Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Printer review

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The Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless Printer is a affordable and easy to use wireless printer.  That is after you get it connected to the network in your home.  I walk you through the app setup and some quick features in the review video above.  As someone that does not print often, the times I do want to is when I am mobile.

The printer comes well contained with the power cable and two ink cartridges.  No cable for a direct PC connection is included (for those that want to use the Canon Pixma MG3620  that way.  It is meant to be a total wireless solution for all your devices.  The entire experience is driven by the Canon mobile app found free for both iOS and Android called Selphy.  We will talk about the application more below.

The Printer Controls
Being that the Canon Pixma MG3620 is an under $50 (at time of writing) wireless printer, I did not expect a ton of features and controls on the physical printer itself.  As you can see in the below image you have no LCD screen and a handful of buttons.  
The one error light only notifies you there is some kind of issue.  The application really helps show you error codes when you are trying to print.
Canon Pixma MG3620 printer controls
You should carefully look at the enclosed help guides that come with the printer. They show how to use a combination of buttons to do things like reset the wireless. After a few readings I got a good feel for those.  The rest was self explanatory. Turn it on, choose the type of paper size (or use the app) and pick color or b&w.

The Paper Loading
The front of the printer is where you have both the paper load and the output as you see in the image below.  It does not hold a ton of paper so keep that in mind for larger print jobs.  The main idea of this printer is for the mobile quick print of a document or photos onto 4x6" glossy.  However, you cannot have both types of paper loaded and ready at once (like larger printers) so you need to know in advance you have what you need loaded before sending a remote print command.  Otherwise your photos could come on expanded on full paper.

The back of the Canon Pixma MG3620  was easily opened for paper jams. I never had one occur in testing. I did not other reviewers online stating they sometimes had jams.  I just made sure to fan out the paper and loaded only a handful of sheets. I was careful not to stuff the tray.
Canon Pixma MG3620 paper tray
There is a slider I show in the video where you easily adjust the holder for the paper size.  Make sure you get the glossy type for photos facing the correct way in the tray.  The doors close easily to make this printer fit on tiny shelves.

The Scanner
This is pretty straight forward. It did a decent job scanning documents that had well defined text or images. It will scan up to a regular 8x10" piece of paper.  Legal sized documents will not fit as I show in the image.

Wifi Setup
Wifi setup is the most painful part of this entire Canon Pixma MG3620 printer. It really should not be this hard. I spent 90% of the time getting it hooked up when I have tons (and I mean tons) of things on wifi at home. This ranks up with some of the more difficult. One of the problems is connecting to the printer from your device first, pushing the settings for the wifi to the printer and then having it all online.  I constantly had to battle with making the lights blink a certain way to make sure it was in the mode to set up.

Remember above when I said learn the button controls from the help file? Well that is how I finally got it all working. A lot of clicks, pushes, app refreshes and I was online and working.

The Application
The application from Canon was easy to find and install.  The look and feel is very basic but provides the necessary things you need for quick mobile printing.  One thing I want t point out is that the application is not fancy or sleek.  It is purely functional.  There is a lot that can be added and it often throws you out to webpages on the printer or even their help site. Much of this I feel could look cleaner.

I cover a bit more on the application in the video.  Some extra thoughts and wishes revolve around:

  • look and feel refresh
  • better ways to work with wifi setup
  • better links for solving error codes
  • easier navigation of the file system for selecting documents and pictures to print

For the price point the Canon Pixma MG3620  is a winner of a wireless printer.  I set my expectations lower based on the cost and I had no disappointments in quality or function.  The wifi setup may be tough for some users. Once you are past that the ease at which you can print has you wanting to start right away.

The print quality will not be as crisp as some more expensive printers. With a single color ink cartridge I did not expect that either.  They will always get you on ink costs with any printer. This is no different.  But doing the math, this will be cheaper for a quick print than using a service. For higher quality image printing you will need to stick with a store type solution.

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