IBM and Salesforce shake hands and offer integrations

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IBM and Salesforce have dropped the gloves, shook hands and both offered data and app integrations to further their partnership.
IBM and Salesfoce partnership
In the recent announcements (previously it was just selling their Watson and Einstein products) they are doing deeper app and data intergration offerings.

I think Salesforce got the raw end of the deal only offering IBM Weather data in Lightning apps. Weather data is pretty abundant, but IBM does own the rights to allThe Weather Company since buying them a couple years ago.  I read the press release from Salesforce trying to get a feel for what is different than May (from this blog posting on Salesforce).

IBM on the other hand is expanding Salesforce data in IBM Cloud apps. The IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce offers a ton of potential.  You can use IBM App Connect Lite for free (and even half off a one year subscription).
IBM App Connect for Salesforce

Sign up for IBM App Connect Lite and you can create up to 10 active flows and 1,000 flow runs per month. Upgrade to IBM App Connect Professional and get up to 20,000 actions per month with a total processing duration of 100 hours per month for half the regular price, using promo code APPC17.

I am going to dig deeper into seeing what we can do with this for our use of Salesforce and how IBM App Connect Lite works with moving some data around.