verse as the overlay) for email, I would imagine they are facing this same issue. Or have stopped taking public holidays

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to share with you my latest frustration with IBM.

You may or may not be aware, that the "Holidays" import that "Lotus" provided 10 years ago, will end at the end of 2016.

Just to make sure I wasn't missing some critical update that included newer "Holiday" documents, I opened a PMR with IBM.

Their response was, "there is an enhancement request open for this".  Their "work around" for this issue, "you can edit the records yourself, to add the additional dates".

An "enhancement request"?  They can't afford to let a data entry person spend a couple of days creating newly updated "Holiday" documents.  It's not like they are busy putting out new versions of Notes and Domino.  (Since it has been almost 3 years since we had a point release, and that point release was mostly for bug fixes and  XPages stuff.)

You know as well as anyone, how much of a battle this is to keep a positive light on Domino.  Constant bashing about it being a dead platform, and antiquated (which is the most ridiculous argument I've ever had to have)... BUT... when IBM doesn't support the simple things, it just makes me think, "IBM really is trying to kill Domino".

OK... venting completed... I feel better now.

Thanks for reading,

There is an APAR for this found right here, and numerous documents and blog posts to create public holidays. I understand the reader frustration that we know this is happening soon with no updates yet.