The IBM Open Client Strategy

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I ran across this slide online for the IBM stance on their Open Client Strategy and it has great importance. IBM is opening it's server doors to allow you, the customer, to better choose your client of choice.
IBM Open Client Strategy
Following the chart you find that the customer can choose not only the best client for the situation, but also the best that fits their worker needs and previous skillsets.  
We all know that IBM embraces mobile and has a Mobile First strategy in place. Then there is the push for the IBM Notes Browser Plugin (I mean it is now ICAA) to get app only users on Domino to a quick web interface. Toss in the new IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook (formerly Hawthorn) and the long standing Lotus Notes and you have tons of options.

Now there is talks of the pending IBM Verse On-premises option somewhere along the lines of 4th quarter 2016. All of this reads to be a push to make the Domino server an application and mail server platform, but to alleviate working so hard on a thick end user client. For some reason every CEO thinks every person has used Outlook, which they have not.  If you said everyone has used some form of webmail (Hotmail, Gmail, Ymail or even AOL) I may buy in. Definitely not Outlook.

I think we will start to see more rapid improvements on the IBM Verse front as it moves to your own enterprise as well as deeper and cleaner hooks into products like Outlook.

Notes: All of this should not be confused with

  • IBM 2007 initiative of the Open Client Solution that included Lotus Notes, ODF, Firefox, Linux desktops and more.
  • IBM 2008 initiative of the Open Client Strategy that included Lotus Notes, Lotus Symphony and Linux