Lotusphere on Twitter - the updated guide for 2010

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Once again the Lotusphere Twitter id is alive and well for communication with anyone and everyone!  Just read the following rules and How-To document.  The idea is to be able to communicate in mass without having to follow each person.  If you are looking for the perfect Twitter client for your device, then head over to EverythingTwitter and browse by category or do a search.

The hashtag we all decided on back in November was #ls10 for you to use in tweets, photo postings and more.  (It seems Lotus like the very long LotusKnows as a tag but the trend has been ls and the year it seems.  Also, LotusKnows is the new Twitter id IBM will tweet under this year for their marketing plan as this has been a community resource)

First, the Rules:

  • I am not turning on auto-follow to prevent spammers.  So it might be a minute before you are allowed to post,  But you can follow right away
  • Anyone that sends explicit content or becomes a nuisance (as voted by many not just one of us) gets removed from being followed, which removes the ability to send to everyone
  • Anything you send will be read by MANY, keep that in mind.  Typos can hurt
  • I personally don't mind a small one time shot to promote your booth or giveaway, but I will let the people decide that one

If you do not agree with a rule let me know, we may very well change it.  If you just don't agree, don't participate but you miss out having 'instant' communication with as many people as sign up while there.  Lotusphere Online does not offer this, Lotus does not offer this and we couldn't think of a way to let everyone have their own identity and use multiple devices. (ie: SMS, web browser, instant messaging, handhelds).

The How-To portion

  • Get over to and register if you do not have an account now
  • add Lotusphere as someone to follow
  • choose a client for your device type.  There are so many for every phone and operating system.  I have my own favorites and don't want to sway your choice
  • To send a message that everyone would get, you simply type  "@lotusphere  "   up to 140 characters.  Make it to the point as it will go to everyone with your name on it.
  • If you see someone you wish to talk to directly, replace "@lotusphere " with their username or simply type @username to send a public , but directed at them message.
  • Lastly, if you need help with this, ask!

The idea is to communicate, collaborate and have fun.  If you see an awesome giveaway, let us know.  If you find the best hidden snack area, let us know.  If there is an open vendor party, lets us know.  If you are headed to lunch and want someone new to eat with, ask!

Also new for Lotusphere 2010 is the ability to follow the list of speakers that use Twitter.  In order to make it easy to see #ls10 updates from all the Lotusphere 2010 speakers, you can now follow the speaker list via email or Twitter and see when any speaker uses the tag #ls10 in a tweet to keep up with the flow of information without being totally overloaded.

Just use the above subscription or follow along in your favorite Twitter client (like Mixero, TweetDeck or others).  If you do not know what to use on your desktop or mobile device and want suggestions, ping me