IdoCheckin returns for Lotusphere 2010 #ls10 - Announcement

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Last year was the launch of IdoCheckin, providing all attendees at Lotusphere with geo-location services.  This year the experience has been expanded with more functionality, check-in points and remote viewing.  For the new attendees and participants, here is an excerpt refresher:

Remember the first time you went to a conference when you did not know anyone or could not find anyone?  Imagine you are one of those new people this year.  You wander around with no way to easily be in touch or locate another attendee.  You will be able to communicate and locate anyone that participates, even total strangers through IdoCheckin.

The important thing to know is you decide when you check-in and to where.  You can go "off the grid" at any time and only the public Lotusphere locations are established as public points.  This was a great way to find your friends, see where the crowds are and join in and meet new faces.  Couple this with the Lotusphere Twitter account that let's you reach everyone, there is no reason we aren't a better community while there.

So what is new and has changed?  Mobile clients and more integration!!
For those of you not attending Lotusphere in person, you can also launch and view the entire wall (live now) that pulls all pictures, notes and checkins across the Lotusphere area.  Hopefully Lotus will have some of these running at Lotusphere for the enjoyment of all.

More checkin locations coming with the announcement made right here!