Proxies and ports

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It seems the last posting got a few ideas about the best Domino virus package.  Scanning through those and emails/IM's, Trend Micro seems to stand out.  As I said in a response comment from me, we run Trend Micro for a few customers as well as our mail system and have had good luck with performance and stability.

Now I was reading Ed's blog on the closing on port 135, which of course, is the Exchange to Outlook connection port.  What a bummer.  But to take that a step further, the port blocking is for a virus.  What if someone wrote a virus that used the Notes port?  (no I am not going to debate if that could happen, just go with me here on the theory side) What would happen to all those remote workers that connect directly to Notes server?  The effect could be just as disastrous.

Imagine all the sites not on Domino 5 or 6.  Domino 5 for the NRPC over 80 that Ed mentions, but also 6 to push out policy changes for connection records and other changes required.  Maybe I am going overboard with the idea, but I see this happening at some point.

Image:Proxies and ports

Anyone ever use this to configure Notes RPC over a proxy and port?  What if the user is at home?  What proxy do they use?  A local one or something that the enterprise supports?  Who manages the proxy for good communications and other attempts?  What makes the proxy any better than direct requests?

Oh the mind is working now...