Top posts in 2009 from the top 20 bloggers on PlanetLotus (from all bloggers)

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Instead of going back into my own posts (there was 155 for those counting in just this blog), I decided to see what the hot topics were for 2009 on PlanetLotus from the listing of top hit blogs total.  I did not see a view for the overall top postings, so I wanted to see the top from each of the below.  Also, it seems it did not go all the way back in 2009 for each blogger based on how much they post, not sure oh what the history retention is.

Ed Brill Notes/Domino 8.5.1 available: So what do you think?
Volker Weber Collaboration for Dummies
Chris Toohey Project Abbr - TinyURL-like solution for Lotus Notes Domino!
Peter Presnell Notes 8.5.1 Helps Break Box Office Record
OpenNTF blog Four new Widgets available on OpenNTF
Declan Sciolla-Lynch Learning XPages Part 1 : Application Objectives
Carl Tyler IBM is slowly phasing out Domino in favor of newer platforms
Gregg Eldred Memory Leaks in Domino 8.5.x
Bruce Elgort Our biggest competitor. It's not who you think.
Keith Brooks "We are going to use Google Apps"
Notes Design Blog Notes 8.5.1 is generally available today! Here is a presentation that covers most of what is new
Arne Nielsen Lotus knows where to find a good screensaver for you!
Xpages Blog What's New For XPages in 8.5.1
Jake Howlett HTML Emails With LotusScript Just Got a Whole Lot Easier | Blog
Paul Mooney What mobile device do I choose?
Mikkel Heisterberg Open Office / Lotus Symphony will be in trouble
Graham Dodge IBM prefers MS Word ...
Chris Miller IdoNotes Episode 66 - Quickr on the iPhone launch with project Jonathan
Vaughan Rivett Is IBM secretly planning “Lotus Notes 8.5.1 – Home Edition”?
John Head Notes 8.5.1 bring us a true Lotus Symphony API!

*** as a side note I did remove the LinkJam entry since it was a link to another place and not an individual or team blog posting