HCL furthers Domino license simplification with more changes and CCB license explanations

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HCL has announced the retirement of the Domino Utility Server and Domino Utility Express licenses and part numbers with a push to HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition (CCB).  What does this mean for you?

  1. This change in licensing is aimed at improving the user experience
  2. The new change introduces the CCB, CCX (for eXternal) and the CCS (for ISVs).  More on this in a moment
  3. The change is aimed to offer all the features at a per user get severything model  via simple user counting.
  4. There is now a Anonymous and Known Guest user  type
  5. Domino AppDev Pack Supporting Program is also EOS and EOM with a push to the Domino REST APIs

You can read a ton of details in the HCL blog posting that came out right here.  CCB has the three types Iisted above:
a modern, per-user, licensing model comprised of:
  • HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Business Edition (CCB) for the B2E and B2C users - CCB entitlements are needed for all of the employees and contractors in your enterprise needing access to your Domino CCB servers.  Known guest users can read and access data only.
  • HCL Domino Complete Collaboration eXternal User (CCX) for B2B users - CCX users have full functionality to use Domino and Domino Leap (if installed) applications and workflows but cannot create applications themselves.
  • HCL Domino Complete Collaboration Solution Partner Edition (CCS) for ISVs

One of the key element to move to this new license is the publicly available DLAU tool.  The Domino License Analysis Utility  runs to provide an overview of users and last activity.  I will cover the DLAU tool more in depth in the next blog posting.