Wink Connected Home Hub (PWHUB-WH01) review

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The simplicity of the Wink Connected Home Hub makes this a bit confusing to some. The Wink Hub is only the hub and a power cable. During configuration you connect it to your wifi (which should have Internet access) and then use the mobile app on iOS or Android to finish the configuration.

 Wink Connected Home Hub

The easy steps are as follows (which we cover in the video)

- Plug in the wink Hub
- Load the iOS or Android app
- Connect to the Wink Hub and begin configuration
- Add supported devices by simply scanning barcodes or manually looking them up
- Set robots or schedules (or wait for this step till you get more familiar)
- Check access via the Internet when you can outside of your home network

It is pretty much that simple to get the Wink Connected Home Hub configured. We tested the Lutron light control and a Schlage lock set as we show in the video. Both worked on the first attempt and have not failed at all. Adding sensors, thermostats and more lights is in next up. My firmware update completed successfully and I had not connected anything to the hub yet to know if there was improvements. But the update did not hang or crash as some reported.

We placed the Wink Connected Home Hub away from the wifi access point per the instructions and have not had any connectivity issues from the application or the devices. Everything seems to have stayed connected after testing and usage. Shortcuts are a great timesaver for multiple things you want to do at once. Like turn off all lights, lock certain doors and set a temp on the thermostat when leaving. It does not get much simpler then that for automation.

Another selling point is no fee for usage. I would suggest looking for Wink certified products for now until they integrate better with just the protocols themselves.

You can get the Wink Connected Home Hub at Home Depot and on Amazon.  As a favor, even if you are not buying, click Yes while there on Amazon to at least let them know the review is helpful.

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