AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker review

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The AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a great compact device with decent sound for the value. Small enough for a jacket pocket and good battery life. It does come in multiple colors.

AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Amazon does a great job with it's AmazonBasics line of goods and makes them competitive with many major brands. This AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker is right in line with the quality I expected. The packaging was good and the box included the speaker, a charging cable (minus the wall plug portion) and a carrying case for the speaker. The case was soft but did not fully close around the speaker as I show in the review video. The weight at just over 9oz was good enough to be able to throw this in a jacket pocket.

All of the button and switches were easy to use and see. With the volume and a answer/hang up button on the top and the power switch, charging slot and 3.5mm speaker jack on the side. The bottom has some rubber ends to help keep it steady as the case is a very good grade plastic.

Pairing, as we do live in the video, was easy with the AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker and the status indicators on the top let you know the status of the unit. Connectivity, charge and battery indication is all shown by the LED light on the top near the volume buttons.

Sound quality was decent enough and was expected from this size device. We did try to use it as a conference call speaker with the built-in microphone but found that portion to be a bit lacking from making this a true 5 star. Since they promote the fact it can be a conference speaker phone we included that in our rating.

Overall the AmazonBasics Mini Ultra-Portable Bluetoothhttp: Speaker is a great buy at a good price. Compact and light enough to carry in a backpack, luggage or jacket to have portable sound everywhere you go. See the video for more.

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