HCL Now: Cloud Native-as-a-Service launches!

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HCL has announced and launched HCL Now: Cloud Native-as-a-Service for your HCL Software products in a cloud-first architecture.  Easily move your HCL Software products to the HCL managed cloud, start using new updates as they become available and ease administration work of on-premises deployments.  HCL Now also helps you avoid cloud lock-in by retaining ownership of your data and deploying in the cloud of your choosing.
HCL Now cloud native

Some early highlights and takeaways from the launch video and materials are:  

  • HCL Now can be run on any private or public cloud
  • HCL teams will migrate your HCL Software to the HCL Now cloud with expert assistance
  • Automatic upgrades so you can just run your business and let HCL Now keep your versions up to date
  • Flexibility to scale quickly and on demand with the cloud-first and cloud-ready architecture
  • Portable deployment made by HCL Sofy

Learn more about HCL Now over on the launch site.  For an early look head over to HCL Sofy and get an account registered.