IdoCheckin checkpoints for Lotusphere 2010 #ls10

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After a great conversation with the Brightkite team yesterday, we started pulling statistics and ideas for more places to list as check-in locations.  Amazingly, people checked in hundreds and hundreds of times across Lotusphere.  Couple this with the expansion of listings Brightkite has gained since last year as they expanded, pretty much every major restaurant around is covered and merged with the listings we had last year.  Here is the base list from last year when IdoCheckin launched for just the hotel spaces.

Clarification - every major restaurant in the hotels and around the Boardwalk have their own listings in place and are ready.  From BlueZoo, Kimonos, Big river, Spoodles..  they are all there!!

See yesterday's relaunch announcement for more information.
  • DolphinBar
  • DolphinDining
  • DolphinHemispheres
  • DolphinRotunda
  • LSVendorFloor
  • SwanEntrance
  • Y&BConferenceCenter
  • Y&BLobby

So what other locations do you want to see established?  Each meeting room is possible, but might be overkill.