What’s New In Notes, Domino, Traveler & XWork Server 9.0 webcast

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Consultant In Your Pocket

Seats are still available for What's New in Notes, Domino, Traveler & XWork Server 9.0 webcast on March 29th 2013 at 10am CST.

From the Consultant In Your Pocket blog posting.
We are pleased to announce the What's New In IBM Notes & Domino Social Edition, Traveler and XWorks 9.0 webcast from Consultant In Your Pocket.  This webcast will feature a panel of IBM business partners giving their opinions on enhancements, features and more.  

Confirmed panelists are already Paul Mooney, Gabriella Davis and Mat Newman moderated by Chris Miller.

You can register for the event, for free, right here and join us live to ask questions and get our insight into the hottest capabilities coming.